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    • Cpl_Shepherd

      13 years ago

      Who the hell are you people, stop posting in my comments.

    • sergeant4

      13 years ago

      Clan Creation Contest

      Me and armedhacker3 are creating a new clan but it has no name

      winner gets to join as a Brig.General
      were based off of the Air Force
      we going on line with this clan Jan. 20, 2006

      Time For New Ideas

      Me and armedhacker3 currently creating a new clan based of the rank system of the USAF
      All are Welcome to join a link will be set up after January 20, 2006
      You can Join now by Commenting this Journal Post right now everyone who joins is an Airman Basic(Sorry) armedhacker3 is a 4-Star General,I'm a 3-Star General. There will be pictures with every rank, Airman Basic will have the picture of the T-38 Talon, Training Aircraft. Don't worry i'll update this new clan every third Monday of every Month. Also all of my Aircraft Pictures are on a disk that i have too find dont worry ill have them ASAP
      so if you want to join comment my journal

    • killthem

      13 years ago

      Vote for me at this journal

    • bluemagician

      13 years ago

      hey Cpl howz it going as u can tell i approved you friend thingy, and (which pics are you gonna vote for on rvb.roosterteeth.com/members/images/?uid=291677 fatguyonaruf's pics he says hes just gonna leave 2 fat pics and thats all) GO AND COMMENT/VOTE FOR FATGUYONARUF'S FATTEST PICS!!!

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