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    • Play Mega March Madness Insanity with the ScrewAttack crew!

      7 years ago


      Starting off,  I realize that the vast, vast, vast majority of folks who visit ScrewAttack don't have a tremendous interest in sports.  I also realize that a lot of folks who visit ScrewAttack don't even live in the United States.  Even with that, that shouldn't stop you from having some fun with this.  This is something we do every year at the HQ so I figure we'd give you guys the opportunity to be involved as well.  

      For those of you who don't know, one of the biggest events of the year in the American sports landscape is the men's college basketball tournament.  Long story short, some committee of basketball people takes the top teams  in the country and  throws them in a single elimination tournament that takes place over a few weeks in various cities across America. As apposed to me going on and on, if you want more info you can get it at the March Madness wiki page.

      As with every year we'll be filling out our brackets and keeping track of them throughout the tournament.  If you'd like to fill out the same bracket we are you can download it here.  We'll be updating and  uploading our brackets every week so you can keep track of how you're doing against us.  As I said above, if you don't know anything about college basketball, don't sweat it.  Most of the guys at the office don't either.  In fact, Ben won last year and I don't think he watched a single second of a single game.  If you do decide to fill out your bracket all you need to know if the teams with the lower numbers next to their names (1,2,3,etc) are thought of as better teams than the teams with the higher  numbers (13,14,15,16). Rules and how you get points are on the actual brackets.

       So go ahead fill yours out, compare them against other g1s and let's have some fun with this.

    • What are the best endings in video game history?

      7 years ago


      Inspired by a recent crappy list the Guinness Book of World Records put out saying Call of Duty: Black Ops had the best ending in video game history I want to know what you guys really think. Personally, I don't understand where you can put out a list without saying anything about each entry as it simply doesn't justify why they are there.


      Is THIS really the best video game ending of all-time?

       As I said at the end of our Top 10 Games That Make You Want To Bone (yes, that's a real thing), from the info we receive from you guys in the comments below we'll put together the REAL list of the best video game endings ever.  After that we'll produce a Top 10 based on the ScrewAttack crew's opinions as well.  Should be a fun project.  As always, include your favorites and most importantly why they are your favorites.  Finally, because you like us, post a link to the youtube video where we can see it for ourselves and see what all the hubbub is about.  Will there be spoilers?  Yeah, most likely so if you're not keen on those don't read anyone elses comments. Let's have some fun with this!

    • The Best Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

      7 years ago


       The Super Bowl is a big event in the US every year not just for football fans but for the average viewer. Why? Because multimillion dollar companies all try to outdo each other with their commercials. With the commercial watching being almost as important as the game itself I wanted to run down of the best of this year's game... as judged by me.

      Prior to starting I would like to give an honorable mention to NBC for the ridiculous irony of having a promo for Sasha Baron Cohen's upcoming film "The Dictator" run right after the US national anthem...


      Now on with the commercials!  Click the images to see and watch each of them.


    • Feedback: I like it.

      7 years ago


      We produce A LOT of content on a week to week basis so with that said, I'd like here what show you like the most.  I've set up a poll which you can see on this page as well as the front page and I'd love for you to click your favorite.  This page is simply for feedback: WHY you like the shows.  You'll notice that none of our partner shows are features on the poll.  For this instance.  We're only interested in the shows that we produce.  Do we not produce a style of show that you think we should?  Put your ideas below as well!  Maybe we'll twist and tweet and "ScrewAttack" them!

      Your feedback is always a great thing and I love to read it so if you don't mind spending a few seconds and helping us out it would be much appreciated.



    • An open letter to our friends in the gaming industry

      7 years ago


      To our friends in the gaming industry,

      We just wanted to bring your attention to a recent video that you may or may not have seen on the Internet yesterday. I have provided the link at the bottom of this letter, but first I would like to provide further explanation regarding ScrewAttack’s role in this.

      After the SOPA/PIPA bills were endorsed by the ESA, we had an open conversation with some of our colleagues in the gaming industry regarding our position. We determined that the most effective way to communicate our opposition to that support was by boycotting E3. E3 is of course owned by the ESA and is their largest source of revenue. We communicated with other video game related sites and very quickly began our campaign on January 17th, 10:00 PM CT.

      In the video we ask gamers to go to their favorite publishers, developers, and other media outlets to make the request that they also pull their support of the ESA by boycotting E3. Make no mistake, we love E3 and the ESA. We simply don't agree with it backing of SOPA/PIPA on behalf of the gaming industry as a whole. We understand that for some of your companies this may not be possible. We are simply trying to send a message to the ESA, by boycotting E3 as a platform for gaming coverage, not hurt our relationship with its participants. Our decision to attend E3 is contingent upon whether or not the ESA continues to support SOPA/PIPA. However, we would like to assure you that even though we may not be at E3 this year, we by no means want you to feel pressured to do the same. We simply are looking to offer an alternative way to voice our displeasure with the ESA's current stance.

      If it is possible for your company to pull its support of E3, that is great and you obviously have our full support. Otherwise we hope to continue our solid relationships with you. We would love the opportunity to discuss your companies views on SOPA/PIPA or the ESA’s current stance on said bills. Thanks very much everyone.

      StandTogether -

      All the best,

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