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    • Top 10 of 2011? You Name 'em!

      7 years ago


      As you saw in our  Top 10 Multiplayer PC games  on GT, our last Top 10 of the year will be best games of 2011.  Just like previous years, we want your help putting it together.  The way we see it this list is the list of all gamers, not just ScrewAttack's.  We take pride in being your voice ... so get talking!  Put your top 10 games of 2011 in the comments below and make sure to include why you think that way.  From there we'll look at them and put together the list of all lists!  If you're more of a forum person you can also contribute there.

    • Now Accepting SAGY 2011 Suggestions!

      7 years ago


      With December right around the corner it's time for the 2011 Shitty Ass Game of the Year Awards.  This year's SAGY's will be broken down into six catergories:

      Worst 360 Exclusive, Worst PS3 Exclusive, Worst Wii Exclusive, Worst Multiplatform Game, Worst Handheld Game and Worst Downloadable Game.  Now before place your suggestions in the comments below I wanted to give you the rundown as to what falls into each category.  Keep in mind that any game you suggest has to have been released between January 1st, 2011 and December 1st, 2011.

      Worst 360/PS3/Wii Exclusive

      This category is obviously geared towards games that were developed just for their respective console.  They can't be released on other consoles and must be a "disc" game - not downloadable.

      Worst Multiplatform Game

      These games were released on more than one console.  It may have been released earlier on one console than another but it was intended to be released on multiple consoles all along.

      Worst Handheld Game

      This categoy is designed for games on the DS, 3DS, PSP and any other "mainstream" gaming portable INCLUDING iOS devices (ie - smart phones).  The also have to be made by "professional companies" - no homebrew games.  The SAGY's are designed to laugh at the professional crap not poke fun at the little guys.

      Worst Downloadable Game

      Like the Handheld category, this downloadable game has to be made by a "professional company".  We realize there's A LOT of crap on Indie Marketplaces - maybe we'll have a special honorably mention for that.  The general rule of thumb is that we're looking for games that have officially been rated by the ESRB.


      Alrighty! Let's hear those suggestions!  While we'd like to think we've played everything in 2011, we know that's just impossible to your input is crazy important to getting the SAGYs right!

    • The 2011 Iron-Man of Gaming Mystery Game Has Been Announced!

      7 years ago


      We had quite a tournament this year with some intense and ridiculously fun moments.  We just wrapped up the tournament and wanted to let you know this year's mystery game is.....

      Rayman Origins!

      The competitors battled it out "New Super Mario Wii" style in a battle to collect as many fairies as possible while trying to avoid the onslaught coming from their competitors.  It was insanely fun and when the game was announced the competitors jaws literally dropped.

      Stay tuned for more Iron-Man of Gaming coverage over the next few days!  We have a NEW CHAMPION!

    • The Next Top 10 is....

      7 years ago


      With Halloween around the corner we thought we'd do something totally different than what we typically do when it comes to our Top 10s and actually pay attention to it.  Our Top 10s in October have never had anything to do with ghosts and anything scary with previous lists including Top 10 Local Multiplayer Games (yes, we're still going to do the PC version of this list), Top 10 Biggest Busts in Gaming, Top 10 Video Game Themes Ever and Top 10 NES games just to rattle off a few.  This year it's going to be different... kinda...

      This year we're embracing the scariness factor while still sticking to the old school route and going with Top 10 Scariest Retro Enemies.  This includes any emeny before 3D gaming.  To narrow it down even more, anything before the N64 and PlayStation were released. 

      This blog is designed as the place for you guys to put your suggestions on this list and most importantly why you think they need to be on it.  We love to get your input and contributions to help take ScrewAttack Top 10s to the next level.  Nobody does Top 10 lists or  values the input of their community like ScrewAttack so it's a perfect way to take the interactivity between what we make and our community to the next level.  So get crackin' and if your suggestion is creative, fun and "out of the box" enough, maybe you'll see it on the list when it premiers in the coming weeks.

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