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    • Introducing Game Attack

      2 years ago


      Today is a big day. After 10 years of running ScrewAttack, I have stepped away to start a new adventure and an entirely new brand here at Rooster Teeth called Game Attack. I’ve been helping ScrewAttack grow for over 10 years, and I couldn’t be more pumped to start something fresh. A new challenge with Game Attack awaits!

      Don’t worry, ScrewAttack is in good hands. It will continue to produce content regularly with DEATH BATTLE, DBX, and Desk of DEATH BATTLE, as well as their new podcast, DEATH BATTLE Cast. If you’re looking for fun, informative videos, ScrewAttack is your home.

      If you’re looking for community, companionship, and a bunch of buddies getting together to entertain you, that’s what Game Attack is. I want GA to be a party every single day. A celebration of friends, video games, pop culture, and relationships – and that includes YOU too! We’re VERY eager to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We call our community members “g1s,” and we take our community very seriously. How seriously? Look at the Game Attack logo. Sure, you’ll notice the G and the A, but if you take a second glance, there’s actually a “G” and a “1” as well.  Pretty f’n cool.


      We’re beyond excited to be a part of the Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play families, working together to grow Game Attack into something fun, unique, and special. We’ll be posting videos for you all pretty much every day, so we invite you to check out our stuff here on Rooster Teeth as well as our YouTube channel (

      The Internet has changed dramatically since ScrewAttack entered the scene in 2006. If I were to start ScrewAttack today, Game Attack is the way I would do it, and with this team. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to hit up the Game Attack team and me on the site or Twitter:

      Craig: or @CraigSkitz





      Game Attack is a completely new slate for our very small team of just four people! We’ll have a tiny bit of crossover with Chad and Sam from ScrewAttack, but outside of that, it’s us four – and YOU! We absolutely can’t wait to grow something special in Game Attack with your support!

    • Makster asked CraigSkitz a question

      Hey Craig, Ever think about releasing Craig Skitz as a podcast on iTunes?

      Answered: Sep 20, 2016

      actually yes I have. Still looking into it :)

    • g1clank asked CraigSkitz a question

      The N64 VGV book is awesome, do you guys plan on releasing another book?

      Answered: Sep 1, 2016

      Thanks. We have no idea right now :)

    • peetey asked CraigSkitz a question

      Hey Craig, do you have any plans on doing a project or a thing with easy allies any time soon. Always loved when screw attack and GT would collab back in the day. Hope you have a good day

      Answered: Aug 29, 2016

      100% yes.

    • Makster asked CraigSkitz a question

      Which is the best NFL Blitz game?

      Answered: Aug 25, 2016

      2000 Gold

    • Makster asked CraigSkitz a question

      Why do you hate Luigi's Mansion?

      Answered: Aug 6, 2016


    • DEATH BATTLE/Red vs Blue Crossover Episode

      2 years ago


      This week's DEATH BATTLE Red vs. Blue episode is the product of over 23 years of combined history. I’m extremely excited about it, and wanted to take this opportunity to write a little something about this momentous event.

      Many people don't realize that ScrewAttack has been around a LONG time. Well, “long” in terms of internet time. This February marked our 10th anniversary of creating online videos.

      One of the keys to sticking around that long is changing with the times. We've evolved many times since 2006, with new members of our team, new offices, new shows, etc. We've very much mirrored Rooster Teeth in that sense. As the guy in charge of ScrewAttack's programming, I've always had a "let's do it" attitude. If someone came with an idea to try something new, I'd tell them to put together a pilot and we'd post it to see if it stuck with the audience. There's been A LOT of throwing shit against the wall over the last decade. Some has stuck, some hasn't. But all of it has had corn in it.

      When Ben Singer first came into my office and pitched the idea of "Who Would Win" (the original working title for DEATH BATTLE), I knew two things:

      1. The idea had legs.
      2. It needed a new name.

      To Ben's credit, he's taken the idea of DEATH BATTLE and grown it to heights I never thought possible. With the help of Chad James, they've become a great yin to each other's yang, continuing to grow the show – just like their on-screen characters Wiz and Boomstick.

      When the opportunity to create a crossover episode of DEATH BATTLE and Red vs. Blue was presented to us months ago, it was obviously a no-brainer. I knew Ben, Chad, and the DEATH BATTLE team would knock it out of the park. To see two iconic shows come together is a rarity, and we very much hope you enjoy the final product. A LOT of hard work and long hours have been put forth researching, writing, editing, and animating it, so make sure to give thanks to Ben, Chad, Gerardo, John, Reid, and Torrian for their hard work. We also have an amazing bunch of volunteer researchers who dedicate a TON of time to each episode. It's crazy to think about how DEATH BATTLE has evolved from an idea to a large production.

      We love to chat with you guys, so after you watch the episode hit us up on the site or Twitter and share your thoughts with us:

      As always, thanks so much for your support! The episode will be available to FIRST Members Sunday morning at 8am CT and released for everyone Wednesday at 8am CT.

    • Makster asked CraigSkitz a question

      Craig, love that you guys are bringing back VGV. Speaking of Castlevania, which is your favourite in the series?

      Answered: Jun 24, 2016

      There's a bunch. LOVE Super Castlevania and Symphony of the Night. A dark horse would also be 3.

    • fado41 asked CraigSkitz a question

      Is evil craig your split personality or is it something more complex?

      Answered: Jun 24, 2016

      I don't even know the guy. You'd have to ask him.

    • Makster asked CraigSkitz a question

      Is Steve still Unaware of the past two decades or is he still stuck in the 90's?

      Answered: Jun 21, 2016

      In his mind it's still the 90's I believe.

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