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    • The Nobel Peace Price!

      9 years ago


      Today. 8:21 (GMT+1)
      Presiden Barack Obama landed on Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, he is now heading towards Oslo.

      The Presidents convoy is of ca. 20 american vehicles pluss alot of Norwegian police vehicles.
      2400 Norwegian police officers from nearby districts are on guard for the president.
      a rocket shield has been set up on some fields outside Oslo
      Air Force One is now parked in a military hangar at Gardermoen Military Airport.
      Obama will leave Norway tomorrow, at 16:00 (norwegian time)


      09:17 (GMT+1)

      The president arrives Oslo after his ride from Gardermoen.
      President Clinton was the last president to visit Norway.

      now the Helicopters now sweep over the city of Oslo, the Capitol of Norway

      it is difficult for us Norwegians to do anything now that secret service is all around.

      Over and out for now!
      Tony Holt

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Crazy_Tony

      10 years ago

      ikke noe problem!:p hehe

      takk for å godta!:p

    • Sindre1

      10 years ago

      Heihei :)
      Takk for at du addet meg :)

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