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    • Throw the Perfect Camp Camp Watch Party!!!

      2 weeks ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Attention all campers: we’re excited to welcome you back to Camp Campbell for another season of Camp Camp!

      To get you primed for another summer of dysfunction, we’ve got a short guide on how to throw the PERFECT Camp Camp Watch Party. (I know it sounds hard to believe, but this ain't hyperbole.)



      What’s a party without a little decor? Fortunately, decorating for a camp party is easy. Grab your camping gear (mugs, lantern, plaid tablecloth, sleeping bags), some leaves, branches, logs, or pine cones. Nature is a cornucopia of free decoration! Set the mood for the great outdoors with a picnic basket, binoculars, and string lights.

      Speaking of strings lights, haven’t put your Christmas tree away yet? You’re such a visionary. How clever people will think you are for using it as a perfect backdrop for the viewing area or snack bar. If you have room, pitch a small tent or decorate with canvas! See our Camp Camp Party pics for inspiration!


      Food Spread

      What’s a party without some grub? We’ve got some special recipes for you- and if you’re up early to watch as it airs, you’ll have some fun decorating a not-quite-brunch-but-it’ll-do spread. We’ve got some options that aren’t only fun, but they’ll take some of the decorating work off your hands.


      Flower Scout Campfire Cookies


      -Sugar cookies

      -Green icing

      -Gummy Bears

      -Mini Rod Pretzels

      -Mini Marshmallows

      -Mini Tootsie Rolls


      1. Arrange Sugar Cookies for decorating

      2. Spread layer of green icing over the top

      3. Separate red, orange and yellow gummy bears from other colors

      4. Cut red, orange and yellow gummy bears into dices

      5. Top icing in center of cookies with a crumble of diced gummys

      6. Take 3 mini stick pretzels-nestle them in icing and balance them above gummy flame effect in a "tipi" arrangement. Allow to set. This may take some patience and shoring up with tootsie rolls!

      7. Top with miniature marshmallow 

      8. Present on a nice plate or display across your serving table!

      *If necesssry, use icing or a small dab of melted chocolate to maintain pretzel structure 

      *Bonus for slightly toasted mini mallows!


      Pinot Roar Sangria


      -Pinot Noir (or Gris... or other favorite wine!)

      -Chopped strawberries with stems removed

      -Chopped Cantaloupe

      -Chopped Pineapple


      Select favorite Pinot noir or Pinot Gris

      1. Chop strawberries, cantaloupe and pineapple

      2. Place fruit in layers, starting with strawberries, then cantaloupe and pineapple, in base of pitcher. Try to keep fruit to roughly 50% of pitcher volume!

      3. Pour wine into pitcher

      4. Top with ice and server; keep refrigerated for refreshing outdoor drink!



      Gwen's "Do It Yourself You Mother****ers!" B.M. ( DIY Bloody Mary Bar)

      There is no greater debate at brunch than the best place to get a B.M.- so put your friends On The Spot and make them show you just how to make the perfect Bloody Mary. All you need is to provide the ingredients (let your imagination run wild) and some long skewers. Makes for a great alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink! (Serve with ice!) Arrange ingredients jars or dishes. Compare YOUR weirdest Bloody Mary concoctions and share with the world and tag on social.

      Ingredients Options:

      -Tomato juice

      -Clamato juice


      -Horseradish (we recommend creamy)

      -Wasabi paste

      -Assortment of hot sauces (including Tabasco)

      -Worcestershire sauce

      -Celery salt

      -Black pepper

      -Smoked paprika


      -Lime wedges

      -Lemon wedges

      -Mini dill pickles

      -Celery stalks


      -Parsley sprigs




      -Pearl onions

      -Crispy bacon


      -Cocktail Shrimp

      -More bacon 

      -Hot dogs

      -Deviled eggs

      -Ham sandwiches

      -Uncooked ramen noodles

      -A rack of spare ribs

      -A shoe insert

      -Don’t put a shoe insert in your Bloody Mary 



      David's "Let's Do It Together Campers!" S’more Bar

      Think the same as DIY Bloody Mary's, but less judgement from your friends for putting your shoe insert in your drink! For a fun twist on a s'more, consider having giant marshmallows prepped on skewers for dipping into melted chocolate(low-heat is easiest!) ready to dip into traditional ingredients like crushed graham crackers or drizzle with caramel or sprinkles!

      Ingredients Options:

      -Giant marshmallows


      -Mini chocolate bars (try dark chocolate or specialty chocolates!) melt in advance for a fresh twist

      -Graham crackers 



      -Coconut flakes

      -Crushed toffee


      -Potato chips

      -Crushed Oreo

      -Peanut butter


      Camp Campbell Classic Trail Mix 

      Sweet. Salty. Crunchy. Chewy. Filling. Trail Mix is great for setup in the viewing area or makes a neat parting gift. It's cheap, easy to make, and can be stored for your summer outdoor adventures. There are so many different takes on how to make a great Trail Mix, but consider these options!

      Ingredients Options:

      -Assorted nuts (peanuts and cashews are go-tos!)

      -Assorted dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, mango, pineapple, etc.)

      -Assorted miniature chocolate candies (chocolate chips morsels)

      -Crunchy cereal (try Chex mix!)

      -Mini pretzels and crisps

      -Mini marshmallows 

      -Pumpkin seeds

      -Glazed walnuts


      Consider your own take on other brunch items... pancakes or waffle bar, bagels, or egg casserole. Most are very hands off or easy to prepare the night before, which makes it easy for the host or hostess to focus on activities for guests like pictionary, Watch Party Bingo, or coming up with that secret handshake for your friend group.

      Season 4 of Camp Camp premieres Saturday, June 1 with 18 episodes so you have plenty of excuses to get together all season for brunch or sleepover themed Camp Camp get-togethers. Need to prepare? Catch our Camp Camp mini-marathon after the Off-Topic Podcast on Friday May, 31 with a selection of our favorite episodes!

      Don't forget to drink and Camp Camp responsibly.

    • Vicious Circle, Rooster Teeth's Uncooperative Shooter Coming to RTX and sweet, sweet details.

      in Forums > Vicious Circle, Rooster Teeth's Uncooperative Shooter Coming to RTX and sweet, sweet details. | Follow this topic

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Hey fam! I just wanted to brag on the excellent team at Rooster Teeth Games here for a second and let everyone know that WE CAN FINALLY TALK ABOUT THE GAME WE'VE BEEN WORKING ON WITH WORDS AND ADJECTIVES AND STUFF!

      Vicious Circle is, what we like to call it, an uncooperative multiplayer shooter. It's a five man free-for-all featuring one player randomly spawning in as an alien abomination and four mercenaries fighting for loot and the sole chance to escape.

      Gameplay is fast-paced and guaranteed to keep you on your toes until the last seconds of the match- and you'll want to take advantage of every corner, pickup, or hiding spot to turn the tides of the game in your favor.

      If you haven't had a chance, please follow the Rooster Teeth Games Twitter for the first place information drops!

      Check out our latest update here: ;

      Can't wait to get uncooperative with you all later this year and at RTX <3

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    • Vicious Circle: Rooster Teeth's Uncooperative Shooter Dropping 2019

      3 weeks ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Hey Noodles! I'm super excited to share with you ACTUAL REAL LIFE DETAILS ABOUT VICIOUS CIRCLE, you know- that super secret game Rooster Teeth has been working on?

      Or perhaps it's SUCH a good secret you DON'T actually know anything about it yet >.>

      Well let me remedy that. I'm very proud to finally be able to share some information about Vicious Circle with you and the rest of the English speaking world.

      Vicious Circle is, what we like to call it, an uncooperative multiplayer shooter. It's a five man free-for-all featuring one player randomly spawning in as an alien abomination and four mercenaries fighting for loot and the sole chance to escape.

      Gameplay is fast-paced and guaranteed to keep you on your toes until the last seconds of the match- and you'll want to take advantage of every corner, pickup, or hiding spot to turn the tides of the game in your favor.

      If you haven't had a chance, please follow the Rooster Teeth Games Twitter for the first place information drops!

      Check out our latest update here:

      Can't wait to get uncooperative with you all later this year and at RTX <3

    • Rooster Teeth at PAX West and Fan Expo! Enjoy your heckin' weekends with us!

      9 months ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Hello there beans!

      Rooster Teeth has a big events weekend ahead, and I wanted to loop you in on some excellent opportunities to come see us out in the wild!

      Tomorrow you can find Community Manager extraordinaire Jackie Izawa, David Eddings of Rooster Teeth Games Publishing, our official Alice Angel cosplayer Citrus Bell, and myself at the ID@Xbox pre-PAX event in Seattle! We’ll be demoing Bendy and the Ink Machine with a load of other incredible indie developers including some games I’m especially excited to see (Klei with Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, Behaviour with Deathgarden, Finji with Tunic, Annapurna Interactive with Outer Wilds and many, many more.) You’ll want to register to attend that event here!:>

      Beginning Friday and running through Monday, you’ve probably already guessed it… we’ll be doing our thing continuing to demo Bendy and the Ink Machine right off of the Skybridge on the 4th floor (booth N3!) at PAX West. Come meet Citrus Bell, check out our photo op display, and play Bendy for yourself! Got a Bendy fan you love? Phat Mojo is teaming up with us and will be selling some super secret Bendy mystery boxes (so knock out some Christmas shopping while you’re at it!) You never know which personalities and what members of the Bendy creative team will be hanging out at the booth, so don’t be bashful and swing by a few times!

      Sunday evening we’re going to want to see some familiar faces and share some Rooster Teeth love with our community. We’re going to have an informal meetup at Temple Billiards beginning around 7:30 pm and wrapping around 9:30. We’ll have some Bendy Steam keys to give away for the first 20 to show up. Grab some food or a drink with us and come be with your people!

      Also, look for Bendy in the Microsoft and Xbox booths on the show floor. We’ll have Bendy available to demo over there with the good people of Microsoft playing host.

      No plans for the west coast this weekend? No worries- because the events team and some of your favorite Rooster Teeth personalities will be heading to Fan Expo in Toronto, starting tomorrow (August 30) through Sunday, September 2. Go high five Barbara Dunkelmen, Chris Demairis, Ellie Main, and Patrick Matthews. Tell them I sent you. (Then look at them funny. Then don’t break eye contact and back away slowly. Then report back to on how awkward the experience was and we can have a good laugh.)((Actually don’t do any of that. Unless you really want to. I could always use a good laugh and let’s face it, you probably didn’t have a gameplan on how you were going to introduce yourself anyways, did you?))

      So there you have it! An entire weekend packed with fun activities! For those celebrating Labor Day weekend (er… Labour... ((hellloooo Canadiens! ^.~)) be safe, have fun, and may the weekend grant you reprieve from work and for everyone headed back to school- kick back and enjoy.

      For those of age, please drink responsibly and maybe put a little goodwill in the karma bank and opt to designate and drive for a friend or family member. For those underage, enjoy your youth, firm skin, and untainted livers. Jerks.

      Later taters!


    • Goodbye RTX 2018, and thank you for all the memories T^T

      10 months ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Catching major feels today after my first RTX.

      First, I want to give a big shout out to RT Community Managers and mama duck Jackie Izawa, Chelsea Atkinson and Barbara Dunkelman for introducing me to a room filled with community leaders at the RT Leadership Summit. What an amazing event. The leadership ambassadors from all over the country and beyond were incredibly warm and welcoming. I learned so much about the various subcultures within the RT Community, the incredible work being done all over at local meetups, and how the unifying love for Rooster Teeth has created a platform for awe-inspiring charity, outreach, and humanitarian work (above and beyond being an awesome excuse to come together over gaming, animation, and internet-culture.) I want everyone who attended to know I took detailed notes of your thoughts and ideas how to take our communities to the next level, and I am so pumped to follow up and take action on our conversations.

      Another big shout out to the Sidequest team. It was such an honor to meet all of you, and thank you for taking me in with open arms at, bar-none, the best community thrown events I have ever attended. (It's almost as if you guys have done this sort of thing before? :P) Your passion for the RT Community gives me life, and your commitment to making RTX weekend special for people of all walks of life keeps my head in the game.

      Next- I got to see the Rooster Teeth community in full force on the show floor and at panels- and y'all are a legit force to be reckoned with. I felt so at home and comfortable at this event in a way I haven't at other live events. Thank you for the warmest hugs, the highest of fives, and for being so damn good to one another. Thank you for being so courteous to the staff and talent. The world would be a better place if it was made up of all RT fans. Your patience with other attendees and respect for one another's safety was impeccable. Consent was king at this con, and the cosplay was one of my favorite take-aways. For those of you who brought your art, props, and cosplays from near and far- thank you for toughing out the heat and logistics of bringing your work to life. Thank you for taking photos with me and sharing your passion for your respective fandoms.

      NEXT, I want to give a huge shout out to the staff and talent who worked their bun-buns off early in the morning and well into the wee hours. The team-player mentality was real, and the commitment to community safety, comfort and enjoyment was always top of mind. I feel very fortunate to work with a team who values their community and fans as much as Rooster Teeth and the RT extended family.

      Finally, what can I say that hasn't been said about this group before? The RTX Guardian crew is beyond words amazing. My heart is so full right now, and tbh tears are welling up thinking about how much care the Guardians I worked with showed me. What a capable and kind bunch. I made connections and friendships with so many Guardians that I hope to carry with me for years. Live events can be tough work, but when you share the burden with such a beautiful group of people who are as passionate and fun loving as you, it makes for a bonding experience like none other.

      Thank you for an amazing first RTX and for raising the bar on my expectations of what a con should and can be. I can't wait for my next RTX. After I'm done catching up on sleep, I can't wait to start planning for the next!!!

      Much love my babes and potatoes,


    • Rooster Teeth Games, Arcades, Tabletop, and parties at RTX Austin!

      10 months ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Hey there gamers!

      The RT Games Team has been busy quietly working on a few projects… and we’re excited to finally show off some familiar IPs as well as tease some new content we’ve been keeping under our hats!

      First things first: thank you for all of your incredible feedback and ideas on game projects. Rooster Teeth has a long history of drawing on the brilliance and insight of our community, and RT Games is no exception. We read every tweet, every email, and every piece of feedback. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. As a small team, we’re limited in what we can take on at any given time, but there is NO limit to our desire to bring you fresh content as well as allowing you to take up your Crescent Rose and Ember Celica’s again in combat.

      So. With that. We are SUPER excited to announce that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW DLC FOR RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE!!! We’ll be giving attendees at RTX a taste of some new content, including some new cosmetics this weekend! You have more to look forward with new maps and a new game mode planned for later this Fall. We’ll be announcing more details closer to September.

      If that isn’t enough to lure you over to the games booth, we’ll also be featuring one of the hottest new IPs in the indie horror genre: Bendy and the Ink Machine! You’ve probably heard whispers of it. You may have seen a Let’s Play or two. You may even own Chapter 1 on Steam, but at RTX we’ll be giving those who have never experienced Bendy a chance to demo either Chapter 1, and for fans the latest release in this episodic horror adventure: Chapter 4. We’re excited to be publishing this game to Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, also later this Fall, with the fifth and final chapter of the Bendy saga included. Our official Alice Angel cosplayer, Citrus Bell, will be there in her full Alice regalia along with Joey Drew voice artist and Head of Rooster Teeth Games Publishing, David Eddings!

      And for those of you with a penchant for sloths, pizza, and weapons of mass dysfunction, we’ll be bringing back fan favorite Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars for your top-down, multiplayer shooter enjoyment.

      But that’s not all. Brian Reilly, aka Skilltacular, aka RT Games Tabletop Producer, will be running around playing our latest co-op card game, Heist, on the show floor with our community. (Among other games- bring your best Magic: The Gathering deck. He’ll be on the prowl for fellow tabletop and card game enthusiasts!) Mothership Games will also be back again with their booth (#221) hosting a series of game tournaments including M:TG, some DnD One-shots, and more. Show up alone or with friends to play against other pros or learn new games with our fabulous guardians and staff from Mothership.

      AAAAND if that wasn’t enough, our friends over at ScrewAttack will be hosting a classic arcade space at the JW Marriott in conjunction with the Animation Fest! They’ll have Windjammers, The Simpsons, Street Fighter III New Gen, Tekken Tag, three consoles featuring Street Fighter 30th Anniv., Smash Wii U, CrossTag Battle, and more in rooms 402 and 403 along with some familiar faces from the ScrewAttack squad hanging out and wreaking some scunion on challengers.

      Plans for Saturday night? Join us on the Hilton Austin Grand Ballroom for The Rave at RTX presented by ScrewAttack. This 18 and up event will be featuring DJ GRIMECRAFT with an animated opening performance from team RWBY. (RSVP for free HERE:

      The games team is excited to meet you and share our love for these games with the community in our favorite annual fan event. Don’t be shy and stop by!

      Much love babes,


    • Henlo RTGames Community from your new Community Manager!

      10 months ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      Hello Rooster Teeth Community! My name is Cricket, and I’m the new RTGames Community Manager.  I’m so thrilled to be joining the amazing community management team and, most importantly, getting a chance to serve you.

      I remember seven years ago sitting at home in Alaska at -52 degrees Fahrenheit listening to the RT Podcast and deciding on the fly to move to Austin. Never could I imagine that a year and a half later I would find myself in Austin- working toward my dream of working at Rooster Teeth. And today here I am.

      First, I’d like to let you know a little bit about myself. Growing up as an Army Brat, I spent a lot of time traveling growing up and living in the European Union and United States. Eventually, my parents settled in Alaska, which is where I spent most of my teenage and young adult years. Like many people who grew up in northern climates, I love playing winter sports and winter activities: ice hockey, skiing, snowmachining, snowshoeing, and geocaching. I love live music, film, and most importantly- I love gaming.

      Gaming communities really have been my home for as long as I can remember. No matter how many times I have had to pick up and start a new life in a new city or country, the memories I have created and friendships forged in online communities has been the single most important constant in my life. Gaming has helped me transcend language barriers and make friends in unlikely situations, like the time I spent playing Final Fantasy VIII with Italian-only speaking kids at a dinner party- and the time I met one of my best friends on Reddit while looking for a roommates to live with here in town. Gaming has also spared me from spending many cold winter days and nights alone. No matter where I go, my love of games has given me a sense of belonging and community.

      Before coming on board here with Rooster Teeth, I spent several years working in games and social media community spaces with over 35 independent contracts on the books, managing everything from communities to events and digital marketing for indie, VR/AR, and AAA games. I’ve worked with special interest groups to promote diversity and workforce development in games and participated in dozens of online gaming communities ranging from flourishing MMOs to obscure indie puzzle games. I’ve built and managed social platforms for hundreds of small businesses across the Americas. Now I have a chance to work with some of the best community leaders in online and gaming spaces, and I can’t even begin to tell you what a privilege that is.

      My commitment to you is to champion the community voice and help lift up your ideas, perspectives, and aspirations. I’ll do my part to promote a space that is inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and fun. I’m so excited to get to know all of you more, and I hope you’ll join me for community game nights (in person and online), to learn about our future gaming projects as they grow, and most importantly: to share our mutual love of gaming in all of its wonderful forms!

      Hit me with your personal pronouns, meme dreams, and headshots. Hit me with your shared love of Rooster Teeth and gaming. Hit me up when your questions, ideas, and personal stories about how gaming has impacted your life. RTGames has a lot of work ahead of us, and I’m excited to bring you with us on the ride.

      Let’s do cool shit together,



    • Achievement Hunter Valentine's Day

      in Forums > Achievement Hunter Valentine's Day | Follow this topic

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

      I'm not sure who posted these graphics/idea on the RT subreddit, but the highlight of my 2013 Valentine's Day were my AH Valentine's Day cards.

      After working my typical Mon-Thur 10 hour day with 3 hour long evening classes, I came home at 10 pm to macaroni and cheese and these:


      I didn't know men were capable of such sentiment and romance... It's no life-size replica of the tower of pimps, but the evening was filled with magic and kisses. It'll be hard to top next year.

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    • 6 years ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr
    • 6 years ago

      Cricket RT Games Community Mngr
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