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    • Hallow Eve

      11 years ago


      SO whos dressing up ??
      And what will you be doing?
      I might be a cat..duh.. or a vampire princess again.
      I will be working and then handing out candy. Oh yes fun times. I really have to get out and got to a party or a haunted house or something.. I will keep thinking.

      ANyways just wanted to update my journal.
      Its been slow here.


    • You know its bad

      11 years ago


      when you get your blood test and ask to lie on the bed to get it when a 5 year old just ahead of you gets his blood test sitting in a normal chair.And doesnt care that he is , where the person on the bed is freaking out .Thats pretty sad..*sigh*
      Not that I am talking about myself here. smiley8.gif lol

      Off to the Giant Game.. have a great day people.


    • Giants

      11 years ago


      I get to sweep at the Giant Games. That should be pretty exciting...thought I am not really in to hockey but oh well.
      Sweeping for my Synchro team fundraiser.
      So I will be cleaning the ice tomor, Oct 20th and Nov 10th. Both Sat so if any of you Vancouvers are in to hockey and decided to go maybe you will see me.

      That is all the exciting news for me.

      I also got a raise for work. From $8.25 to $9.00 ...yippie I know I need to find a more valuable job but I ve finally been with Bosleys for a Year now.. pretty exciting.. smiley0.gif plus its still my first job.


    • Thank

      11 years ago


      You for Thanksgiving.
      An Extra day off from work.. which is great since I am battling a cold right now and need all the rest ... and Halo time. (Can you belive I can ONLY play Halo 3 on Fri and Sat...all because of work and needing to have 9 hours of sleep )Lol.

      So Happy Thanks Giving to everyone. Hope you all have a nice day.


    • Resident Evil

      11 years ago


      was pretty good. First one is better but the 3rd one wasnt to bad. And no way was I scared.. or jumped at the scary part.
      And of it was awesome to finally hang out with Laird. He is pretty cool.

      smiley9.gif But then I my cold got worse.*sigh*

      smiley9.gif And Finished Halo 3. Wont spoil it unless asked(not) but it is Awesome. I was very cool and played normal with my sis. But hey its still very exciting. Just sad its OVER!!!!. Why World why?

      smiley9.gif Spent almost 9 hours counting inventory in my store....alot to count to tired lol.But when I left it was ALMOST done. But it was fun using the scanner and scanning things...not so much lifting 50lb bags to scan it.

      Well thats all for now.

    • Lookin forward

      11 years ago


      to Friday.. smiley0.gif
      Get to see Resident Evil with the One and Only Laird. smiley0.gifsmiley11.gif
      And get to FINALLY open my Halo game and actually play it. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley12.gif

      smiley11.gif I Will NOT be on Tomor. Just a warning ahead.

    • Who..

      11 years ago


      stood in line from 10:30 to 12 at night. Me.
      Who stood in the rain.Me.. oh and I guess my sister to.
      Who else said it was so totally worth it.Me smiley11.gif

      But I finally got it. Sadly they say alot of the Legendary disk are scratched I hope mines not .. I will have to wait FRIDAY to play it..thats when me and my sister are off work and school. So far. But at least I can stare at the helmet...who else thinks the helmet holds a hidden camera??? Oh just me I see... smiley3.gif

      I think I was the 3rd girl there out of 50 or more guys and they a few more girls in the back.
      I got a "Congrates for being the 2nd and 3rd girl here" and a " Are you here for Halo or are you just waiting for friends?" is it that hard to see girls in line for something amazing??Guess so.

      There was a couple of drunks to but luckly no fights...oh and then my Dad (who drove us) thought it be a kodak moment and took pictures of us there...embarassing. Eek.

      Oh and got it at around 1:07. But so excited.

      smiley12.gif Halo 3 smiley12.gif

    • Count Down

      11 years ago


      Who also has a countdown for Halo 3?
      I have one in my cell phone, wall and planner.
      4 More Days smiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

      Umm ya so thats all for that journal.
      Later smiley0.gif

    • Laird

      11 years ago


      It is that time again. To pick a F.O.T.M. (Yes I know I missed alot of months but hey I am slow)
      But this Friend of the Month is.....Laird. smiley11.gifsmiley11.gif
      So congrates for being the 2nd person to get friends of the month.



      Ok why I picked Laird.
      smiley11.gif He is Awesome...The End.
      No I am just kidding..not the awesome part thats real just the end part because its really not over that be to short.
      smiley11.gif I've been on RVB for awhile and gotten to know Laird really well. And I am so happy I have the honour of knowing him..and hopefully getting to know him alot more better in person. smiley8.gif
      smiley11.gif He set up a fundraiser to Help the Kids and thats just awesome. He has been doing alot of nice things like this lately.
      smiley11.gif He created the amazing Halo Unyielding
      smiley11.gif He know how to make me smile...simple just by texting me on my cell(which by the way Laird is eating up my mins lol, but I think its worth it)
      smiley11.gif Alot of people like him and above are many of the reason why.. but I am sure there is more that I just cant seem to think of at this VERY moment.
      smiley11.gif I enjoy reading his journals .
      smiley11.gif And Ya hes just plain Awesome. So if you dont know him(how could you not)you know alittle about him now.

      Heres A gift for you and a few mods (25).And a Huge thanks for being my friend.

      If you want more tags Laird just tell me..I didnt think you were the tag kind of guy but if you are I will be happy to make some more for you when I have time.

    • 200!!!!!!

      12 years ago


      Woot this is my 200th Journal. And after almost 2 years of being on here.But hey I am Happy Your Happy Were All Happy...right.
      I know I have not written much exciting and been short times I ve been on here. But I hope to be back more and have contest and those F.O.T.M. and P.O.T.M and maybe some more.. But now its just celebration.
      So here are some funny pictures and links to help celebrate.

      Halo Smack Talk





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    • Aarpia

      13 years ago

      Welcome to RvB. I'd like to make you aware that being female, you can get an absurdly huge number of mod points if you post pictures of yourself. It's sad, but it's so true.

    • CuteyKitty

      13 years ago

      Thanks for the welcome I feel so loved , lol.

    • Chris_Rob

      13 years ago

      welcome, this place is the shiz.

    • Glaxton

      13 years ago

      Welcome to RvB!


    • CuteyKitty

      13 years ago

      Yay thanks for the welcome its great to be here

    • phiphi

      13 years ago

      Welcome to rooster teeth

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