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    • Last Journal for awhile

      13 years ago


      Well, as I mentioned before I am working at a summer camp in New Mexico all summer teaching 3D Archery, so I figure this will be my last journal until the end of August. I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer. Play some Halo and eat a couple hot dogs for me.

    • [Rant]

      13 years ago


      I hate the freaking fairweather fans. My family and I went to a dinner last night at my sister's high school and I saw a lot of kids wearing Rockies ballcaps or Tshirts. When I try to talk Rockies and baseball with them they practically know nothing about the team they are supporting. Dont get me wrong, I am glad that the Rockies are finally getting some credit and support but where were these idiots when we were 15 games under .500 last summer. Maybe I am just old fashioned but I think when you commit yourself to a team you are going to support, you support them until the day you die. Every spring at the start of spring training I put on my Rockies ballcap and I dont take it off until the end of their last game.

      Damn kids (shakes fist)


    • What a strange couple of days

      13 years ago


      So as some of you may or may not know, I applied for a job as a backpacking guide job at a summer camp in New Mexico. It has been really strange because if I got this job I would have to report to the camp by May 29 and up to a couple of days ago I had heard nothing of whether or not I got the job.

      So two days ago I get an email from them and they said I didnt get the job. So for the last 2 days I have been running around trying to figure out what I am going to do this summer. I have a contact at Raytheon Polar Services and I called him to see if I could get an internship. Well He talked to the engineering managers and they said that they would consider it. But then I find out that if I were to get the internship they physically do not have any place to put me and they would have to talk to facilities and try and find a place for me to work, and that it would be a long shot.

      Today I wake up and I get on the internet to check my grades from the semester that just ended. I was really worried about my Differential Equations class and I was afraid I was going to have to take it again next semester. But this morning I learned that I passed all my classes and wont have to repeat anything.

      So while I am bouncing off the walls after learning that I passed, I got a call from the summer camp and they really want me to come down and be an archery instructor. I am stoked about this but my mom is pissed because I will miss my sister's high school graduation. So I asked the guy I am talking to if there is any way I can report to the camp late so that I can go to my sister's graduation. He says, "Sure, you are an Eagle Scout, you know these things, you can miss training."

      So in a matter of two days, everything falls apart, then works out again. What an odd world we live in.

    • Gotta Love Colorado

      13 years ago


      It snowed this morning. Now its all melted and 60 degrees.

    • computer trouble

      13 years ago


      Well, I was studying for my Differential equations final, by looking at some exams from past semesters on the internet when my laptop decided to shut down. I turn it back on an windows wont even start (its a dell) so I am limited to using the computer lab, so I wont be on as frequently. So in my absence dont do anything I wouldnt do. Later.

    • Finals Day 1

      13 years ago


      I got two finals today, Differential Equations with Linear Algebra, and Astronomy.

      Astronomy is a no brainer, should be really easy

      Diff Eq is a different story. I bombed my last test so now there is tons of pressure on the final. Passing is doable but its gonna be tough.

      Better get back to the books. Later

    • You know you are in Boulder when....

      13 years ago


      The main course for dinner tonight at the mess hall is a "build your own pita" bar. I pay a good amount of money for these meals and I want red meat! Not some tofu fartin' pita bar!

      Anyway its been awhile since I posted last. Been pretty busy. I had tests the last couple of weeks now I have to start getting ready for finals. Other than school I have been watching the Avs and the Rox on the TV. Rox still in first place. Its freaking sweet. Well I guess I better go get me a pita or else I am gonna be hungry later tonight

    • How 'bout that!!!!

      13 years ago


      How about them first place Colorado Rockies!?!?!?!?!?

      You heard me right FIRST freaking place!!!!!!!!

      And last time I looked it was like 60 degrees today so hell hasn't frozen over either!!

      What a difference two solid veteran relievers can make. This time last year we wouldn't be winning these tight games. And our sophomore season players are hitting their strides with guys like Atkins and Hawpe putting up the big offensive numbers. Atkins was the NL player of the week last week hitting tons of RBIs and hitting a .400+ average.Hawpe was a single away from the cycle tonight with 4 RBIs. What a great time to be a baseball and Rockies fan.

      God bless baseball, God bless the Colorado Rockies.

    • God Bless Baseball

      13 years ago


      I am so happy the baseball season has started. All baseball life has been born again.

      In honor of the new season I wrote a haiku

      New baseball season
      The Rockies are gonna win
      Two maybe three times

      Wow that was queer.

      I know that the Rox are gonna win more than 2 or 3. Just poking fun at my team and our misfortunes. I want the Rox to win it all. But that being said, realistically I think that the rockies are going to finish fourth in the division and either a game above .500 or a game under .500

      I do think the rockies are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

    • My spring break so far...

      13 years ago


      So I am home in good old Littleton for spring break. This is the first spring break in five years that I havent gone backpacking in Utah.

      I sleep most of the time. My biggest struggle is fighting my sisters cat for posesion of the sunny spot on the living room floor. I win most of the time. Or the cat sleeps on my chest.

      My dad had told me that He was going to take a couple of days off of work so we could hang out. I was kinda worried about that since my dad is one of those guys that hardly ever takes off work. He wouldnt tell me what we were going to be doing either. I found out today that we were going to be coyote hunting on some private land, but at the last minute the land owner called and said that he didnt want us hunting on his land. So I am bummed about that. The next plan was to go to a virtual skydiving facility. Thats where you get in a wind tunnel and they blow winds of up to 150 mph at you to simulate sky diving. But we cant do that either because it is all booked up due to so many spring breaks. So I am bummed about that too. The plan after that was to go to a strip club but my mom vetoed that. I am really bummed about that. So now it looks like we are just gonna chill out and get some steaks then go see the larry the cable guy movie.

      I got my usual ringside tickets to the golden gloves tournement. I got four nights and there is usually 20 to 25 fights a night, so I got a lot of boxing ahead of me.

      Thats about it. Hope everybody is doing well. Later

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