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    • RWBY Vol 5 Japanese dub

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      I’m a big fan of RWBY and I collect all the Blu-ray/DVDs including the Japanese version. Vol 4 of the Japanese dub was announced Oct. of last year and the Japanese Blu-ray was released not too long after. Does anyone find it weird that there is no announcement of a Japanese dub of Vol 5, like at all? I’m trying to find info on it, but I’m getting nowhere. Does anyone know what’s going on with that?

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    • Merry Christmas, RT membos!

      2 years ago


      As of the moment of this entry being posted, I am home from work.  Four straight weeks of bustin' my hump with my fellow USPS employees to sort, process, and ship packages and parcels during the holiday rush.  And that rush ended today.  

      Now I get to enjoy another vacation pick I selected back in January, this time a full week.  So I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I'm gonna spend the week doing my best impression of a vegetable. 

       christmas_tree gift christmas_tree gift christmas_tree gift christmas_tree gift christmas_tree gift christmas_tree gift

    • Happy Thanksgiving Errybody!

      2 years ago


      Starting today on Thanksgiving, I get to enjoy a 5-day weekend courtesy of a vacation pick I selected way back in January of this year.  I've done this every year at my job since I started at the Postal Service back in 2002 and it is always what I need.  Because after the Thanksgiving holiday ends and Monday comes around (Tuesday for me, I have Mondays off), the Christmas season starts to get rolling and the mail volume increases as people send gifts and packages to their loved ones.  That's when my fellow USPS employees and I kick it into overdrive and work overtime to get those parcels sorted, processed and delivered on schedule.  But first things first, Thanksgiving.

      I am going to enjoy this 5-day weekend especially this year, now that I'm a Rooster Teeth First member.  Gonna play some video games, binge watch some exclusive First member content, and chillax.  It's gon' be gud.

    • RT First membership

      2 years ago


      Finally can afford to be a RT First member after being a fan for over ten years.  Pretty sweet to watch all this exclusive content.  I'm not sure how often I'll post a journal, but we'll see what happens.

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