For a few months I have been forging a new world for the characters and stories I've created to take place in. This world is far too big and dense to be filled by just 1 person so I thought to reach out to fellow fans of RWBY. RWBY is one of the bigger inspirations for this but this will not be a copy of it, this will be a whole other animal with some elements of RWBY. The other works that inspired me were Studio Ghibli, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Samurai Jack, dungeons and dragons and the very world we live in. Do you have an itch to create in your mind? a fire to move others in your heart? a hope in your soul to inspire others? Then please send me a message so I can tell you a bit more about everything to see if you would like to help create even more of it and introduce your own characters and stories.

I'm looking for 1-2 writers and 1-2 artiest, no prior professional experience necessary, just creativity. 

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