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    • So THATS What Goes On...

      4 years ago


      Been reading through the forums, checking out all the different threads and such. Seems to me that the forums here are essentially a politically correct version of YouTube comments. While all the negativity and harshness has been removed it retains a sense of nonsensicality and ridiculousness... and I LOVE it.
      I enjoy reading the crackpot theories and overly in-depth remarks almost as much as I do the videos they are based on. All of the speculation that seems to go on in some of the threads seems to reach illuminati level conspiracy theories, however instead about super secret world influencing organisations they are about the "true" identities of a group of hapless red and blue idiots who blunder there way through the galaxy. This is something I could have not been more pleased to discover. Seems like I may enjoy my time here.

    • Entry One

      4 years ago


      First day amongst the vast jungle of the rooster teeth community. I have already gotten lost in the foliage of RT and AH videos and have stumbled across strange gatherings of words in a place I have come to know as "The Forum". I wonder how long I will stay in this place where the internet seems to surround me. Perhaps I will find a safe haven in some makeshift shelter devised of my own ego and self assurance where I can safely watch the strange happenings of this world, or maybe I will end up lost in the madness known only as Rooster Teeth.

    • 2019 years ago

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