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      3 years ago


      I never really used the RoosterTeeth site for much honestly, I was really only on because of the AHTV chat all those years ago. I never considered being active again, as I was content with just watching RoosterTeeth's videos here and there on youtube. I just thought it seemed silly to be active in that case, if I wasn't a hardcore fan that, I guess, revolved my life around RT? I've still been watching for years and will probably continue to, but I don't know.

      But I think i'll try to be more active from now on. I doubt any of my current friends on here are still active, but maybe i'll try to become more involved in the community and meet new people?

    • I had a dream

      6 years ago


      And it goes like this...

      I was walking back to the car with my mom, as we were at some store or something. Then, I received a scroll. (I don't know how, I just did.) The scroll said I've been accepted into a wizard school.

      "What does it say?" my mom asked.
      "Um... nothing" I replied.

      I got home and there was a golden furred cat on my bed. I read the scroll even more and the wizard headmaster guy (I guess) gave this cat to me. The cat was pretty cool.

      I left to go do something and as I came back, there was no more cat, but instead a piece of paper with the drawing of a cat. Confused, I studied the paper and tried to figure what the heck was going on. And then, words started to appear on the paper.

      Help! A wizard turned me into this piece of paper! (I guess a Demetri Martin joke slipped It's way into my dream)

      I wrote on the paper, What? More words appeared explaining how a wizard came and turned the once golden cat that was on my bed into a piece of paper. As the words appeared, I could actually hear the cat's tiny little cat voice. (But he was speaking english.)

      I was asking questions about how this all happened. I asked How long? (As in how long had the cat been a piece of paper.) The cat replied by singing a song. I don't remember what song though. I was sad that this cat was turned into a piece of paper, and I wanted to help him. Then, I heard my mom call my name. BrB, I wrote on the paper. I went to go see what my mom wanted. She was asking me if I wanted our computer to go in my room or something. (Which is weird because we don't even have a desktop computer.) When I was done talking with her, I went to go back to the cat...

      ...And then I woke up...

      I wish I had stayed asleep long enough to help that poor cat. Who knows, maybe I'll see him again or something in another dream.

      I'll miss you kitty...

    • Something awesome about Reach

      7 years ago


      So when you zoom in with your spartan with a weapon that doesnt usually have a zoom, in the bottom left corner there's some binary stuff. I dont know a lot about binary, but I translated it on some site I found, and it translated to "Dave".

      This confused me for a bit, then I remembered I made my offline account name "Dave", so I guess that it translates it to your offline name.

      So thats pretty cool, I dont know if anyone else knew about this, but try it out for yourself!

    • Conspiracy

      8 years ago


      September 10th, 2011
      9:57 PM PST

      I was in the AHTV chat, when I got this message from an unidentified persona -
      I don't know what "17" could possibly mean, or what it does mean.
      I then recieved this aproximately 5 minutes later -
      Further study required//

      End Journal

    • 2019 years ago

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