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      4 years ago


      Just recently uploaded my first long podcast with a few people, you should definatley go and check it out if you were a fan of the Internet Box podcast (lest we forget), as they were our majour insporation, also my PackChat podcast is open to all members and potential members of the WolfPack just send me a message on here, twitter, instagram, facesbook, or sign up to the website: I am always looking for more people to come and join in (only requirements are a decent microphone, Skype and audicity). Thanks to rooster teeth for the insperation to start my own youtube and extra thanks to Micheal Jones and Ray Narvez Jr. for their insperational Internet Box podcast series.

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      4 years ago


      So.. it's prelim and exam times for me and my video capture device is broken and need a new one. all this stress has left me wanting to punch stuff, combined with the fact that I have poor internet and I recently found out that I had filled my hard drive while recording (deleting the footage) I find myself looking for ways to cope with the stress, so far I have found comfort in sleeping days away but then realize that I forgot to study and I seem to find no time for gaming, and when I do find time I seem to always pick the wrong game and it just makes me even more stressed. I need help with this, I also need ideas for games to play as I haven't found any that I feel I would enjoy making a video on so please help RT community. Before you say anything I would love to play any of the games that the Let's play guys have been playing but they are all a bit too far out of my budget, I need games for my channel and for my stress, please help

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      5 years ago


      Recently got a new xbox and can't wait to start doing let's play's

    • 2019 years ago

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