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    • This weeks reveiw: The Crow

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      Made in 1994 and based on the 80's comic this movie is as fantastic today as it was 26 years ago. The plotline follows Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) as he wakes up a year after his murder, to seek revenge on those that killed him and his Fiancee. This is a stirring and well told tale of love, loss and, ultimatley, revenge as an undead Eric hunts and kills his murderers with deadly efficiency and a touch of poetic irony.

      Brandon Lee's acting skill was never greater, and he is well complemented by a fantastic cast and director. The cinematography is beautiful, with only one or two flaws in the special effects. The costuming is iconic and well presented, as is the depressingly gothic style of the movie, which fits perfectly with the Tragic storyline.

      Eric is presented as much the anti-hero, as he is the good guy. He shows no hesitation when killing anyone who gets in the way of his revenge, but is willing to aid those who help him. Despite his obvious killer instincts Eric shows a rather sweet, sensitive side when he trys to protect a young girl who his Fiancee looked after before she died. This was a fantastic preformance by Brandon Lee, and worthy of a post-humous best actor Oscar. Too bad he was shot and killed by a 'prop' gun during the filming of The Crow.

      This is a fantastic film that I recomed with gusto.

      In other news

      I am considdering creating another RP, something similer to X-Men, prehaps. Tell me if you'd be interested.

      Quote for the day:
      "He who speaks, knows not. He who knows, speaks not."
      Chinese proverb.

      That is all.

    • Update on ME!!! (woot)

      8 years ago


      Okay, um, decided to give up on posting my story, 'The Rise and Fall of Project GLADIATOR' because intrest sems to have dissappeard, and I take quite a while to get each segement done. I'll still be writing it, but not posting, unless I get some support for it. (No I'm not asking for money, although that would be nice smiley0.gif )

      I have recently sponsored mah_lazors and rosecarolina Check 'em out, they're real cool people.

      Also got me a tattoo incase you didn't notice my profile pic. I am planning on getting two more, the Fulton Family drest with the clan tartan as a background, and I'm commissioning bleu_ace to draw a Steampunk style DNA strand as the other.

      Got me some more games recently. Reach, Bioshock limited edition, Halo 3: ODST, Fallout 3: GOTYE, and traded Fable 2 for the GOTYE. Got me a ton (metric smiley1.gif ) of DVD's as well.Bought a small notebook too, which is what I'm typing on now.

      I plan on starting 2 new things with my journals, a quote at the end, and a friday night Reveiw of a book/game/movie/something else.

      Quote for the day:
      "Shut up your mum's a paradox!... I'll cut of your ears and shove a filing cabernet up your arse!"
      Keenan (While drunk.)

      That is all.

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    • The rise and fall of Project gladiator.

      8 years ago


      Chapter 1 - Shadow Wolf

      The package part 2

      “MOVE IT!” He roared, before jumping into cover. He began firing at the rebels, covering his men as they ran towards the shop front. He could see the second team moving, diving for cover behind the shop fronts.

      The battle rifle jumped in his hands each time he pulled the trigger. He could see them down his scope. They were a mess. There were fifty, maybe sixty of them, nearly three times as more than he had. They were well armed and had clearly had some training, but not enough of it. They fell to pieces, several ran away, others rushed at him and his men, shell-shocked, and were cut down.

      It seemed to never end, the guns firing, the yells of pain as men and women were hit, the cold, hard, inhuman gazes of ODST masks, shielding him and his men from the horror they were causing. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself otherwise, he had doubts. This wasn’t war, this is a massacre.

      Then it was all over. The battle, if it could be called that, had lasted barely two minutes. He looked around at his men. Four were lying on the ground, KIA, and another two were limping.

      “Fall in.”

      Everyone moved to their positions in front of him.

      “Our first objective is a package inside the Traxus building, on the third floor. Because it was guarded I’m assuming that the rebels want something inside, most probably the package. The likelihood that they have more men inside the building is high. Jim, I want demo charges on that door, stat. Move out.”

      As Jim moved towards the door Martin could easily imagine the insane look on his face as he got ready to use his explosives.

      “Take positions near the door. I want us inside as soon as that door’s been blown.”

      What remained of the platoon formed up near the door. Jim, having set a det-pack on the door, ran back to join them. He nodded to Martin.

      “Blow the door, everyone else, move through on my mark.”

      Jim pressed the button and the door disappeared in a cloud of dust and splinters.


      They moved into the lobby of the building, looking around for any hostiles.

      “Check your corners and sound off.”

      “Left flank secure.”

      “Right flank secure.”

      “Hallway secure.”

      Field Lieutenant Edwards gestured. The Rookie and two others followed him up the stairs and onto the mezzanine. They looked around, cautious. When the area looked clear he called down to his men.

      “All right, move on up. Jennings, check the left stairwell, Mickey, take the right.”

      He waited, men ready behind him. Both Jennings and Micky returned.

      “Blocked, sir.”

      “Mine too, looks like a barricade.”

      “Jim, got any more det-packs?”

      Jim shrugged and shook his head.

      “All right. Looks like the elevator’s our only option. It’s gotta be a trap. Grab something and put it in the doorway. Rookie, I want you and your team to wait down here for us.”


      “Good. You two, grab that desk and move it into the elevator door.”

      In moments they were ready, makeshift barricade in place. Martin pressed the third floor button. The doors closed and tinny music began to eep out of the speekers. The elevator dinged as they reached the third floor. The doors opened and a man outside yelled.

      “Alright you rebel scum! Place you weapons on the ground and your hands on your…”

      “Shut the hell up. I’m Acting Lieutenant Edwards of the 31st ODST Platoon. I take it that youre not insergents?”

      “Hell no, sir. I’m lance corporal Vern of ONI the ONI security force. My division is classified.”

      “Alright. Stand down. We’re here to collect some package?”

      “Ah. That’d be the one in the ONI labs. This place may look like it’s abandoned, but it’s a secret ONI installation, doing chemical testing or something. Dunno why they chose a Traxus building. It’s through there.”

      Martin walked through the heavy metal door. It closed behind him and a mechanical voice spoke.

      “Decontamination process initiated. Please hold still.”

      Blue liquid sprayed from the ceiling, washing over his armour. The bloodstains, some nearly a year old, dissolved before his eyes.

      “The decontamination is complete, thank you for waiting. Please step through the second airlock.”

      Another metal door in front of him opened with a hiss. The room beyond was a long corridor with air ducts along the walls. The mechanical voice spoke again.

      “Please ignore the warm air. It will dry the disinfectant off and help to kill any other bacteria that may still contaminate your clothes or your person.”

      He walked along the corridor, warm air dying him off. The metal door opened as he approached.

      “Thank you, visitor, have a nice day.”

      Yeah right. As he left the decontamination chambers he could see a huge lab. In the very centre was a large glass room. He approached, slowly.

      As he looked through the glass he could see a single rack of six sealed test tubes, each containing a blue fluid. There was a metal box inside the chamber and a pair of gloves with external access written above them. He guessed that this was the package.

      He reached his hands slowly into the gloves and carefully picked up a test tube. Slowly and carefully he placed it into the padded metal box and repeated the action another five times. Once the last tube was in the box’s draw it automatically closed. Electronic hands then came down from the ceiling, lifted the box up and places it into a slot. The package then slid out into a compartment beside the gloves. He removed the gloves and delicately picked the box up. The mechanical voice spoke from behind him again.

      “Thank you, Private Kyle, have a nice day.”

      In other news

      Sorry it took so ling to get that up, I was suffering from hellish writers block. But it's good to be back on track.

      Um, I've been real busy lately, incase my absence didn't tell you that. I got some new games. Fallout 3 GOTYE, Halo 3 ODST and Bioshock. Good times.

      That is all for now.

    • Second world - Armageddon.

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      You all wake up in some sort of transport ship, being flow towards a planet of some sort.
      Intercom - "Ten minutes till we land on Armageddon"

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    • The Hotel

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      You guys need a break every once in a while. This is the Hotel.
      Thjose who die wake up in their rooms, those who survive are healed and enter through te portal that replaces the front doors of the hotel.

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