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    • Thank you, God... I mean, Mr. Colbert

      13 years ago


      Has anyone seen Colbert's appearance at the White House Correspondant Dinner?

      Pure gold. And what's more? He threw a huge punch at the 'liberal' media for largely being led by the nose by Bush during some of the worst lawbreaking in America in history.

      Hopefully his courage (to stand up and say what few others dare) will rub off on some of these journalists. They have too long skirted the main issue at hand: Bush and his team have lied time and time again to the American people, in the course of pushing their own agenda and ignoring/breaking laws to do it. Although, the fact that the media largely ignored Colbert's stinging closing speech doesn't make us too hopeful. Thank god for bloggers and C-Span, because we never would have heard this speech in the past.

      Mr. Colbert, I salute you.

      See the full video of his speech here. (Realplayer)
      See the full video of his speech here. (Bittorrent, AVI format)
      Here is the video, with the camera on the president during Colbert's little film
      Or, view the transcript here

      I encourage everyone to watch and pass it on. I recommend the torrent version if you're able - it's a really fast download that way.

      Comments/debates welcome.

    • Podcasts

      13 years ago


      Hey guys,

      There's a Canadian news podcast I'd like to download. What program do I need, and where can I get it?

      If it's iTunes, enough said. I can find/get that myself (I think)... Well, on second thought, is there an 'iTunes' that isn't linked with Quicktime? I've already got Quicktime.

    • Almost... There...

      13 years ago


      Well, I'm finally approaching my last exam. This one will be slightly more painful, as we were given the exam in advance to prepare. Which may seem good, but is actually quite bad. Why? The prof now expects better, more coherent answers because techinically we prepared beforehand. Ugh.

      Anyway, wish me luck.

      I'd play Halo 2 as an end-of-exam celebration... But my brother has the X-Box, smiley4.gif

      ...Anyone up for Battlefield 2, CS:S or whatnot?... If not, I'll just have to play Oblivion.

    • Valentine's Day?

      13 years ago



      *eats his chocolates...panics...*

      Girlfriends like... laundry... right? Or... Blank sheets of lined paper?.. Man, I'm so boned.


      Seriously though, I'm kidding. We had our lovey stuff a week ago on our 2 year anniversary on the 7th. So, we mutually agreed not to do anything on V-Day. At the same time, we kind of combined the days and got eachother DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for the X-Box, which is awesome because it has 'Rock Lobster' as a song, *lol*.

      For our 2 years, we decided to do things that cost little/nothing. She got a song (sung by me)and I got a fucking FUN Jar for Christ's sake! It's a magical ribboned jar with secret 'fun' things in it, and I get to choose one a month!... OMFG awesome.

      And yes, some of the "Fun" things are FUN... Heh.

    • BOO-YAH!

      13 years ago


      Computer got here today!

      Good news is, I'll have something to play Empire At War on! Woot!

    • Got my monitor today!

      13 years ago


      It's a 19 inch, flatscreen (not flat-panel, flat-screen!) CRT, by Samsung.

      SyncMaster 997MB.

      Wootness. It's pretty.

      Now, if the rest of the computer would just hurry up...

    • Not too shabby...

      13 years ago


      Looks like my bank is on top of things.

      I recently upped my credit card limit to $3000 (from $1000, so I could buy my computer). After making yesterday's $2200 purchase, the bank called me this morning. Their only question was, "Mr. St.James, did you use your credit card on the internet yesterday?"... My answer being yes, they thanked me for my time and ended the call.

      But, I find it comforting that they're ontop of matters like that so quickly. Two thumbs up for my bank.

    • Purchased!

      13 years ago


      I called and cancelled my processor...

      Then I ordered the whole compy!!!! WOO! Waiting just 2 weeks saved me like $100.

      I'm sure a month from now, I would have saved like $500, but meh... I've been waiting a really long time.

      Anyway, $2200 (total) later, I'm the proud owner of all the crap you guys read about earlier.

      Happy gaming for me. Who's up for BF2? LOL

    • Processorage!

      13 years ago



      The processor I showed you guys last entry... Well, it went from being $629.00, to $583.00, to $553.00 in like 3 days.

      I called the store, to make sure this wasn't a trick or a fuckup or something... They responded that they were litterally selling the product at cost to get some traffic going.

      All I can say is AWESOME! However, my friends hadn't gotten back to me yet about their 'wholesale' quotes... So, my dilemna? Do I buy the whole computer now, risking that my friends 'wholesale' prices - which are sometimes much better, sometimes exactly the same, sometimes more expensive than the store - would be better, and I'd end up losing money?

      "Why not just buy the processor alone?," one might ask. Well, there's a good answer. Shipping. Shipping has a base cost, then goes up a bit more for each item. So, it's better to keep things all in one package. It saves you actually about $20.

      The problem? They might be sold out of these processors very quickly. And, the store guy told me that I'd caught the price by chance, as the 'official announcement' for the sale didn't start until tomorrow. They had limited supply, and thus forsaw that they would sell out quickly... Even worse, he assured me that once the 'feature' was over, the product would be going UP in price again.

      So, do I buy the whole computer, and possibly pass up a good wholesale price on some parts?
      Do I buy the processor, and incur two shipping costs? (Overall, still saving money because of processor cheapness... but saving LESS this way)...
      Or, do I just wait and hope they don't run out, and wait for my friends?

      Well, it turns out there's a fourth option..

      You use up your 'reserved' Christmas gift that your girlfriend owes you, and get her to pay for the shipping... Heh. I win.

      So, I'm the proud new owner of a AMD 4400 dual core processor, with a meg of cache... Booh-yah!

      I'll see what else goes 'On Sale' during this feature too, because hopefully a few of my other components will be on sale too. But, I won't be able to buy them until I get more news from the 'wholesalers'... Because, last time I price-checked, I could save $100+ on my motherboard, and various bits on other pieces too.

    • OMG, Computer! WTF!?!

      13 years ago


      Case: Antec Performance I P180 <link>
      Best Price: $161.53

      Power Supply: Antec TruePower 2.0 TRUECONTROL II-550 ATX12V 550W <link>
      Best Price: $118.56

      CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+, 2.2GHz - Socket 939 - 1MB L2 Cache x2, Retail (90nm Toledo Dual-Core) <link>
      Best Price: $582.95

      Motherboard: ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe <link>
      Best Price: $246.98

      RAM: CORSAIR TWIN-X PRO Edition w/LED Dual Channel Kit, PC-3500 2GB (2x1024MB) DDR 437MHz CL2.0 <link>
      Best Price: $383.92

      Video Card: eVGA e-GeForce 7800 GT CO, PCI-E w/256MB DDR3 VIVO HDTV-Out 2DVI, SLI Compatible (Retail) <link>
      Best Price: $413.00

      Hard Drive: Western Digital 250 GB SATA II, 16MB Cache 7200rpm <link>
      Best Price: $136.05

      Total cost after tax and shipping? $2200. OMFG!

      Anyway, I've been mulling this over for months. I've carefull picked each piece of the computer to maximize both the performance and make my money go further. Many of the items I've chosen are still very close to top-of-the-line, but are only enough so to reach the benefits of that technology.

      For example. The processor I've chosen is 'top of the line' in that it is dual core... But I could've went for the 4800 if I wanted to. I don't, simply because the biggest increase in performance is at the 4400 - when you get a 1 meg cache (from 512kb)... Another note about the processor... I was debating dual core and single core... Dual core are new right now, so they're pricey. However, they're past the 'first generation' phase of the tech (where it can be buggy or not supported). Even though single cores perform similarly (or sometimes better) than dual cores... I'm a heavy multitasker. There are many instances in which I've got several programs going, and trying to open two more... At times I sit around literally waiting for my browser to load up because I've backlogged my girlfriend's computer. I drool at the concept of that lagtime disappearing.

      Or, my videocard for example. The 7800 GTX has a slightly better rating than a GT... But, honestly, the performance increase isn't anwhere near enough (maybe 20 points) to merit the $100+ increase in price. What I DID pay extra for, was the Copper heatsink on the videocard, to help with proper cooling.

      The motherboard and RAM were literally made to work together... Which I found just interesting, and useful because I needed 'good' RAM.

      The case and powersupply are both the utmost in usefullness. The powersupply has a little controlpanel you put in the same place as a floppy drive, that can control fan speed and power. So, if I'm watching a movie, just hit a button and drop the fans down a notch to quieten them. However, that's just a bonus in this case - the real reason I'm getting it is because it's a solid Antec powersupply, that is SLI ready.

      The case is a unique design; it subdivides the high-heat areas into groups so that they can be cooled indiviudally. The powersupply is on the bottom, and is divided from the rest of the case. Take a look at this case and some pictures on Newegg. It's really something interesting to me. I like inventive stuff.

      Hope this was interesting.

      Anyone have any comments/suggestions? Other than, "OMG, $2200??!!!!1!@1one1!1!@!"

      Just so everyone knows, this isn't a replacement for my X-Box 360 purchase... I'm actually just waiting my standard time to let the console go through it's birth-hiccups (the first generation problems I mentioned earlier)... I will probably purchase an X-Box 360 a year or two from now....... Or when Halo 3 comes out. [smiley0]

      Dach out.

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