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    • Yarg...

      14 years ago


      Here I am again. It's 5:15 this time.

      Things are starting to blur... Since 8:00am on Sunday, I've had two hours of sleep.

      Still trucking with essay number two.

    • Writing at Four in the Morning

      14 years ago


      Basically, social rights became the tool of nation-building; it was used to construct and maintain a sense of national identity. This fact is seen in the manner by which social rights are implemented. For example, the right to education is only applicable in the national language. It does not adhere, at least in a public sense, to any ethnic or cultural group or guidelines, except that of the state.

      Whale oil beef hooked!
      (Sound it out Bubbles style.. or, just say it outloud for those of you who don't know who the fuck bubbles is.)

    • Enough With the Trekkies! Essay Time!

      14 years ago


      Essay time... Comes right after, and right until Nap-Time.

      I've been essaying since 9am, on and off. Don't have much to show for it.

      It's 1am the next day now, and I'm still writing. I have to get this essay done, work from 9-5, goto class (and hand current essay in) from 7-10, then get another 6 page essay done before 7pm on Tuesday.

      *BANG!* Dead.

      And fuxxored.
      Someone's gonna rape my grave...... fuck you HMN, that wasn't an invitation!

    • Blarg.

      14 years ago


      In class.


      Gonna watch Trekkies 2.

      You all suck.
      (Except me.)

      Watching Trekkies 2 as part of class... Not because I'm bored. Talking about Fanatacism...
      Fanboys, Trekkies, crazy fuckers who know how to speak all of J.R.R. Tolkien's languages... Etc.
      So, basically, you fuckers.

    • Sin City... OMFG!

      14 years ago


      This.. Uh...

      This is... uh...

      This is looking pretty fucking good right now.


      There are two scenes in that trailer that literally give me chills. Both the car careening of the road and flipping, and the scene with Elijah Wood... Fucking awesome.

      The car scene is just like a fucking rollercoaster ride... Can't wait to see it in theaters. And, the Wood scene is just fucking dramatic... The way they sillouetted him is amazing.

      Anyway, bye for now. Enjoy my Bubbles image.

      "You can just fuck right off!"
      "I'm really fucking frisky!"
      "People don't know how much money there is in shopping carts!"

    • Boycott Gift!... (Edit: And Gorbash!)

      14 years ago


      I saw two seconds of Episode 3 footage on Gift's profile!

      I want compensation for this indignity!

      Join me in boycotting his profile! All with me, say "Aye!".






    • Midterm Update:

      14 years ago


      Yes, I failed, fuck you very much. You all should have been on XBL, when I read out the test questions... Fucking Intro course my ass. Upon handing out the test question sheets, one guy just huffed, wrote his name on his sheet, and fucking left. Everyone, including myself, stood and applauded his departure all the way out.

      It was ridiculous. The prof - who by the way was NOT present for the entire examination process - is going to get a new asshole ripped into him by the entire class next week. So many people left in the first half hour. The questions were insanely hard, and the exact opposite of what he said.

      He specifically said the essay would be very broad, covering the general chapter. If you could write a chapter summary, you could do the exam he said. He specifically said, "I'm not going to ask you something about a quote on page 35, footnote 3. It'll be broad. More general."

      So, what does he do? The biggest question is one revolving around someone mentioned in class once (not in the book) - the German Bersucht (or their version of a Senate anyway) - in relation to a topic in a Chapter. But, get this. The 'topic' in that chapter one 1 section of a list of nine items, in 1 section of 3 larger sections of the text. So, basically a quote on page 35, footnote 3.


      Degrassi, eh?... Now that's fucked up. Still... It's Smith. I'm so confused. I feel like my wires are crossed... And I like it!

    • Simple Note:

      14 years ago


      I have a midterm today. No time for chatty. It's on three chapters - three of which I haven't read - so I gotta get my ass in gear.

      Got a haircut today.

      Today's message: Watch Clerks - and the rest of Kevin Smith's movies - you fat fucks! You cocksmokers!

    • Special Request

      14 years ago


      I was told to whore.....




      Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go.


      Wow... It's been a whole month already. Fuck me.

      Shit... I gotta sneeze.... *blink.. blink.. stares at the light for a moment.... blasts his roommate with snot*...
      That got it! Watching Clerks. Clerks is cool. Kevin Smith rocks.

    • Wow... Productive!

      14 years ago


      Well, I decided to actually look into the forum. I think things are starting to calm down a bit (or, perhaps the Mods are just doing their jobs so well that I don't see the influx of retarded posts).

      Anyway... I really enjoyed the old RvB forums... Despite my lack of postage due to fear (all of you, STAY AWAY, YOU HEAR ME?!)...

      But, I don't see any reason I can't enjoy the forums now too. Hell, in an hour I've found more interesting people than I've met in two years at university. So, looks like I'll try and be active.

      It'll give me something to do with my laptop and the school's nifty wireless internet during some of my more boring lectures.

      That's an interesting topic actually. There are two brands of lecture. One is where the prof has a unique lecture - this one affords little time for lollygagging (want a definition on that term? ask me.). Simply put, I can't divert my attention because what my prof is saying can't be found elsewhere. It's unique, and if I don't get it now, I'll be tested on shit I don't know.

      The other, and more frustrating, strand of lecture is where the prof basically reads from the book. This is useless. But, contrary what seems to be popular belief, is still mandatory to attend. Why? Not because attendence is taken - it usually isn't. But these profs will get p/oed because they know they're useless, and eventually they'll start making class-only announcements. I have seen many a person come in to class the week after a midterm, because they didn't attend the class when the prof informed us of the midterm date change. Crafty profs.

      I mean - it's a legitimate attitude to think that if you can read the book yourself, and the prof's reading that same book - that attendence is a waste of time. But, profs don't like to feel useless it seems. And they'll use their manipulatory ways to fuck up your life. Be careful.

      On the other hand, I tip my hat to the profs that use the many many online features that are being integrated into the university system, such as: the posting of notes online, real-time updates, marks on the web, office hours by internet... All these, when used properly, help make things a lot easier for students. Kudos to you.


      Gift - Your guess is as good as mine dude. I don't know what the fuck the point of this place is.
      Sharkish - Man... What're you afraid of? If someone does like you, just rip their heads off like you do to us on XBL, *lol* Or get Joel to funny them to death.
      HMNSHLD - BAM! Exactly!

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