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    • Mystery Science Theater 3000

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      One of the greatest shows I have ever seen. The show is about a man that lives in a remote space station where he, along with his robot companions, are forced to watch horrible sci-fi movies.

      This show is, for lack of a better word, "awesome". Their comments can be so funny at times that your kidneys feel like they're going to fail.

      My all-time favorite episode would have to be "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank". My icon is even the fat bad guy from that movie. If you like the series, but haven't seen that particular episode, go buy Vol. 4.

      I think I'm done talking about it for now... Carry on...

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    • Rawr.

      14 years ago


      Ew. Confused. Grumpy. Sleepy. Screwed.

    • ...?

      14 years ago


      Content. Sick. Tired. Worried. Craptacular.

    • Happy Holidays...

      14 years ago


      Well, I can't really make this message any more known unless I want to make a post about it... and that would just be stupid.

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Hope you have a good one with your family, significant other, or just by yourself, it doesn't matter. Enjoy yourself.

    • A waste of time? Maybe.

      14 years ago


      I will repeat myself... go to if you really want to read an updated blog of myself... Not that many of you would; but just in case nonetheless.

      Now for this blog...
      Today has just begun and I have a lot of work to be doing. Like a speech about Persian New Year that I should be prepared for tomorrow. And then there is the work for my German class that I've been neglecting to do that my teacher is so kind enough for letting me make-up.

      Yesterday was boring as hell, and it just seems to be getting worse today.


    • Que?

      14 years ago


      Almost ran late for the PSAT at my school. Had to get to school by 7:30 a.m.

      After the test, me and three other friends saw World Police. I highly recommend this film if you like South Park and/or are amused by random and silly humor. If you find it offensive, develope a sense of humor. I'm half middle-eastern and I loved it.

    • Your "Achilles Heel", if you will.

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      What's your weakness. Your kryptonite, I suppose you could say...

      Dog shit. When my puppy leaves a load in the house, it would take a full body biohazard suit to get me near it.

      Also, little childrens' cries and bratty screams make me cringe.

      I figure this could be an interesting thread. Hasn't been done before... or has it?

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    • How great.

      14 years ago


      Yeah, today's been fun. My ex-girlfriend is psychotic. I really regret having the relationship. Today I get called to my vice principals office. I sit down and it seems that their was a typed up list of lies (For example: Miles sucks dick, Miles shoves pens up his ass, etc.). This list was hung over my picture on this wall. Yes, it was her. My fucking god.

      That's been the high-point of my day.

    • Wallace and Gromit

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      Man, these movies bring back memories. Wallace and Gromit were good stuff. There are a lot of mixed feelings about claymation, but personally I think it's pretty damn cool. The Wrong Trousers had to of been the best one, hands down.

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    • Grr...

      14 years ago


      I feel tired today. Wow.

      It seems that I have accomplished nothing and I feel bad about that. I got to finish up Reservoir Dogs from where I left off. It's a pretty sad movie when you think about it. I also watched a sad cartoon, that I have seen before, on newgrounds. I've posted it on the "Look... Links!" thread. Sounds of Thunder.

      This is starting to piss me off. My real friends, two to be percise, keep droning on about women and their problems/obsessions with them. Sheebus. It just gets annoying. You feel like they're trying to boost their self-esteem or something. That's all fine and cool, but it just get's overdone.

      Well, shit. Today hasn't been that bad, when you look at it. But my mood n' all is really bringing me down. Maybe I should go read 'Catcher and the Rye' or something.

      By the way, I saw the RvB episode today. I have to say that I haven't laughed out loud to one of their episodes in awhile. Actually, I haven't laughed ou loud to their series since the warthog was first used. Bravo. And is it just me, or has Caboose's character gone from rookie noob to someone that's just plain insane.

      Long rant today... Interesting. Whoever reads this, I am so sorry for wasting your time. With that being said, good night.

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