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      Well, I got a chance to play the game yesterday. It was at some sort of mall event. The game kicked ass, even though it was a demo station that was open all day, so it was in the middle of a game and I had no idea what was going on.

      If anyone has the mall tour coming near them I suggest checking it out, the booth isn't really all that impressive, but I got a free sticker, keychain and ... t-shirt. All for playing the demo for 10 minutes. Not a bad deal. They had 2 shirts, I got one and my wife got the other, I'll post pictures later. I then went to EB Games and pre-ordered the game, getting me a demo disc. It was a pretty good night.

      To find out if the tour is coming near you go to The official site and click 'mall tour'.

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    • Oh great

      13 years ago


      Okay, it looks like I'm gonna have to sit down and make a nice new long-ass journal post, when I get a chance. Hey, it could have been worse. I only lost a couple Karma levels and some worthless journal posts.... and one friend...... and sponsorship..... DRAT!

    • I'm a sucker for this kinda thing.

      13 years ago


      'Borrowed' from IrishWalnut, who stole it to begin with.

      1. Name: Jason
      2. Nicknames: Jay, Big Guy, Dainbramaged, as in 'What are you, dain bramaged or something?'. A question often asked by one of my friends.
      3. Birthdate: Jan 1976.
      4. Place of Birth: Hell, or maybe it just seemed that way.
      5. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
      6. Male or Female: Male
      7. GPA: Uhhh, I dunno. I'm kinda a drop out.
      8. School: No thank you, maybe later.
      9. Occupation: Overnight Stock, cause morning suck ass.
      10. Residence: House
      11. Screen Name: Dainbramaged

      __Your Appearance__

      12. Hair Color: Blackish
      13. Hair Length: Short or Long, it varies. I usually let it grow out until it annoys me.
      14. Eye color: Brown
      15. Best Feature: My height, or maybe my sunny disposition
      16. Height: 6'6
      17. Braces?: Never
      18. Glasses?: Have worn them since middle school.
      19. Piercings: None, formally two earrings.
      20. Tattoos: Nada
      21. Righty or Lefty: Righty, my left is more or less useless.

      ___Your 'Firsts'___

      22. First best friend: A guy by the name of Chris. Haven't seen him in years.
      23. First Award: *thinks* none.
      24. First Sport You Joined: None, I'm not really the athletic type.
      25. First pet: Bumper, a little black dog. I can't remember what type of dog.
      26. First Real Vacation: I don't remember.
      27. First Concert: Howie Mandel. A friend and I saw him one New Years Eve.
      28. First Love: No comment.

      ___ Favorites___

      29. Movie: Transformers: The Movie. I'm such a geek.
      30. TV show: Good Eats
      31. Colors: Cobalt or Royal Blue
      32. Rapper: *sneers* Rap sucks.
      33. Band: 'Weird Al' Yankovic.
      34. Song Right Now: I don't really know at this moment.
      35. Friend: Fukemup, AKA Brian.
      36. Candy: No real favorite. Candy is candy.
      37. Sport to Play: Baseball, except the running part.
      38. Restaurant: I dunno.
      39. Favorite brand to wear: Cheap. As long as it covers me and keeps me warm it's good by me.
      40. Store: Target, I'm a sucker for their clearence sections.
      41. School Subject: Again with this school thing...
      42. Animal: Siberian Huskies. Beautiful, but expensive, dogs.
      43. Book: Do comics and video game magazines count?
      44. Magazine: Toy Fare. There's that geek thing again.
      45. Shoes: Again, cheap. But I may splurge and get a pair of Converse. Black with flames.


      46. Feeling: Tired.
      47. Have a crush?: Not these days.
      48. Eating: Nothing, finished diiner a little while ago.
      49. Typing: Duh.
      50. Online?: Again, Duh.
      53. Listening To: Good Eats
      54. Thinking About: I try not to think, it hurts my brain.
      55. Wanting: To go back to sleep.
      56. Watching: Good Eats as ell.
      57. Wearing: You don't wanna know, it ain't pretty.


      58. Want Kids? Wife's expecting in April.
      59. Want to be Married?: Benn married over a year now.
      61. Where do you want to live? Somewhere it's not too hot.
      62. Car? 1957 Chevy Bel Aire. or a Ford Edsel.

      __Which is Better With The Opposite/Same Sex__

      63. Hair color: Doesn't matter.
      64. Hair length: I like longer hair.
      65. Eye color: Any color will do.
      66. It doesnt matter... Nope, not really.
      67. Sexy or Cute: Both have their pluses
      68. Lips or Eyes: .....
      69. Hugs or Kisses: Both, I'm greedy.
      70. Short or Tall: Depends on what you consider short, my wife is more than a foot shorter than I am.
      71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing.
      72. Romantic or Spontaneous: A bit of both, who needs extremes.
      73. Built or skinny: Built,
      74. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive.
      75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship.
      76. Sweet or Caring: Agian, no extremes.
      77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Bit of both.

      ___Do You Believe In___

      89. God: Not really
      90. Miracles: Nah.
      91. Love At First sight: Kinda
      92. Ghosts: Nope
      93. Aliens: Why, what have you heard? *looks around cautiously*
      94. Soul Mates: That's a tricky one.
      95. Heaven: No
      96. Hell: No.
      97. Angels: No
      98. Kissing on The first Date: Sure, as long as my wife doesn't find out. *grins*
      99. Horoscopes: *snickers* Yeah, right.

    • Huge lifestyle change coming.

      13 years ago


      Well, it's official so I can finally announce it. I'm going to be a father. My wife just went to the doctor for confirmation on Thursday.

      Now I have 7 months to completely reorganize my entire lifestyle, including living space and internet time. EVERYTHING!

      Not that I'm complaining, in fact I couldn't be happier. Before anyone asks, I have no intention of learning the sex of my child until the day they are born, though we (my wife and I) do have some name ideas in mind.

      I'll probably be updating my journal with baby stuff for quite awhile to come, so bear with me. It will be our first child, after all.

    • Fun, Fun, Fun.

      13 years ago


      Ahhh, the stores finally open, and all hell's breaking lose.

      Seems to me that we of the overnights are not only doing our jobs, but the evening shifts jobs as well. On top of that the produce section keeps stealing all of out damn carts, so we have nothing to haul the product out onto the floor on. Who knew there would be so much behind the scenes drama.

      On top of all that, starting probably Sat. night, I'm switching hours. So instead of 11pm - 7am I will be working 10pm - 6am, which means one less hour everynight to check the forums.

      Oh well, at least I have a job, a wife and my health. It could be worse.

    • Need a Laugh?

      13 years ago


      If anyone is in need of a good laugh I highly recommend picking up Dane Cook's latest album

      It's a two CD, one DVD set and it's funny as hell! While you're at your local CD dealer, look for Dane's first release


      It's one CD and one DVD and it's just as funny. I'd also be willing to make more suggestion, if anyone's interested.

    • woohoo!

      14 years ago


      No mopre evening shifts. I finally start overnights tomorrow night. At last I'll be able to see my wife. Working during the evenings while my wife's working mornings sucks.

      Of course this means I'll probably not be on here every night, but I'll be here alot on my nights off.

    • Lame ass update

      14 years ago


      Okay here's how my weekends been.

      Toe's feeling great. Shoulda had it taken care of years ago.

      At work I've only got two more days of evening work. Turns out I'm going to overnights sooner than expected, Friday night to be precise. It's gonna be soooo great. That means I'm gonna have my days off to sit on the internet all night long. I'm one of the most dull people I know. It's kinda sad really.

      Anyways, I know few care, but for those who do there you have it.

    • WOOHOO

      14 years ago


      Tomorrow (Wens. the 10th.) iss my last day working days. I get to switch to evening next week, and the a couple weeks after that I finally end up on overnights.

      On top of that I'm going in to get the nasty ingrown toenail taken care of tomorrow evening. It's a pretty good night all around.

    • For those who care.

      14 years ago


      I may be a bit sparce in the forums for awhile. Just started a new job and they've got me working mornings. Juast ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you, I am NOT a morning person. So I'm left tired and crabby.

      Just two more weeks and I switch to overnights. I cannot wait.

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