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      14 years ago


      Okay, I'm just about to start my new job on Sat. and a friend calls and tells me about her new job. She says she thinks they're still hiring.

      Now, she I place an application at the new place or stick with what is definate?

      Here are some of the facts.

      1. This new job has better starting pay, while the one I know I have is union w/decent benifiets(sp?) and room for advancement.

      2. They would have the same working hours, overnights, doing the same basic job, stocking.

      3 The job I have is at a grocery store, stocking canned and boxed goods. While the other is a department store, which means it could be clothes, housewares or who knows what .

      What do you all think? If you'd like more fact just ask. If you don't care, please ignore my journal.

    • I'm looking for 'bad movies

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      Okay, I'm a fan of 'bad' movies. What I mean by bad is movies that are poorly acted, poorly directed, poorly written, but fun to watch.
      As long as it's entertaining, even a little, I like it.

      So what I'm looking for are movies that would be considered terrible, if they weren't so freaking entertaining.

      Some examples of this would be anything from Troma entertainment (Toxic Avenger comes to mind) and Full Moon Entertainment (Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Dollman... the list goes on and on).

      Hopefully this topic won't get locked for any reason and I'll get some new favorite movies.

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    • *lowers head in shame*

      14 years ago


      I did a bad thing last night. I made a topic which got locked.

      Why was it locked? That's the bad thing I did, I neglected to read the forum rules before posting. I feel like an idiot.

      I just want to say, not that anyone cares, that I'm sorry for not reading the rules before posting. That's something I always try to do, but I had a slight lapse in judgement.

      And to the mod that locked it, not that they'll read this, Thank You. I broke the rules and you enforced them.

      I just wanted to get that off my chest, I feel better now and will do my best not to make the same mistake twice.

    • Alas poor Xbox....

      14 years ago


      We hardly knew you.

      Well, I got a nasty suprise tonight. I was sitting down to play a little Burnout 3. I pushed the power button on my Xbox and.... nothing. I checked the power cords, looked good. Hmmm, now that was odd. I went to turn on the TV... nothing. Okay, now this is pissing me off.

      Upon further investigation I discovered that both my Xbox and TV in my living room were FRIED! That's right, dead. It turns out there was a nasty thunderstorm a couple nights ago and, stupid me, I didn't have them plugged into a surge protector. Now I'm gonna have to spend several hundred dollars to replace them, and since I don't start work until Aug. 7th it's gonna be quite some time.

      Just wanted to get that off my chest. Man am I an idiot.

    • *breathes a sigh of relief*

      14 years ago


      Employed at last.

      Here's the story. In march of 2005 I attended a job fair for Rainbow foods. I do the drug test, I wait by the phone.... nothing. I go about looking for another job, with no luck.

      Skip ahead to early May and I recieve a call from.... Rainbow foods. I waited two month for the call, but I finally got the job. I begin training in a different store (the store I applied for was a couple months from opening). One month later I'm doing a good job, showing up on time, not complaining and what do I get for my trouble? "I'm sorry, we're going to have to let you go. There have been budget cuts." Ouch.

      Skip ahead one more month and what do I spy? Rainbow foods is having a job fair. WTF? Why not call back the people they 'had' to let go? Anyways, I went to the job fair today, brought an application, talked to the person doing the interview, mentioned what had happened a month earlier and low and behold... I'm employed once again.

      If the trainees are good enough to rehire, why not just lay them off and call 'em back when the store is ready? Why waste a month to train and just cut them loose?

      Oh well, it's all good now. I think I'll just STFU and go about my 'new' job.

    • The Insane Babbling of a Sleep Deprived

      14 years ago


      It seems to me that no one is going to see this (okay, maybe one person, if he bothers) so I can say just about anything I want without worrying about reprecussions.

      The problem there is that I have little to say. Sure I could complain about being unemployed, but what good will that do? Or I could complain about the heat, but again it'll do no good.

      So I'll talk about what's on my mind right now. I'm currently watching Red vs Blue season 3 with the commentary on and I have a problem with it. My problem is that there are too many people involved and too few microphones. If you are going to have multiple people in there, get more microphones. It's very obvious who's close to the mike, who isn't and who's in another room (or that's what it sounds like). I know that's a lame complaint, but I did state that I had little to say.

      Okay, I'mm gonna get some damn sleep... I hope.

    • For those who care.

      14 years ago


      My friend FukEmUp posted this on his journal, suggesting others use it as well.

      Wouldn't wanna disappoint.


      Name: Jason William
      Birth date: January 28th, 1976
      Birth place: Minnesota
      Current Location: Minnesota
      Hair Color: Black
      Righty or Lefty: Righty


      Your heritage: German, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian
      Shoes you wore today: Walmart specials
      Your weakness: Never reveal your weaknesses
      Your fears: Where do I begin?
      Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni, Lots of pepperoni
      What would you like to achieve: Make a better life for my wife


      Your most overused phrase on MSN msgr: Don't use MSN
      Your thoughts first waking up: "Just 5 more minutes".
      Your best physical feature: My height
      Your bedtime: Whenever I'm tired
      Your most missed memory: I don't miss any. If i do, I can't remember what they are.


      Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
      McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds
      Single or group dates: Single
      Adidas or Nike: Whatever's cheap
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Homemade
      Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
      Rope or handcuffs: rope
      Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino, but rarely.


      Smoke: no
      Cuss: Yes, but I'm trying to quit.
      Single: Nope.
      Take a shower: Two a day, usually.
      Have a crush: Not in years
      Think you've been in love: 'Been'? I am in love, with my wife.
      Liked high school: No
      Want to get married: Already am
      Believe in yourself: Not so much
      Get motion sickness: No
      Think you're attractive: Only to the blind.
      Think you're a health freak: Not even close.
      Get along with your parents: Yes


      Drank alcohol: Haven't had a drink in months.
      Gone on a date: Depends on what you consider a date.
      Gone to the mall: Not really.
      Been on stage: No chance
      Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No.
      Eaten sushi: Tried it once, never again.
      Been dumped: No
      Gone skating: No
      Gone skinny dipping: Never
      Stolen anything: No


      Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes
      Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Unfortunately, yes.
      Been called a bitch: On occassion
      Gotten beaten up: Yeah
      Received death threats in person or via internet?: Only from my brother.
      Been published?: No
      Been on a float in a parade?: No.
      Won a big award?: No


      Age you hope to be married: Last year
      Number of Children: 1, maybe 2.
      Number of Grandchildren: Any would be nice.
      How do you want to die: Quickly, before my mind has gone.
      What do you want to be when you grow up: Better than I am now.


      Best eye color?: Any
      Best hair color?: Any
      Short or long hair: Any
      Orientation: Straight
      Best first date location: Any
      Best first kiss location: Doesn't matter to me.


      Number of people you could trust with your life: A couple... I think.
      Number of CD's you own: More than 100. Haven't counted in years.
      Number of piercings: None. Formerly two.
      Number of tattoos: None
      Number of times your name has appeared in the newspapear?: Once
      Number of scars on your body: Many
      Favorite Number: Hmmm. Dunno.

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