Is it possible that Salem is a Lilim and a "Faunus"? 

Could the world of Remnant be little more than Salem's personal Demonic Realm?

What if the reason why Salem is so focused on Professor Ozpin, is because he's her husband?

Are the Faunus a long-abandoned experiment into Special Monsterizations by Salem?  

It's questions like these that absolutely floored me last night, upon discovering too many coincidences and similarities between RWBY and MGE. I will present my findings and theories thus far here for your viewing and commentary. Please read and view all links and pictures for comparisons and facts you'll need to know. You should also do your own explorations into both universes. 

MGE - God's Servants and the Structure of the World

RWBY - Religion

Ok so first thing's first: you'll need to know what a Lilim is. Long story short - the current Demon Lord a long time ago got to power because as a Succubus she had sex with every single Monster that ever existed at that time, turning them against the current Chief God thus ending the cycles of death and destruction against mankind, and into sex-crazed monsters just looking for love. She succeeded in turning the Chief God's most powerful Hero into her husband, and since then continue to have eternal sex. Problem is, the union of a Human Husband and any of all the Female Monsters can only produce female offspring, thus the point to their eternal sex is to one day create a male monster. Until then, the Lilim are the resulting daughters of the Hero and the Demon Lord, and they're EXTREMELY Powerful! Mommy's an Alpha Monster, Daddy's a God-Chosen Hero, and there's a third factor at play which determines the nature of each of the Lilim, and to understand that, provides HUGE insight into what Salem may be?


Let's take a moment to look at the Fourth Daughter of the Overlord, Druella. Notice the crown on her head? Compare to Apophis. When the Overlord had sex with every Monster, she absorbed their characteristics into herself, and with every Lilim she births, she may be passing on one of those traits to her offspring. In such a case, then each and every Lilim is a tri-hybrid of Human (determining Power Levels) X Succubus (determining Sexual Skills) X Monster (determining Behavioral Traits). In the case of Druella, her monstrous-third which determines her Behavioral Traits, in both Physical Appearance and her Aggressive Conquest Of Kingdoms (see the fall of Lescatie), is as alike an Apophis! All Lilim thus share in their Father's Divine-Heroic Power Levels, and Mother's Super-Succubus Sexual Skills, Glorified by their Monstrous Behavioral Inheritance of Identity.  

Image of Druella

Image of Apophis

MGE Quote - " A general term for the daughters of the Demon Lord who possess both incredible magic power and beauty that captivates men and won’t let them go. They have pale skin and pure white hair, which they share in common with the Demon Lord and red eyes full of demonic energy." 

- Salem has not only INSANE Demonic Energy, but Pale Skin, Pure White Hair, and Red Eyes. She also has Black Vein-Like Markings on her Arms and Body. Compare Salem to the Oomukade.

Image of Salem

Image of Oomukade

There's more to Salem than simply possibly being an Oomukade, which would technically make her a Faunus would it not? Assuming she's also a Lilim, her use of the Immense Volume of Demonic Energy at her disposal must be at play, and it appears to be in the form of her Grimm, which "spawn in large numbers from pools of a viscous, tar-like substance.". If Salem's Domain is anything to go by, she's probably got about as much raw power or more as one of her "sister" Lilim The Queen Of Hearts of Wonderland. However, it's simply bizarre to be so....evil? Why? I think I know why, and it's Ozpin's fault.

Image of Lilim sitting on Demonic Energy

Image of Grimm crawling out of Black Pool


If we were to assume for a moment, that Salem as a Lilim-Oomukade took Ozpin as her husband, she would have likely done so because 1: he would have been an extremely powerful warrior of The Order 2: found him so excellent that she took him into a blank Demonic Realm and decided to make babies and countries with him? However, that doesn't track well with The Religion, or does it? 

RWBY Quote - "In "Unforeseen Complications", Ozpin reveals his own circumstances - because of a curse placed upon him by the gods, he is forced to reincarnate through individuals with mindsets similar to himself, with Oscar as his latest reincarnation."

MGE Quote - "“The Goddess of Love 'Eros'”

She's a mid-rank deity that governs love, and her position is neutral.

She highly regards the love of humans and monsters, and believes it to be a beautiful thing. She's the deity that blesses opposite sex couples who are in love with each other and promises them eternal love.

But, it is said she is also strict with those who betray love, and she sometimes punishes those who were unfaithful to their lovers in certain ways such as by cursing them so that “they will no longer be loved by anyone.”

She strongly sympathizes with monsters who are overflowing with love for human men, and she often gives monsters her divine protection. Because of that doctrine, she has many followers, whether human or monster.

She dispatches her angel underlings to become the wives of men who have accumulated good deeds, and give them love and pleasure. The monster followers of Eros sometimes also tempt heroes and saints under the pretense of it being an ordeal. Not only does she have many monster followers, often her behavior is very close to that of a monster.

However, although the Order is suspicious, they do not treat it as heresy, and the religion is approved even under the forces of the Order."

I strongly suspect that Ozpin betrayed Salem, and perhaps was cursed by Eros, who aided in granting them a "Lover's Domain" all their own, being Remnant! However, due in part to her sense of lover's scorn, Salem is battling Ozpin, a Lilim fighting a former Order member, a member who built the Academies to create a New Order of Heroes to fight the Monsters, but what exactly are those Monsters, the Grimm? In terms of them coming from Salem, who takes after an Oomukade, this doesn't make sense, as a Venomous Centipede is not one to command legions, nor are the Lilim since Monster Girls don't obey anyone or anything unless it's to attain, feed upon, and protect, their husbands? I had to take a really close look at Salem, and that's when it hit me: her Insect Ring is likely a weapon from her time as a member of the Demon Army (which has since devolved into the Sabbath, which probably explains what RWBY Chibi is. Let that disturb you for a moment.), and her Insect Ring has six legs on it, which limits the number of Monster Girl Species it could probably take after? I suspect, that given the swarming behavior of Grimm, that the ring probably takes after the Giant Ant, which I suspect effectively makes Salem a "Queen Ant" through the dot on her forehead as a pheromone transmitter. The Grimm, made of Demonic Energy, swarm like Giant Ants, obeying their Queen Salem, who wishes for nothing more then the fall of Remnant and all that is of Ozpin. Hell hath no fury like a women's scorn. 

Since the fundamental play of a Lilim is to convert the Order to the side of Demons as per the wishes of the Overlord, and since Salem is really upset and doing so through Fear rather than Pleasure, I suspect that as a Lilim who takes after an Insect, she may be turning Heroes into her own Workers through the "Ant Queen Ring", which may possibly turn Heroes like Yang Xiao Long into a Dark Matter "Black Sun" when attacked by the Grimm and/or those who are obedient to Salem, such as when Adam Taurus cut off her arm and caused PTSD and serious doubts within her mind. Salem even alludes to this herself when she says in Volume 3 "End Of The Beginning": 

"A smaller, more honest soul. It's true that a simple spark can ignite hope, breathe fire into the hearts of the weary. The ability to derive strength from hope is undoubtedly mankind's greatest attribute... which is why I will focus all of my power to snuff it out.

How does it feel? Knowing that all of your time and effort has been for nothing? That your guardians have failed you? That everything you've built will be torn down before your very eyes?

Your faith in mankind was not misplaced. When banded together, unified by a common enemy, they are a noticeable threat. But divide them, place doubt into their minds, and any semblance of power they once had will wash away.

Of course, they won't realize it at first. Like you, they'll cling to their fleeting hope, their aspirations. But this is merely the first move. So you send your guardians. Your huntsmen and huntresses. And when they fail and you turn to your smaller soul, know that you send her to the same pitiful demise. This is the beginning of the end, Ozpin. And I can't wait to watch you burn."

MGE Quote from Lilim - "Additionally, even a lilim with overwhelming demonic energy cannot easily change them into monsters such as “baphomet”, “echidna”, “dragon”. In the case of creating a highest rank monster in this way, not only must the lilim herself use a vast amount of demonic energy, there are various conditions that the human woman being changed into a monster must satisfy, such as possessing a lot of mana to begin with, the direction of the woman's desires, strength, and other qualities. Only then is it possible to change them into one of these races. Since human women who can be changed into these races are extremely precious, when a lilim spots these women, she will aggressively attempt to change them into these monsters."

- I believe both Ozpin and Salem see Yang as having Great Power within herself, which is why Ozpin gathered her first into the Academy to form team RWBY, and probably is why Salem my want to turn her into a "Black Sun". It's a game of Chess between Ozpin and Salem, and Yang may be a significant piece in that game between fighting lovers; the battle for her honest soul, for which her semblance is based on Anger. To whom will she be most honestly angry with???  Ozpin or Salem.

However, that doesn't seem to be the only game in play? I discovered it quite by accident when I was reviewing the Oomukade, the origin of the creature myth being My Lord Bag Of Rice

I Quote: "Hidesato subsequently donated this bell to Mii-dera temple at Mount Hiei but it was stolen by a priest from rival Enryaku-ji temple. He threw it into a valley after it spoke to him, and when the cracked bell was returned to Mii-dera, a small snake (the dragon) used its tail to repair the damage. The 14th-century Taiheiki records an earlier version of this legend about Hidesato, set during the Genpei War, but instead of the dragon turning into a beautiful woman, it transforms into a "strange small man" – the Dragon King himself.". 

- Now think back for a moment, when Ruby froze the Dragon into the Bell Tower at The Fall Of Beacon? Yup, then the next thing we know, Oz is a little kid. It may even be possible that Ruby's "Silver Eyes" are mentioned in the myth: "There came from the top of Mt. Mikami two enormous lights, as big as the light of two hundred torches. These were Ōmukade's eyes, and Hidesato sent three arrows in that direction, whereupon the lights were extinguished and the monster died.". - I think it totally not a coincidence that Cinder Fall has a Marksmanship ability that "She is capable of launching three arrows at once with great accuracy and pragmatically exploiting any advantage whenever possible".

Image of Dragon frozen to Bell Tower

Image of Ruby's Silver Eyes Unleashed atop the Bell Tower against Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall with Three Arrows

I think Ozpin got stupid lucky that Ruby Rose wanted into Beacon Academy at the same time as Yang, which he basically screwed the age rule and let her in anyways because it strategically benefited him? That means at the ultimate battle, Silver Ruby will likely fight Dark Sun. I can also take a guess, that it will likely be Ruby at the final battle, will somehow successfully remove the "Ant Queen Ring" from Salem's hand, which will effectively end the Grimm and all Darkness in Remnant, as Salem is likely using it to channel her immense Demonic Energy into forms of Grimm. This in turn however, will cause all that Demonic Energy to return to Salem, unleashing her Lilim-Oomukade form as a Giant Monstrous Angry Venomous Centipede, of which Ozpin has no choice but to battle using the Relics. Speaking of which, I think the Four Maidens/Four Seasons/Four Relics are simply a bad copy of the Four Elementals SylphUndine, Ignis, and Gnome, and the "Old Hermit" is probably MGE's Elemental Covenanter Saphirette Spherica, an educated girl who created The Elementalist Association. I think it no coincidence that Ozpin was dabbling in Elementalism when he transferred the Fall Maiden's Powers to Pyrrha Nikos, and is the head of an Academy his own. Compare their hair styles between the Four Maidens and the Four Elementals.  

Image of The Four Maidens

Image of Gnome, compare hair to Fall Maiden

Image of Ignis, compare hair to Spring Maiden

Image of Undine, compare hair to Summer Maiden

Image of Sylph, compare hair to Winter Maiden

Even the acronym "SUIG" as in suig "to suck" spirit energy, from left-winter to right-fall the maidens stand!


To understand the Grimm and the Faunus as creations of Salem, and the subsequent creation of Monster Friendly States such as Menagerie within the Demonic Realm of Remnant, is to understand the Lilim's ability and experimental need to create Special Monsterizations. The monster race, has a problem in that it can not create males, and must convert the males of other species into becoming Incubus, which will eventually lead to the extinction of all species as females are monsterized. While the Overlord and her Husband do their eternal sex to create a male through their efforts, that leaves the Lilim to their own devices, usually in selecting Prime Females to convert themselves, such as may be the case with Salem taking an interest in Yang, while Ozpin technically an Incubus has taken an interest in Ruby. Having made a world of heroes for them to experiment upon within their own reality, parallels from the "outside MGE" and the "inside RWBY" can be found in great amount as I've been writing about thus far. 

In the case of the Grimm, Salem as a Lilim has like her mother the Overlord, the "blueprint" of all Monster Girls within her Demonic Power, and so is capable of replicating them. However, because her mental state if Evil, Broken-Hearted, and based on Fear, rather than Love, Matrimony, and based on Sex, her creations of Grimm insight the former, and since they themselves are made of Demonic Energy, those who's heroic Aura has either failed them or was never awoken, are susceptible to becoming infected with Fear, much as alike a Monster Girl will usually infect with Lust, as a component of the monsterization process. The Mechanics are still there, they simply chime to a different tune. In most cases, a direct identification of Grimm to either a Monster Girl or a Monster Creature can be found:

Beowolf and Werewolf or Hellhound (I think Hellhound's Eyes in a Werewolf's Body)

Boarbatusk and Demon Realm Boar (very delicious?)

Death Stalker and Sanri Scorpion (oh what fun.....)

Dragon and Dragon (definitely boss-level regardless of which one!)

Geist and Ghost or Gazer (likely a hybrid)

Griffon and Griffon (legendary af!)

King Taijitu and Shirohebi? (probably)

Lancer and Hornet (definitely NOT my favorite, awe hell no!)

Nevermore and Black Harpy or Crow Tengu (might be both.)

Nuckelavee and Arch Imp with Bicorn (because Imp with Centaur wouldn't do it justice, period.)

Sea Feilong and Ryu (I could be wrong on that?)

Seer and Roper (kinky. Also, Salem and Seer is to Druella and Francisca Mistel Lescatie. *Facedesk)

Tentacle Grimm and Mindflayer (seriously matched! wow.)

Ursa and Grizzly (they both got to have that honey!!!)

As for the Faunus, you could literally pick any character seen in menagerie and find its equivalent monster girl. Here's just a handful of known characters to make the point:

Tyrian Callows and Girtablilu (venom in the tail, for pleasure or for pain?)

Leonardo Lionheart and Jinko (neutered, without courage of any kind, probably Salem's doing.)

Adam Taurus and Minotaur (think about it: Red as Cinder, Adam obeys? lol)

Sienna Khan and Jinko (head of state, highest courage, also probably Salem's doing. #GrrrPower)

Blake Belladonna and Nekomata (either that or the Werecat could be?) (*Facepunch, bad semblance pun.)

Sun Wukong and Kakuen (like....seriously, why? Literally gender-bending with this one. All he wants is KITTY!)

Velvet Scarlatina and Wererabbit (instead of a pocket watch, she uses a camera. Meh, it worked well!)

Actually, the existence of Faunus within Remnant, is a HUGE unrealized clue to the timeline of evolution on the planet. Faunus may be older as a species than the Grimm, than the Kingdoms, they may be as old as the very beginning. From a Monster Girl perspective, you only need Humans when it comes to breeding which is also feeding, but something has to exist to have the need first, which implies that Humans aren't the original species? Rather, Humans likely got imported to Remnant after the Faunus were created by the then-lovers Ozpin and Salem, using imported Animals and Selective Breeding to experiment together if they could create Males, and to some effect, it appears they did? However, these Males aren't Demon Males, they're Animal Males with Human Characteristics. If the same problem occurs in that if a Monster Girl were to turn a Male Faunus into an Incubus, their offspring would probably still be Demonic Females. Just as so, a Faunus Male could probably transform into an Alp of their Beastman-Type. I believe the reason why we see such a mix of Male and Female Faunus, is because the Lover's Spat worthy of breaking their moon, has also sealed-off Remnant from outside interference? Thus, Monster Girls as per the effects of Ozpin's Curse by Eros, won't allow any Monster Girl into Remnant until such a time that Salem recaptures her immortal husband! Either that, or one of them dies, which is probably of mutual interest. 

Even the timeline in the myth of the Deity Brothers supports this possibility, albeit probably with some modification of facts by Ozpin himself so as to keep hidden his true identity and age, and that of Salem's. He probably even went so far as to cause Faunus Oppression, so that he could have time to build a Human-Only Order without any "Monsters" lurking about, until it came time to fight back using them against Salem. In fact, I wager that should the "Ant Queen Ring" be removed, Faunus may suddenly see a huge diminishment in their Monstrosities and ability to organize, as their former ancient genetic allegiance to the "King and Queen of Remnant" was based on their design then undone? Hence the fickle and illogical nature of their reproductive lottery. In MGE, the dominant demonic energy determines species when converted, such as if a Human Girl entered a planet covered in Slime she would most likely become one. If she entered the conquered Lescatie, she'd more than likely become a Succubus even if she were attacked by a Lamia. In RWBY however, in the case of Blake's Parents for example, a Cat plus a Cat will get a Cat even in a city filled with mixed breeds, while a Dog plus a Lizard could also probably produce a Deer on random? In such randomness in MGE, the default is Succubus, while there is no such entity in RWBY, and Lilim are only producible by the Overlord and her Husband. This suggests that Faunus themselves aren't Monsters per-say, but are based off of them, ready to be converted as such should the experiments had succeeded? For now, only Salem who has a Lilim's Demonic Energy programmed on Fear, can use Demonic Energy, and turn anybody to her side by Fear itself. I think this is why they ALL have Aura, an intentionally designed resistance to Fear so as to avoid Spontaneous Monsterization in both Faunus and Humans. At least, until their experiment succeeds in producing a Demonic Male, then Fear will become Lust.  

In the tale of the Deity Brothers, Light and Darkness, Hero and Succubus, Ozpin and Salem, to then let Remnant play itself out in their grand wager. Ozpin builds it up, and Salem knocks it down. This is exactly the kind of behavior that the Overload dreams of ending, and is letting her daughter Salem sort it out with her ex-husband Ozpin. This may also be why "The Order" of hero's is so strong in Remnant, it may be a form of return of the Chief God getting a foothold? Otherwise, rampant love would have well-blended all Faunus and Humans by now. 

Well, that's that for now. I typed a lot. Thanks for reading, comments and ideas welcome. This is a Theory, feel free to slice it like swiss cheese if you need to. - Daniel Nicolas Martin.  


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