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    • Rest Now and Be At Peace

      13 years ago


      In the early morning of Sept. 16, 2005, Subiha Coleman, better known as DarkFae, was forced off the road by a truck. She was taken to the hospital where she was treated for broken arms, head injuries, and internal bleeding, as well as swelling of the brain.

      Approximately 9:00 pm on September 17, she awoke, although still in grave condition, but was in good spirit keeping the mood light with humor. This event was surely a miracle, and quite the welcomed sight. Although she was not out of the woods, she showed the spirit to fight and was able to communicate with her loved ones.

      Over a day went by but there was yet to be any change in her condition. Although not welcome, no bad news was better then any bad news.

      Unfortunately, at 8:31 am on Monday, September 19, 2005, Subiha succumbed to her injuries and passed away. Her spirit has surely risen to heaven where she now looks down upon us, bringing comfort to loved ones when their spirits are at their lowest.

      We will all remember her fondly for the joy and laughter she has provided, for the art which she shared with us, both of her own design and that of others, her passion for the site and events which were woven around it's design, and for her participation with it's members, whether those who called her friend or were simply passer bys or forum dwellers. To say we will miss her is an understandment.

      Please, offer any thoughts and prayers you may have for friends or family here.

      Thank you.

      Subiha Coleman
      July 25, 1985 - September 19, 2005

      May the Lord keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He always go with you, and give you peace.

    • Bang...Zoom...to NABOO!!!

      14 years ago


      Wow! It's hard to believe that Subiha and I have been married for a full three days now. I myself am still in awe of it. I mean it. A girl as beautiful intellectually as Subiha...one in a million.

      In anycase, I thought I would let you know that we'll be going on our honeymoon to Naboo soon. We've been doing a little planning and have picked out a few sites to take a look at.


      When we arrive we'll most likely do some sight seeing. With a planet as lovely as Naboo, who wouldn't? I might be a little distracted though. I do have a lovely lady with me you know. But continuing, there will be sight seeing, possible a visit with the queen, and take an airsail to the Great Falls of Theed. It' hasn't been discussed too much yet, but I'm hoping to see the Gungan city. Mostly, I just want to ride a Gungan sub. Hey....It Obi Wan can, why can't I?

      The night scene will certainly be spectacular. I'll probably take a carriage out to the country side to get an outside look of the city as well as a view of the stars smiley8.gifsmiley12.gif


      There are not good words to describe how much I'm looking forward to this trip with her. I mean, anyone can go to Niagra Falls, but Naboo? A woman like Subiha deserves the best and I think the cost of the Naboo trip would be worth it. The only place that might rival Naboo is Risa, but that's a different universe.

      Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of....shall we say...."fun" when not touring the planet. Just understand, not to disturb us. You might be interrupting something. smiley8.gif


      What can I say...girls love a guy who can be bad!

      With love to my love smiley12.gif and peace to you all.
      Thillbilli smiley0.gif

      P.S. Weird. How is it that Subiha is 89% away from level 44? Far be it from me to ask you all to mod her. I wouldn't expect you to do it unless she did something deserving of it. It's not like she's your favorite Attention Whore or anything.

      89%......If only she could close that gap somehow.......*hint hint*

    • Viper Call signs

      14 years ago


      Well, every pilot in BSG has a call sign....Lee Adama has 'Apollo', Shannon Valerie has 'Boomer' and Kara Thrace has 'Starbuck' then there are your others: Racetrack, HotDog, Chuckles (may he RIP) Kat and a dozen or so more...

      I wonder...what would my nickname/call sign be?

    • lol

      14 years ago


      Well the e-wedding was fun!
      But the real question is.....

      Who really caught the e-garter? We may never know...


      **HAX EDIT** Nah. Just getting used to the new living space. It's nice here.

      In any case. Just wanted to say I <3 DarkFae and that you should all <3 her too if you don't. Thanks all who were able to make the e-wedding and those who expressed interest and well wishes. We both had lots of fun and a great evening.

      Peace to you all,

    • announcement

      14 years ago



      If you wish to attend, please give your name to Thillbilli here

      do so quickly though so that you're on the list!

      And as a random bit....thank you I'm assuming to be Thillbilli who sponsored me again. I don't know where i'd be without it. smiley0.gif

    • Thank you

      14 years ago


      Thanks to everyone who participated in my little contest.
      First place went to: SpknyEtheral
      Second place went to: my wonderful e-Fiance' Thillbilli Image is posted as my brother's avatar
      And third place went to: FunkyBunny

      Thanks everyone! smiley0.gif

    • check him out!

      14 years ago


      My brother joined!
      Check him out

    • Happy to have my brother home

      14 years ago


      Well, my brother is now home! And he's a bit cranky about having to basically sit in one or two places all day, but our house has had a string of visitors: his friends, my friends, and family members from out of town.
      So he's been kept occupied and hey, when our house is done being trafficed he has a whole season and a half of Battlestar Galactica to catch up on. lol. Thank God I've been taping them.
      He saw the miniseries and was really bummed that he was going to be overseas when the show premeired. lol.

      He'll be setting up an RvB account within the next few days at my insistance, plus he wants to thank everyone for their support. Especially that of RabidPossum who's get-well card he received today smiley0.gif But he sincerely thanks everyone for their hopes and their prayers that were given on his behalf. He says that he knows that it all made a difference and helped him to come home smiley12.gif

      now, I'm taking suggestions for him as to what his RvB name should be. Any takers?

      Also don't forget about my Contest

      And if you haven't seen it already, my e-wedding announcement

    • sorry to cut the happy short

      14 years ago


      Kaine could really use some support right now.

      All of you were so wonderful as to pray for my brother's safe return, please go and support this brother of an american hero in his time of crisis.

      Don't Forget about Thillbilli's and mine E-Wedding
      Don't forget about my picture Contest

    • The Big Announcement

      14 years ago


      Now don't anyone forget my little contest, but I have big news!

      Myself and Thillbilli are e - Engaged!

      He popped the 'Big Question' this morning during a conversation in which I was thanking him for all the wonderful things he's done for me and for all the luv and support he's loaned me over the course of our friendship. And of course, I accepted.

      We're still working on setting the date for the e - wedding which will be held in an AIM chatroom. Everyone is welcome so long as you have an AIM name smiley1.gif We both will be taking names for our Best Man and our Maid of Honor as well as Grooms Men and Bridesmaids.

      If you are interested in being our e-Minister please contact Thillbilli

      For more information on how this joyous event was made possible. Check out Thillbilli's latest Journal



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    • Liselove

      10 years ago

      So I hear you're dead.

      Silly girl, fake people can't die.

    • DeeMonstar

      12 years ago

      One year on...


    • quickstop

      13 years ago

      im suprised you didn't use any mods to retaliate

      useing pictures of kristen holt to drag in horny n00blets and then faking you're death and cutting short their porn


      *one rhetorical clap*

    • _Cabs4_5

      13 years ago

      Wahah. Wahah. Whahahahaha. Good one. You played with emotions. You made everyone pray for someone who didn't exist. Bravo. I mean really. BRAVO

    • quickstop

      13 years ago


    • Illm_caboose

      13 years ago

      SCUM SCUM I SAY!!! i actually thought this crap was tru N00B n00000000000000000BBBB!!! Jeskid should be in your spot...just since you saw what happened to scott you tried to fake it...FAKER smiley5.gif ...your a bad person smiley7.gif

    • Dragon04

      13 years ago

      Yes I agree delete this shit... I'm sick of seeing it.

    • kritzia

      13 years ago

      I would like to see this deleted because it is an insult to Scotts family to have a fraud next to their son. I also believe it is an Insult to Jess kid to have this second instead of him.

    • Zaeon Ooooold

      13 years ago

      seriously, I prayed for someone that didn't even exist, fuck you, you are the reason n00bs are born

    • drizzam

      13 years ago

      I can't believe they haven't deleted this profile yet. Sorry, but this is by far the biggest source of controversy I've seen on messageboards in my life.

      Kinda sad actually, that a person would be so pathetic to do this.

    • Nsanity

      13 years ago

      Look at me i'm gonna cuss at someone that doesnt even exist!

      ...Poopie Head.

    • bsilver

      13 years ago


    • quickstop

      13 years ago

      Thanks for making a Fake Death bitch.

      now every goddamn nooblet is going to have a mass e-suicide.

      just redeem yourself with a journal explaining this and then die ......... for real

    • Craig_Alford Puzzle in a Thunderstorm

      13 years ago

      You are SCUM. I wouldn't piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire.

    • Finding_Emo

      13 years ago

      You know what should happen to this account? One word...... Baleeted

    • chopstickgod

      13 years ago

      you play with the feelings of an entire community and for what? no reason? we are not mere toys to be stepped on and not cared about. we have feelings and emotions, and apparently you dont understand that. its to bad that you did all this for attention. you better hope i dont find out who created this account and fucked with so many people, because i swear to you that i will hurt you, for messing with me and all the other people who cared and prayed for her.

    • syrix2

      13 years ago

      who ever did this, you make me sick, twisting emotions like that, i cried as i lit your candle. to be toyed with like that... you make me sick.

    • Dopp ROLL TIDE

      13 years ago

      Goodbye DarkFae, I now will remove you from the friends list that you didn't belong on.

      .... that's all I"m going to say.

    • The_Rizzo

      13 years ago

      Seriously, What the hell

    • JohnLethal

      13 years ago


    • Lukie

      13 years ago

      well, DarkFaKe (thanks Geek_Dr)

      Good job.

      Playing on the emotions of nice and caring people.

      PixeSquared was ACTUALLY HURT doing something to change the world, and because of your fake death, she was shunted aside. She could have used more support.

      I am ashamed at myself for being STUPID.

      You're like the asshole who prank calles 911 when there is a real emergency going on.

    • Voshterkoff

      13 years ago

      Am I the only one who didn’t give a rat’s ass when “she†“died,†And now finds this funny as all get out?

    • poison_x

      13 years ago

      rest in peace

    • Swanson FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago


    • Swanson FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago


      Good one.

      No, seriously. You fooled EVERYONE!

      I'm not kidding or being sarcastic.

      YOU ARE A GOD!

    • Madison

      13 years ago

      Dont worry about it. You still brought the community together.

    • Abandoned

      13 years ago

      V aye

    • JohnLethal

      13 years ago

      if you don't believe me

    • JohnLethal

      13 years ago

      Yeah, flamebait me losers. Ignore the truth.

    • JohnLethal

      13 years ago

      This profile is a FAKE. Subiha Coleman either doesn't exist or faked her death. Google her name.

    • killthem

      13 years ago

      Rest...In...Peace. With liberty and justice for all......

    • utwolf

      13 years ago

      the RedvsBlue community lost one of its best, Be at peace. and know that Subiha is watching you all (subihas Friends and Family).

    • Zach_Attack

      13 years ago

      Be at peace DarkFae...

    • abeus

      13 years ago

      Hey durnig the crash i posted a poem for Subiha and obviously it was deleted, does anyone have it? I'll MOD you if you message me with it.

    • Aftermath_CA

      13 years ago

      why would god be here if he helps no one,
      blod is shed for a forgoten reason
      the path to enlightnenment is now gone
      what is left
      when all life has gone
      and the good men lie to rest
      who will gaurd your soul
      in its final test
      friends may come and friends may go
      but i will be here all the same
      death will not take me
      and for this gift i have God to blame

      god is the creator and taker death and life
      this one is for u subiha

    • DiMono FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold It's Back Baby!

      13 years ago

      So I was sitting around last thursday thinking to myself "Self" (because that's what I call myself, is Self), "you should really make a video for Scott, Subiha and Leigh." So on Thursday night I sat down with FlashMX and stayed up all night until 2pm to make it. Then rather than sleeping I spent all day Friday until about 5am Saturday morning figuring out how to put it in the formats I need it in, and converting them. Special thanks to Yaksha for doing the Quicktime encodes.

      So without further ado, here are several mirrors for each version of the video. Please don't all use the first one, I want the bandwidth burder to be spread as widely as possible.

      Mirror 1: Sponsors vs Freeloaders courtesy Yaksha
      Mirror 2: Ride the Emu courtesy Fhajad
      Mirror 3: Ed vs Hax courtesy Haxx0r
      Mirror 4 courtesy Kid_Creation
      Mirror 5: The Coconut Lounge courtesy DoctorEvol
      Mirror 6: Just the AVI files courtesy TheSwmnCello
      Mirror 7 courtesy mojomasta
      Mirror 8 courtesy Pixie
      Mirror 9: Blue Orchid Web courtesy edthehorse

      JimRaynor56, Jeskid, Rental01 and yousendit also had copies of some of the videos, but I can't find them.

      Enormous thanks to everyone who's volunteered their webspace and bandwidth to releasing this video. Without you guys, getting this video out there just wouldn't have happened. Please take a few seconds to visit the profile of whoever's mirror you use and mod them up.

    • powerbomb141

      13 years ago

      parts of the pasy have been erased completely. i did this before, i know it probaly doesn't mean much, but this is one thing i can give that was there before.


    • JeremyWB

      13 years ago

      Rest in Peace Subiha,

      My the hand of the creator sheltor you and bring you HOME... smiley9.gif

    • Lonewolf90

      13 years ago

      In reply to Kevin_H

      Not a KIA, MIA. She will never be dead to most of us and will live on as long as we keep thinking about her

    • Halo2Alexis

      13 years ago


    • ShadowKnt9

      13 years ago

      Sorry for attributing the post to the wrong person... early morning post.

    • ShadowKnt9

      13 years ago

      I had left the last post from DarkFae's mother open on a seperate tab in my Fox Fire Browser for later perusal... and the least I can do is try to return that small bit after seeing the lost posts.

      September 20th, 2005
      Let Us Light Her Passing
      Thank you ever so much everyone for the support offered to Eric (IntoTheFray) Subiha's brother, Sean (Doc69) and myself. Really, the response is overwhelming from the entire site. First, people posted avatars and journals, both about her accident and passing. Next, the staff showed her their support by awarding her for the strength she showed in her three day battle following. Now, the site is still covering in images and remembrances of her. Not only that, but with your mods you put her at +51 from 44 in a manner of hours, the staff has made her featured user so that we don't forget her, and her karma level has been set to +99 as a final gift so we can always see her from the Community page, and believe me, she was a great member of this community who loved all it's members. You could always see her comments scattered over various profiles. Whenever she had a moment to spare, something that wasn't often, she would spend it here on this site to talk to its people.

      This community has always come through in some of the hardest times, London, Katrina, and now, the loss Subiha's family must endure. It goes without saying that it's a terrible thing to lose a child before their time. On behalf of Eric, Subiha's family, and her friends, I thank you all for your support.

      But she would not want us to forget another member who was recently injured, Leigh, an 18 year old college student who was hurt as debree from an unstable building fell ontop of her while performing relief efforts in New Orleans Please, swing by her profile and offer your support there as well. She currently lies in a coma. Our hearts are out to you.

      It is my wish, after speaking with Eric, that we hold a candlelight vigil for Subiha. My hope is that we can light her pathway to heaven, or at least try something which people in the world outside of Rooster Teeth can see how we cared for her.

      The vigil will be This Thursday Night/Friday Morning, depending on your time zone. It will begin at the following times for American Time Zones:

      Eastern - 12:01 am Friday Morning
      Central - 11:01 pm Thursday Night
      Mountain - 10:01 pm Thursday Night
      Pacific - 9:01 p Thursday night

      At the vigil, please light your candles but do not speak at first. Instead, please play "Into The West," written by Howards Shore and performed by Annie Lennox (Eurhythmics) for "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" feature film. It was one of Subiha's favorite songs, as mentioned by her brother, it has that element of fantasy in its origin, possibly one of its alluring qualities to her, and it's a wonderful song of passage. Thank you, Capt_Ed, for offering to host the file.

      After you've listened through the song, candle alight, the vigil will be more open. If you are able to gather a small number of people, i would suggest a moments full silence. Through that silence, let memories of Subiha flow through your mind, and if you have the courage to speak, share them. Then, have someone end the vigil with a few final words. Try to work out who would speak beforehand though. If you are by yourself, choose to end it how you wish. If you wish to listent to any other songs, please listen to them after "Into the West." I hope that by using this song at the beginning, we can form some unity to this vigil.

      Finally, if possible, find a base in which you can keep your candle, whatever size or shape, alight until it burns itself out. Let the candle burn so that if she is watching over us, she can find her way to do so.

      So roughly

      1.) At the designated time, light your candle(s) and play "Into The West."
      2.) Please offer silence for reflection and sharing of memories and/or thoughts
      3.) Have a designated speaker close with a final word.
      4.) keep your candle securely lit in a base of some sort if possible.

      I hope the directions are clear and I hope that everyone is able to participate. For those who can, I ask this favor, please, take a photo or two and save them. I would like to collect them, and make a small video from it for the family. I shall announce where to send the images at a later date.

      On a final note, although Subiha has passed on, Eric has asked that I maintain her profile. The implication is that there is still reason to keep her profile on watch. You may see one or two more journal entries from this profile soon as we are only one day out from her passing, but in reality, I will more than likely only update once or twice a month. My plan is to use her acccount to promote artists from www.deviantart.com, something which she would do on a regular basis. In that way, I will feel that I am giving her profile the respect and honor it deserves.

      God Bless you.
      May Subiha be your Guardian,

    • darius

      13 years ago

      The picures are out there. Everything is fine. Dont be too mad at Gus, he has alot to worrie about. I guess If I had not been in his shoes a couple of times, then I would be pissed too.

    • kakiller

      13 years ago

      ..... dam you gus......

    • Vip

      13 years ago

      i hope this 2 week back up, brought you back too Subiha

    • Doughb0y

      13 years ago

      This post has been deleted by a moderator.

    • Cerberus_

      14 years ago

      Haha, ever see the one where the King and Vader had their breathe-off through their masks?
      I dunno how a commercial can be so creepy and so funny at the same time, but they somehow found a way!

    • powerbomb141

      14 years ago

      sorry for the late congrats, but congradulations on the e-marriage.

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