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    • Game Production updated

      2 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De


      I recently posted an update to my progress on my first game "Little Brother"

      If anyone is interested, please read and enjoy.

    • And I'm out....

      2 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      Last year as I was trying to meet up with new friends I had made online in the weeks leading up to RTX. I was pulled to the side and was informed there were "concerns". It turned out the situation had sprung from part misunderstanding, part miscommunication, part bad joke on my part. While the guardian who informed me understood what happened from my point of view and helped clear the situation, it was still the most unwelcome and unwanted I had ever felt at any convention anywhere in over 16 years. I'll find out when RTX comes around if I'll attend as a convention goer, but as for being a Guardian I'm taking a year off. Maybe I might apply next time, But I don't force myself where I'm unwelcome and unwanted. To those who enjoyed yourself last year, I wish you all the best and maybe I'll see you from the middle of some 300 attendee line.

    • Once again, I've made a mistake.

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      I've spent my youth and the majority of my life growing up in small towns in the bible belt. In places where fear, bigotry, and "Old Ways" were more powerful than Law, and being different didn't get you made fun of, it got you hurt... and too often dead. With this in mind I hope you can understand that in my personal life finding people with similar interests was so rare that I'm usually anti-social and quiet.

      But of the times I do meet people with these same interests: Discworld, video games, fanfiction, ANIME, Minecraft, and general Geeking out, at these times my personality reverses so quickly and so hard that I've been accused of being bipolar on more than one occasion.

      Recently I've been on tough times and that's left me with more free time than normal and about a month ago I came across a minecraft server with people who would soon be coming to RTX. These people had been on the server for months and had for the most part welcomed me. Not wanting to accidentally build in someones land, I set up a base a ways away from spawn with the help of the only player I had previous time with online.

      Finally RTX has arrived. A meet up had been mentioned constantly. I was eager to meet these friends in person knowing it'll not happen again for a year, if at all.

      In the groups "group me" I made a couple comments hoping to start a conversation. I got few if any responses. I understood, packing, travel. People were busy. I took the bus from South Austin and arrived at the convention center around 9:30. After a little help from one of the group, I found the main orientation. As I looked to the other side of the room, there they were. I saw two of my friends, but we had a sea of people between us and the orientation was under way.

      This is were I made my first mistake. I sent a message in the "Group me" that I could see one of them hoping to start a conversation or at least learn of a time or place I could meet up with my friends. I received no response. I then made my second mistake and instead of waiting until the meeting was over I sent numerous jokes (to me at least) hoping to get a response. Nothing came of it and it was now time for us to separate into our assigned groups for more meetings.

      When we broke for lunch I went to the escalator. As I was going down I hear a voice directly behind me that had I heard many time on the minecraft team speak. She was with a group of friends and instead of introducing myself, I tried to be funny and walk with her to see if she would notice and say something. after a few minutes of walking she suddenly dodged off with her friends to loose me without saying anything so I sent a "group me" message saying it was me and a couple other comments I meant as tongue in cheek. Mistake three.

      After a few more comments I made on the group chat, based on my mistaking someone for the wrong person completely, a friend I'd worked with previously quietly pulled me aside and and asked me what was going on. He informed me that he had received complaints.

      It was at that time I realized what my comments sounded like. I had been trying to shoehorn myself into a group that had plans going back months. I went about it wrong. I made mistakes.

      In my life, living with the fear of being who and what I am, the only place I had ever felt welcome and at home have been at conventions.

      Now I just feel alone.

      I didn't mean to make people feel creepy.

      I didn't mean to be annoying.

      I didn't mean to make you afraid.

      i only meant to be friends.

    • Turned away from a job for going to RTX

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      I've been unemployed for a while now and with RTX finally around the corner it seemed I finally found a job. I had gone in last friday after some... complications... they had the few days before.The New Manager (part of said complications) asked me to turn in a new application. We talked briefly, he said he liked my experience and my attitude. He told me to come back today. While we talked I had informed him of my going to RTX and explained that I was working as a volunteer and that I had made this commitment almost 6 months ago. He didn't see any problem with this because after RTX was over I was available full-time, anytime. When I arrived today he was on the phone with his bosses, ie regional manager, and he seemed to be talking about me. When he got off the phone he admitted as such and explain that he was told since I would not skip RTX and start immediately, then they had no use to me since they needed people immediately. They only have 3 employees right now.

    • Still unemployed

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      Well RTX is coming up. I'm going with no money still, but I think I finally have a job waiting for me once RTX is over. I just have to get thru the next couple weeks.


    • Forgive me

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      I really hate to put this here but I feel I have little choice.


    • 3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De
    • It is officially a Curse.

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      My car breaks down again, my Guardian email comes in.....seriously, what do my cars have against RTX?

    • BTW, it happened again.

      3 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      I'm cursed, that's what it is. Less than a month until RTX and someone else tried to destroy my car because they couldn't drive properly. Thankfully I was being paranoid and going slower than normal so I barely had time to swerve out of the way, but the other person is claiming they were hit even thou I have absolutely no damage to my vehicle. Oyvay....

      I am now convinced that if my some miracle I am ever hired by RT or AH I am going to be BANNED from driving for the company. Good thing I'm smart and have excellent people skills, now if only I had a CPA...

    • 5 years ago

      Darkfire51 Dreamer, Writer, Game De

      Wait, 6 people actually follow me on here? Well, I was trying to be modest about my most recent adventure so I guess 6 people is modest.

      To start off I work a the closing driver for a local Pizza place here in South Austin. Last week I was on one of my last deliveries when I arrived to find the door partially open and could hear a lady mumbling. I knocked and instead of hearing someone approaching or a request to wait a minute, I heard "Hello?" To anyone who doesn't work food deliveries, hearing a "Who are you?", "Hello?" or any other response to clarify who you are 'usually' means one of 2 things. A wrong address, or a prank order.

      I remembered the one of the other drivers said we had been getting prank calls earlier in the day and was starting to think I was being pranked, but I responded as professionally as I could "I'm here with your order Ma'am."

      To this I heard a scream for help.

      I was thru the door, prank or not.

      It wasn't a prank.

      The woman was an older Lady who was barely holding herself up by her walker. It seemed that her legs had gone out on her and she was in danger of falling and hitting something in her crowded front room. I took hold of her arm and after some struggle we got her to the floor safely. I then called 911 and stayed on the line until the paramedics arrived.

      While we were waiting I was also talking to her to keep her calm and at one point she pointed out where her money was and insisted I take the payment for her order, I tried to explain my boss would understand but she insisted. Finally the ambulance and the fire department arrived and since I was still there the woman decided to go to the hospital instead of just getting some help to get her off the ground.

      I then went to my car and proceeded to call my boss. "You're never going to believe this." I considered the story done and some good Karma earned.

      I later learned that the woman had had a blood clot and going to the hospital saved her life. This is an extraordinary situation and I was fine with bragging when I thought that she had just fallen over. Not knowing that her life actually was on the line kept me calm and I in turn was able to keep her calm.

      I understand this is the kind of thing some people would be making a big deal of, but I'd rather just mention it modestly. I think if people really think it's a big deal, then it'll become a big deal no matter what I say.

      And this isn't even the most surprising order I've ever delivered.

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