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    • This Weekend

      2 years ago


      This weekend was a freaking insane mess @.@

      So I run two different youtube channels (this is important to my journal):

      1. Darkovika: http://www.youtube.com/darkovika

      2. Game or Bust: http://www.youtube.com/gameorbust

      Because of the release of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, there's been this rush to get it out on our channels before big youtubers like Markiplier steal all of the spotlight, and then no one's interested anymore (small channel blues). Unfortunately, all of our equipment decided this weekend was the optimal time to just explode (almost literally) and stop working.


      The headphones I've been using for four years now- Turtlebeach Ear Force PX21's- finally broke, and while I thought finding a new pair would be super easy, it turns out that four years ago when I had no idea what I was doing and got a pair because "hey, these look cool" I apparently got really lucky and bought one of the best headphones in existence. The quality of the microphone on that headset is far beyond the two pairs I've now bought and discarded and the third pair I tested from my boyfriend.


      So apart from losing my headset, which is a near disaster as I have to continue with my current pair- it has this nasty habit of just recording really loud white noise- for Game or Bust, we record "Couch Play" episodes similar to Game or Bust. We recently incorporated a green screen and facecam into the mix, but one of our super bright (I mean SUPER bright) white lamp lightbulbs for the greenscreen was like "nah this is a good time to stop" and started turning on and off at will and on a whim.


      When we got the light working, we tried recording in a new setup, using one of the members' computers to record both webcam and game simultaneously… Which it turns out his computer wasn't strong enough to do. Two videos of footage lost because they're too choppy and laggy to use. And one of them we'd had to record twice already- Outlast II demo footage. TT^TT So much for spooky October. If anything, we were lucky FNAF Sister Location had such low framrate and graphics- it still ran like silk, and we were able to use it.


      So my boyfriend and I went out to Fry's to hunt down a new motherboard, CPU, ram, and water cooling, I bought the second pair of headphones (which immediately were like "screw you"), and I also returned the first pair of headphones. Good stuff.


      On a happier note, we watched Beauty and the Beast while he put together the new computer pieces (I couldn't help because I conduct electricity like nobody's business, and hell if I'm frying his $300 motherboard).


      I also received an invitation to go to a showcase called IndieCade, and display some finished work. I have… oodles of projects and no finished work, so if I do go, this week will be interesting. Mostly because it'll involve creating finished work.


      I have an idea I'd like to do- back when I was still in college (which was actually like 4 months ago), I had a project that was really cool and impressive. We were trying to recreate Pac-man, but I was using Five Nights at Freddy's as my theme- I can't do this in a professional setting, as "Fan Projects" don't really look very good when trying to get the attention of Devs, but I can still implement the same idea.


      The theme for the project incorporated the basic mechanics of FNAF characters and the basic rules of Pac-Man (which I actually mentioned in another journal on the off chance someone's reading this). Foxy always made a beeline for Pac-Man, running straight for him like Blinky, but Foxy froze whenever you looked in his direction. Bonnie stayed on the left side of the map, never crossing that axis and moving randomly when the player entered the right portion. Chica mimicked that, only she was always on the right side of the map. I don't quite remember what Freddy did- I think he just ran after you pell-mell.


      Another mechanic that would be cool to incorporate would be Golden Freddy. Every so often, GF will flash across the screen, momentarily blinding the player and making it difficult to see. Only for a split second, but it'll help in panicking the player.


      Granted, I won't be able to use those characters in my final project, but it'll still be cool to implement. ^_^

    • My New Website

      2 years ago


      So I've decided to start making a new website for my channel and everything else I do, whichi is arguably a lot of things. I originally was using my website for my student portfolio, but now that I've graduated and have a job, I'd like to do something FUN and CREATIVE with my website.

      Hysterical, considering I majored in visual and game programming. XD We're taught functionality over prettiness. I intend to, naturally, use both.

      Because I apparently like causing myself pain, I want to create a forum on the website and possibly a Journal section like this for my users... But without jquery and without using pre-existing libraries/apps. So basically I'm going to shoot myself in the foot repeatedly while screaming in PHP/Javascript. :D

      I just wanted to post some of my ideas here, for my new website. 

      First of all, accounts. Everyone's gotta have accounts. They have to be able to have profiles, avatars, About Me's. That's such a normal procedure no one even thinks about it anymore, but I gotta have that for my website.

      MVC format. I'll be practicing MVC format for they layout and structure of the site.

      GAMES. I want games to be on my website! Maybe not user created, at least not yet, that could happen in the future. If that does happen, it's gotta be Review-based- like I need to review any games that want to be uploaded to my site. 

      One game I've always wanted to create something similar to was a game I played only briefly, as at the time it was a subscription-based game, and I was like... 12. It was a browser-based Multiplayer RPG called Avalon, and it was ENTIRELY text-based. They had a map on the website, but I swear to god trying to figure out where you were on that freaking map was half the fun. They had SOOOOOOO many commands, like a regular text-based game, that did such hilarious things. Samba, Salsa, many other types of dancing I no longer remember, and so many other things. 

      I could spend ages talking about that game- that'll be another journal entry. XD

      I'd love to have a chat room. Those are REALLY hard to make, but since I'm learning as much as I can from this project, I might as well try. It'll at least give me a lot of knowledge and experience and, in the event I just can't get it working, there are loads of solutions I can run with on the internet. 

      A way to display the videos I upload to my youtube channel. When my boyfriend gifted me with the domain, he originally created something really cool from it where as people watched my videos, they had a score that went up and increased with every second of the video they continued to watch. I can use this to my advantage and create some sort of leveling system with exp, and maybe even classes for peoples' accounts! So the whole website is a massive RPG type thing!

      I wish I was at least somewhat of a decent artist- I could include like, Gaia Online characteristics. TT^TT I'm not though. I'm barely an artist lawl.

    • The Ghosts of Pacman

      2 years ago


      I learned about this in College, but I got to thinking about it again and decided it would be pretty cool to go over the actual programming that went behind the Pac-Man ghosts. Also I was inspired by the Werewolf Dick podcast, which brought up (briefly) Pac-Man.

      So each of the ghosts in Pac-Man are actually all programmed differently. The creators were worried that if they didn't make some kind of difficult, complicated artificial intelligence the game would fall flat. By today's standards Pac Man is STILL really impressive- I attempted to recreate the "characteristics" of each of the ghosts in Unity, and it was ridiculously difficult.

      Each ghost is constantly using Pac-Man's position to determine where they themselves should go. While all ghosts begin around the ghost "house", Blinky is the first to actually make a beeline for Pac-Man. 

      First and foremost are the actual States for the ghosts. This was important during my class project- we absolutely needed to implement these states. 

      "Chase" is a state in which a ghost is set out to find and capture Pac-Man, costing the player a life and restarting the level. Here's a brief overview of each ghost's personality:

      Blinky(Red): Aggressive. Will make a continuous beeline for whatever square Pac-Man is on. 

      Pinky(Pink): Will attempt to cut you off by aiming for the square Pac-Man is facing.

      Inky(light blue): He's "the least predictable".

      Clyde(orange): Stays out of the way, just kind of does what he wants.

      "Scatter" is the state in which the player suddenly has a few seconds to themselves where the ghosts will briefly give up the chase, heading for a target home corner, where they'll just sort of run around for a bit.

      "Frightened" is the state in which Pac-Man eats an energized pellet, and the ghosts IMMEDIATELY high-tail it out of his way. They turn blue, and become slow enough for Pac-Man to eventually run down and gobble up.

      There's actually a set period of time for each of these states. At level 1, you get Scatter for 7 seconds, Chase for 20, Scatter for 7 seconds, Chase for 20, and then that cycle repeats again but with the Scatter mode only lasting 5 seconds. This drastically changes as you go up to different levels.

      There's actually a LOT of insane logic regarding the maze itself, but I'm just focusing on the Ghost logic.

      As I mentioned, Blinky is designed to just doggedly chase after Pac-Man's current position. Wherever Pac-Man is, that's where Blinky wants to be. Unfortunately, that's not all- Blinky's speed will actually increase depending on how many pellets are left in the level. Once there are 20 or less pellets, Blinky will ignore the Scatter command and continue chasing Pac-Man- so even though the other ghosts all run off to do something else for 7 or 5 seconds, Blinky will continue to hunt down Pac-Man with something like fierce hatred. Blinky will revery back to normal if the player loses a life at any time during his fiery desire for Pac-Man burgers.

      Pinky will try to "ambush" the player- that word specifically used to describe his personality. He registers the a target exactly four squares ahead of where Pac-Man is looking at all times, and THAT is the square Blinky will aim for- except when Pac-Man is looking up. Due to a stack error in the programming, Pinky will choose the target four tiles up and to the left. 

      Inky (the light blue one) is considered "fickle". Sometimes Inky will adopt Blinky's behavior, and sometimes he'll use Pinky's method of trying to get in front of him. He basically cycles randomly through the three existing personalities- Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. He will use both Pac-Man's tile and Blinky's tile to determine his next destination during Chase mode. Inky's pathing is actually really difficult to understand or explain, so I think I'll leave it there for now.

      Clyde will literally stay in his corner for long periods of time, shying away from Pac-Man and the other ghosts. However, if Clyde is further than 8 targets to Pac-Man, he will use Pac-Man's tile as a target, similar to Blinky. If Clyde is closer than 8 tiles to Pac-Man, he'll switch to scatter mode and pretty much flee from Pac-Man.

      WHEW! Complicated. There's more to it than all this- like the path-finding algorith each ghost usesto even figure out where Pac-Man is, and in Blinky's case, find their intended target.

      I just sort of felt like jotting this down somewhere. It's really cool stuff, and if anyone wants to learn MORE about Pac-Man, you can read the dossier on the subject here: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3938/the_pacman_dossier.php?print=1

    • My E3 Rooster Teeth Story

      2 years ago


      I figured this would make a great first (and probably only) journal entry.

      Okay, two years ago I got to go to E3 for the first time. I had to leave early the two days I went because I was a music teacher at the time and I had lessons to give that I couldn't reschedule, BUT the two days I did get to go were among the best in a long time. One particular day involved the lucky chance of getting to be next to the stage where Rooster Teeth was presenting E3 live to all of youtube, so obviously, that's my first journal XD


      So a good friend of mine actually found out that Rooster Teeth was giving shout-outs to small youtube channels, and at the time, I had around 2500 subscribers on my own channel. My friend approached them, asking if he could bring his youtuber friend by for a shout-out, and Burnie said it would be fine, so long as I was a small channel.


      When I came by the next day, I have to tell you, I've never been so warmly welcomed by people under the stress of live production in my entire life. I would have completely understood if all of Rooster Teeth had been brisk and quick and to the point, including the two members of Funhaus that I got to meet, but that was not the case. They were all incredibly friendly, and super understanding, and just so supportive despite knowing literally nothing about me except that I had a channel and it was still small.


      Here's a link to the video my friend took: 

      ">Funhaus/Roosterteeth Shoutout Live at E3!


      So after going up to Burnie, he decided I'd go up immediately after the big segment they were doing right at that moment. The two members of Funhaus were waiting for the cameras to go live on them, and so once they were completely out of the shot, I got pulled up to stand beside them.


      They were so, so damn friendly, and we were laughing and talking about youtube, my channel, what I'd probably want to say, and how nervous we all three were. And then Blaine comes running up to us, and dear God, should Blaine ever read this I am SO sorry, he probably doesn't remember this event, but we completely forgot his instructions.


      So Blaine runs up and says "Okay guys, you're not live, but I'm going to cue you when you're live. You won't be immediately live- I'm going to CUE you so you know, so PLEASE PLEASE watch me, because you are officially live when the lights hit you, and all of youtube will be looking at you." And he pauses, looks between us, and goes "Seriously. WATCH FOR MY CUE." And we're all three nodding seriously like "Yes Blaine, we promise, we will watch!"


      We missed the cue.


      So we're standing there talking, laughing, and just generally joking, and then BAM the lights hit us. And the whole set is completely silent, because Gus (I think it was Gus at that moment) and everyone on the white couch had just passed the buck on to Funhaus, and not a single one of us were looking at the stage or even the cameras. So of course, we're like "OH WOW THAT WAS GREAT THANKS GUYS SO INTERESTING AND AWESOME UH YEAH" because we hadn't been listening to a single thing they were saying. And it was freaking HYSTERICAL I swear I remember looking at Blaine behind the camera and he was just standing there was his forehead against the clipboard, shaking it slowly like "NO ONE LISTENS".


      Afterwards, I got pulled off to the side and Burnie was just SO nice. He congratulated me and told me I did a really good job, and I was very professional.


      It was seriously one of the most eye-opening moment of my life. I had never realized just how good Rooster Teeth is with their community, with small channels, with people in general- they're in a place of power, and yet the company is just so open to the concept of people approaching them, of people asking for help or just outright being excited to meet them. They were so professional, so good, so HUMAN. It was seriously such a cool experience, and if I'm ever lucky enough to get to their level, so help me I will do everything in my power to emulate their kindness and friendliness.

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