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    • ahh pain

      9 years ago


      Getting Canker sores again, even got one under my tongue, that's where you can't reach it T_T

      Probably midterm studying that's doing that, i'm a lazy person and working like that makes my mind hate me. It works though, no real damage yet.

      I'm also going to by a PC to compliment my laptop, mostly because there's no Touhou on Mac and everything i ever find is for bloody PC. So anyway i'm looking for something somewhat modern and cheap, money's the real issue here, but i'm also going to learn how to program and take them apart/put them back together. However i have no clue how to browse for such things. So if you have a suggestion it'd really help. I'd like to get a desktop since i already have a laptop, but for some reason all the companies i looked at only make laptops, maybe i'm just misinformed. hell, why not make this interactive?

      Ugh midterms,


    • Doh

      9 years ago


      Jury Duty already, damn them judicial peoples are quick. Even more argument in favor of my bad luck.

      But it's okay, i'm in college at the time so i have an excuse, but i still have to work through the system to tell them that though >:( Bureaucracy FTL! Oh well, it could've been the draft :P
      (well they do pay you, just retardedly little. Which hardly seems like a reimbursement)

      I'm trying the whole no procrastination thing, i'm more prepared but also more irritated, hopefully the good marks will be worth it. And maybe AFTER i get my chapters read, my essay done, my homework finished, and prepared for my lab i'll have time to draw something.

      I wonder how you can declare yourself legally insane...

    • Whew

      9 years ago


      Hey guys, sorry i haven't really done much, it's been a long week.

      College is fine, but my Math class is two levels below ground level in a building with double doors every 30 feet, seriously it looks like a containment lab that could survive a direct missile strike D:

      I haven't been able to draw or write much, again due to school, and my being a lazy bastard. So i'll try to get some stuff out this weekend. I got a new idea for the fanfic and i should have that up later, having some problems with a part with Mokou, she's kind of hard to read personality-wise.

      Only eight weeks, than i get a good four months to myself, god i can't wait.

      Random topic of the day, is it just me or have movies become absolutely horrible in the past year or so. It's a little revelation i had today, personally i blame Twilight but i'll give them some slack, seemed to happen a little earlier. X-Men Legends- Blasphemy on the original story, bull-dozed the story making it a senseless plagiarism imo. Twilight-need i say more? Transformers 2- a bunch of annoying frat-boy jokes that made a cheesy mockery of the original. Hot-Tub time machine-see above minus original. Twilight 2- at least i wasn't forced to watch it this time. Terminator Salvation-predictable, mockery of original, No Arnold!!!! D: (lol) And every chick flick uses the same plot elements, couple meets, falls in love, yadda yadda, someone dies from cancer. (Plot summaries, don't insult my manliness :P) Out of all of them the only one i really liked was Sherlock Holmes, didn't get to see Avatar unfortunately the theatre was sold out so much i bloody gave up.

      Oh yeah, we also got hit by a 7.2 Earthquake last Sunday, luckily it was in Baja California, but that's actually pretty damn close to here. I learned i can predict earthquakes a good 45 seconds beforehand and a real knocking-knocking-things-over earthquake can have people pissing themselves in horror no problem, it wasn't big enough to qualify for ME to do that, but you get the picture.

      Sorry if i'm sounding like a teenage girl, for some reason i'm abnormally chatty tonight, it's kind of disgusting me. (Man George Carlin would be bitch-slapping my ass around right now, "STOP TELLING PEOPLE YOUR STUPID BULLSHIT." Xl

      Now i must squash my feminine side with Hentai and Sonata Arctica,



    • 9 years ago

    • Riding

      9 years ago


      Sorry about not being on all day for those 2-3 that actually care, i went off-roading all day today, got up at 6:00, took a long drive and pretty much tore up the desert in various strength Quads, ATV's, and motorcycles for 12 hours. All went well, except for my Quad trying to kill me by rolling down a steep hill i was trying to scale, but i dodged and the Quad wasn't damaged. Also tried riding dirt-bikes/motorcycles for the first time, only problem was the only one that wouldn't kill me if i crashed was a 70, or a "Clown bike" as I affectionately (or not) name it. It was way too small but i'm sure it made for some funny pictures.

      The other problem was as riders know, sand+motorcycle=ice+motorcycle, and the thing was bloody light as hell so almost every time i'd turn; i'd fall off. So needless to say i'm going to need to find a better place to practice.

      All in all it was a great trip, cept their was no bloody soap in the bathrooms (grumble*) Injury report was a couple of bruises, though there's a big one on my right Opponens Pollicis, so moving my thumb isn't very pleasant atm. Otherwise it was fun and i have my first day of the third quarter of college tomorrow.


      P.S. sorry i wasn't able to get another chapter of the fanfic up tonight, my 2-3 regulars. I'll try to get one done tomorrow.

    • Fanfic part II

      9 years ago


      I dunno if this should be considered a fanfic or a novel. Either way here is part II after this i can actually start on some new stuff. Same as last time, you want in put down the info i told you about in the previous journals.
      We finished soon after so we made our way out of the library to the lobby of the mansion. The halls were clean even dirty boots like mine left nothing. I had always assumed it was well tended but now I’m starting to think it was an enchantment. It was surprisingly gloomy for a typical European style mansion due to few windows; it made more sense upon knowing the owners were vampires. After a minute or two of the monotonous hallway broken by the occasional door we reached the lobby, a circular room leading off in hallways. There was a table for 10 set up in the middle. It was early planting month so the huge main doors were spread wide to let in the sweet smell of the gardens and some fresh air.

      Sakuya was there serving tea to Patchouli, and one of my friends, he preferred to be called Oni (Hgamer), few knew his real name. He always had on different contacts but today they were amber. He had on a leather jacket, in comparison to my worn overcoat. He had a pair of Ulaks on his belt but usually preferred to fight hand to hand. He also had the curious power to read the minds of others by meeting their eyes. He had mid length dark hair similar to mine, but cleaner. He was laying back in a chair drawn to the side of the table occasionally taking a sip of tea.

      Sakuya was a silver haired girl looking to be in her late teens, as always she had on a dark blue and pink French maid’s outfit, her hair was held on the side of her face in two braids. Her eyes were strange things, some days they were blue and other’s they were red, or somewhere in-between. Despite the elegant maid look she was a capable fighter, documented by the knife holsters on her right thigh. The only thing more terrifying than a competent knife thrower was if said knife thrower could stop time, another of her talents. Needless to say she was not someone you particularly want to anger.

      Patchouli looked to be in her middle teens but was actually closing in at 100 years. A very talented witch who spent almost all of her time reading in the Scarlet Mansion library. Even over tea she had her nose in a book, some dusty volume with strange symbols I could not distinguish. One look and the overwhelming feel was violet. Her eyes were violet her hair was purple, even her clothes were violet. Except for a couple of ribbons in her probably a little longer then back length hair. She was dressed in what I could only distinguish as a nightgown, granted a particularly elegant one, and a nightcap.

      “Ah Dark-kun†Sakuya greeted as I approached the table. I gave her a pleasant smile and took a chair a crossed from Oni and waited till he took notice. “Sup.†I greeted him, “Yo†he replied and looked into my eyes when I kept staring at him intently. “Again!?†he exclaimed after meeting my eyes for a second. “Yeah, I would like something nice for dinner.†“Jesus man, you need to stop being such a hobo, you borrow money you will eventually get your ass into a frying pan and I’m not going to save you.†“So is that a yes?†I asked. He sighed loudly, “Yeah, sure, once more can’t hurt.†I did a humble bow as he dropped a couple of coins into my hand. “You, are the man, I’ll pay you back when I can-“ “Yeah, yeah you always say that.†Oni replied with a small smile. “Five year streak, I doubt you will but go ahead and let it motivate you.â€Â

      “How’s Flandere?†I asked Oni after taking a second to put the money away, the trio exchanged dark looks. Flandere and Remilia were the two vampires in charge of the mansion. They were both a good 500 years old with Remilia being the older. Flandere was well known as emotionally unstable and extremely powerful, and was also secretly married to Oni for some reason. Don’t know how that worked but whatever happened they “forgot†to inform Remilia, so naturally they were nervous as Remilia had a rather violent temper. Hell I don’t think Remilia even knew he lived there, seeing as I’m the annoying hobo that shows up every once in a while. “Locked in the basement again.†Oni replied with a hint of sorrow, “Sorry.†I replied.

      We were promptly interrupted by the sound of fighting outside, no one moved, fighting was common. We waited a minute or two until Marisa Kirisame came bashing her way in through the front door, your typical witch, Blonde, wearing the stereotypical hat and riding a broom. She had on her typical garb of Black skirt and Tan apron over a pink shirt. She was also known as being blunt, generally disagreeable but seemed the closest to “human†from my point of view, not saying that is a good thing.

      Close on her tail was Hong Meiling the mansions gate guard. Well-muscled, thick red hair streaming down her back with the front held in two braids like Sakuya, green eyes. She was nicknamed “China†obviously due to her normal garb of a green Chinese dress and green beret with a gold star inscribed with the Chinese symbol for “dragon.†I didn’t know if it was suggesting she was a dragon Youkai (generally a Japanese demon) or if it was just a whim. Expertise in martial arts made her someone you generally didn’t want to make an enemy. The only problem, she was rather lazy and took naps often. Clearly she had failed to keep Marisa out, who was generally considered a pest to the residents, mostly Patchouli, due to her unpleasant habit of stealing her books. Seeing the potential for ugliness, I turned to Sakuya, “I think I’ll be going now, I’ll only be a nuisance.†She nodded and reached for the knives signifying my leave. “See, he’s pleasant to have around, unlike some individuals I can name.†Sakuya noted, fixing Marisa with a glare.

      Not enough room for much more

    • Fanfic Part I

      9 years ago


      Alright, i know i said this would be up last night, but i was disappointed in it so i improved it and will post it now. I already got part's II and III done so i'll post them up later in the day. I don't want to overwhelm you too much.

      A small puff of dust issued as I dropped heavy volume on the table. I brushed my medium length, lanky black hair aside for a better view. Basic Demonology, Ironic taken in the librarian’s situation. I was in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, it is said to be the biggest in Gensokyo, the land I find myself in now. The endless bookshelves extend unimaginably high to the point where I can’t see them anymore, and lets just say I have good eyes. Endless knowledge and I don’t know how the librarian keeps up with it, though it may help that the library wasn’t public. I picked up the book and started walking towards the center table and once again wondered why it was so dark, it didn’t seem like a good work environment.

      “You ever think about putting a couple of lights in here or something of the type?†I asked Koakuma after adding the book to the pile on her desk. She shrugged casually and reached for her reading glasses. A medium sized red-head looking to be in her late-teens to early twenties. But all traces of humanity seemed insignificant upon noticing her black membrane wings and smaller ones sprouting from her temples. She was dressed in a dress shirt and a dark dress you would expect to find on an elementary school teacher. A devil, she was technically called, but in terms of actual power she was pretty weak. I wasn’t thinking of getting jumpy or superior at all, even compared to Koakuma my own powers were embarrassingly weak, after all, I’m only human. I tried to make it up with swordsmanship, but I was at a severe disadvantage against the locals.

      “Dark-kun?†Koakuma asked softly, it made me uncomfortable, it always seemed like she was timid and it hurt in a pitiful sense for no real reason. “Yes?†I asked, helping her sort the books by title. “I know I ask you about this every time you come over but what was the world you came from like again?†I smiled softly and reflected.

      Dark-kun short for Darkstrife, no that was not my real name. What idiot would name a kid that? I was originally your standard kid living in the 20th century, before I was “spirited away†as they call it into this land. That was 15 years ago. I was 32 now if calculations held. I went from a high school student to a Rurouni, a wanderer surviving in the wilderness. After all, when you suddenly appear somewhere you’re kinda screwed. I managed to survive and find an old Katana and Wakizashi I reforged into my main weapons. I also had a Berretta, but I destroyed it when I realized no one here had guns (before I met Reisen of course) So now I was still a wanderer but I worked in the Scarlet Devil Mansion library for a little pay. I left my past and old name behind. No one asked about it, I was a nobody, there were no crowds, after a while I finally was able to call this land home.

      “Well.†I began, “In my world, everything is made of metal, the buildings rise hundreds of feet above the ground. All the tree’s and grass are strictly regulated into carefully arranged patterns and area’s. Living there are so many people you couldn’t believe it, like if you filled this library with so many people you couldn’t sit down. They ride in metal objects that can move almost as fast as one could fly. But they don’t work by magic, we have a thing called technology, everyone knows how it works, and what it can do. Well I guess you could call it magic if you want.†“Your world does not seem too pleasant.†Koa replied. “Yeah, I prefer it here, sort of. Though it does have some kind of charm to it.†“Is Dark-kun homesick?†she asked. “You could call it that.â€Â

      “Though I don’t miss my people too much, power and achievement has twisted their minds, and now they think of nothing but dominating over other’s. You see, with this technology they made, it helps their lives but it has also spawned a terrifying branch of death machines. With something the size of this book.†I held up one of the smaller books. “One human can kill another in the space of a single moment. It is metal, when it is pointed at something it makes a loud noise like thunder and the human on the other side dies. Sometimes they are mortally hurt, but most of the time they die. I had one when I first came here, but I destroyed it in a forge because I don’t want such tools of death to ever exist here.â€Â

      I finally looked up to Koa’s shocked face and fell silent. “I’m sorry I’ve said such unpleasant things.†“It’s okay,†Koa replied after a minute, “It’s just strange to hear how savage your world is after only a 200 year split.†“Maybe I was exaggerating a bit.†I concluded thoughtfully.

      Alright that was part I, i'll post part II in a couple of hours, but then i'd like to do a part a day roughly. For those who want to be in it, i only have an official explanation from Hgamer so go ahead and comment with your character information if you want to have control over it. I want to give you guys a great deal of character control.

      Writing feels so good after so long,


    • Brainstorm

      9 years ago


      Alright i've been thinking for a while and i decided one of the ways i'm gonna do to waste time is to make a Touhou fanfic, but not a true one, no. I've wanted to go into detail of my relation with Yukari and i've also wanted to weave our own individual tales into a coherent story, so this is what i need from you:

      If you want to be in it go ahead and comment about what you want to be in the story, and your relations to the other characters (if any) . I'll go ahead and put mine up for an example:

      Darkstrife: A spirited away human who discovers he has some degree of latent power, a rurouni (wanderer/hobo) who can't seem to find his way in life.

      Fighting style: Swordsmanship, can use some minor magic abilities to enhance the former.

      Hgamer: friend (occasional mooches off of)
      Mack: friend
      Piro: friend
      Conan: Distant acquaintance
      Koakuma: Friend (helps in the library sometimes for meager pay)

      Physical appearance: A slightly heavyset man appearing to be in his late 20/ early 30's. Dark lanky hair, icy eyes, usually be-stubbled and dark. Carries a rather worn katana and a Wakizashi under a weathered black overcoat. Also carries twin Tanto in various constantly changing areas due to paranoia.

      So that's just an example of mine, go ahead and post yours, i can probably guess but why don't you post anyway so i don't get complaints later :P

      The newest thing


    • Almost free

      9 years ago


      Well, last final is in and hour 50, than i will be free to do what i want. And sitting around here and fits of boredom make me realize...i need a hobby. So i will get back to drawing soon hopefully, but i'm also going to try to get my hands on a cheap PC and a Beginning Programing book so i can stop being Cirno-kun of the internet and start doing the stuff the rest of ya do. So how will i end up conquering my boredom, we shall see.

      Internet, Refuge of the bored

    • Almost done

      9 years ago


      One more final tomorrow and i finally get a week of peace...which is promptly followed by more work, and actually more then i've done this quarter lol. I'm still looking forward to it though, get my drawing back on, learn how to program computers (hopefully) and general lazing around.

      Still sick though, so now i'm popping cough drops like i have a fix lol
      Craaacckkk, i mean, dropppsss

      My ears also haven't been working either so i look like some deaf schizophrenic. :P But hopefully it will clear up soon.

      Also been finding some good Manga lately, thanking Rich for the Lock on! find and i've also been starting on Dogs, i like it so far, pretty much like a Sci-Fi, version of Black Lagoon.

      Also spent a good portion of the past few weeks finding Touhou stuff so i might have some for my other Touhou buds, feel free to ask, got some gifs.

      Now to make sure i don't have my final in the morning or something that would include me getting up before 10, might make a better journal, or maybe not, i'll see.

      Remember, corpses can't object,


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