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    • Dastard

      Devils Rejects

      9 years ago

      Hey, I saw the Devils Rejects, the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, which I might add was better than it's previous installment, and If you guys havent seen it yet, I do suggest watching it REALLY it rocked, and make sure you see the unrated version :)

    • Dastard

      Detroit Rock City

      9 years ago

      Went out and bought the very best of kiss album, one word:


      nuff said.

    • Dastard

      I challenge you to Mortal Kombat !

      9 years ago

      Hey whats up all, Man you ever watched a series of movies you havent seen since you were a kid? Dude I watched the mortal kombat movies and they suck man !!! like suck so much that they kick ass.....anyway I'm out.

    • Dastard

      Summer Movies

      10 years ago

      So far I've seen a bunch of summer movies and so far I believe I can personally rank then 1 to 10 best to worst.

      1. War of the Worlds
      2. Starwars: Ep3
      3. Batman Begins
      4. Fantastic 4
      5. The Longest yard
      6. Mr and Mrs. Smith
      7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      8. Sin City
      9. Madagascar
      10. Stealth

      Movies I'm looking forward to:

      The 40-Year-Old Virgin (looks awsome)
      Halo: The Movie (Really need a voice for chief already)
      Hitman Codename 47: The Movie (big disappointment with Vin Diesl as 47 but w/e)
      Doom ( doesnt fallow the game at all but the rock is in it and hes pimp)
      Valiant (looks like a funny little movie)
      Che (awsome looking movie so far Belicio Del Toro as Che Guevara)

    • Dastard

      ScarFace: The World is Yours

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      Dude I don't know bout all of yall but Scarface is my favorite movie ever made, and when I heard this game is coming for xbox I freaked like a fat kid locked outside a cake shop. It's gonna be like GTA vice city but it takes place at the end of the scarface movie, where tony is on his balcony shooting at sosa's army thats pouring into his mansion, instead of being shot from behind by sosa's right hand man/body gaurd you have the sense (if you've ever watched the movie) to turn around because this dude is sneaking up behind you with a shotgun, and in the game you can take him out and continue your carnage, afterward when you escape your mansion so far the developers are saying you have to rebuild your mobster status by doing jobs on the street like the GTA missions, and eventually you become a mob super power again and you'll have the power to launch a counter attack at sosa, I can't wait for the game to come out but it doesn't come out till 1/1/06 so until then we gotta settle for the Godfather game which is supposively coming out sometime late summer.

      Pics from the scarface game:
      Tony killing the Assassin sent from Sosa.

      Tony at the infamous Babyalon Club from the movie.

      Showing off some of the similar GTA auto targeting.

      "Say Ello to my little friend! "

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    • Dastard

      Whats your favorite Psy song !?

      10 years ago

      Whats up jugglas and lettes, ninjas of all ages I wanna see what your favorite Psychopathic song is it can be from anyone in Psychopathic (ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, Ehsam, Dark Lotus) WHATEVEA ! anyway I'd have to say my fav song is "Fly Away" from ICP/Zug Island which can be found on Forgotten Freshness Volume 3.

    • Dastard

      Drill me Doc !

      10 years ago

      I gotta go to a dentist appointment tomarrow at 11:30 AM, its gonna suck like nobodies business, nuff said.

    • Dastard

      Down with the clown

      10 years ago

      Smell the air that makes you sick ! Psycho sick ! Psycho sick !

      w00t anyway whats up juggalos/lettes havent really updated lately been busy anyway drop me a line all !

    • Dastard


      10 years ago

      My b-day is coming up and for my b-day I'm gonna get Andrew WK's new cd "The Wolf" for those of you who don't know AWK hes the best party music ever !!! I swear man, people pay him thousands of dollars to throw parties, so instead of spending alot of money for him to trash my digs I'm gonna buy his CD and rock my house all night long !!! PARTY TILL YOU PUKE !

    • Dastard

      I can dance !!!!!

      10 years ago

      I just got the calm an hour ago juggalos and lettes this is the newesr wickedest ____ ever its by far awsome, alot of new goodies inside the booklet about new CD's and maybe even a film series (damn right) 2 new cd's from Twiztid and a new CD from ICP that I wont give away and a new Shaggy2Dope single instead of "____ off" its "____ the ____ off" hehe its gonna be the freshness this fall anyway I'm out all you should check this out y'all

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    • SXEvolves


      6 years ago

      Hey Dastard, it's Ender.


    • HatchetMan


      9 years ago

      Yo whats up man, I'm just droppin by tellin all my friends that i'm back on the rooster teeth forums and thankin them for not kickin me off thier friends for not being active for such a long ass time. So thanks and I'll see ya around.

    • Da_Chupathin


      9 years ago


    • jokingclown


      9 years ago


      Thats a link to basically google maps, except its a map just for rvb members. Just click the "Add Yourself" link. Sorry, Im not trying to spam you, its just that you live in Oregon. I live in Salem... Anyways, Im just trying to get some Oregonians to add where they live so people can see if they are close to others on the site. Feel free to delete this comment. smiley0.gif

    • bob6


      10 years ago


    • TwiztidFiend


      10 years ago

      Been working as a carnie and playing wow. Not to exciting.

    • thechaos


      10 years ago

      CHe Guevera Awsome dude.

    • Fredan


      10 years ago

      Mass murder makes me happy!
      Dead bodies make me happy!
      Until Eternity!
      I'll always have juggalo family!
      Mass murder makes me happy!
      Dead bodies make me happy!
      Until Eternity!
      I'll always have juggalo family!

      And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And i said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless

    • highlitepro1


      10 years ago

      Yo dude, i got that same hoodie from Spencers at the mall a couple of months ago

    • juggalo32001


      10 years ago

      hey blackdie dont hate bitch