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    • 50 Shades

      7 years ago


      of suggestiveness.

      So this is the layout of the new 50 shades of grey book in a Sainsbury's in the UK. I wonder why there's a shit ton of batteries above all the books? I certainly wouldn't know, having an innocent mind and all.... smiley3.gif


    • RT Podcasts

      7 years ago


      Are starting to take over my life...


    • Music suggestions!

      7 years ago


      I need moar bands/artists to listen to. I don't have enough...there's never enough smiley7.gif

      Suggestions NAO plz? I'll give you a cookie...



      But yeah, I listen to anything. What's everyone into? Anything you would recommend? smiley1.gif

    • To everyone at RTX

      7 years ago


      I'm very jelly and hate you all


      Have fun though!

    • Getting old...

      7 years ago


      I only just realised that a month today i'm going to be 22...

      That's...THAT'S.....depressing. 22 is not an exciting age! I've reached all my major milestones as a youngster, the next one I have is 30 smiley7.gif

      But at the same time, it's still a birthday which means :


      Who's all coming?! Everyone's invited! smiley0.gif

      ...there will be cake?

    • Long live

      7 years ago


      The D!


      So this is what i'm like when i'm 3 feet away from JB and KG, rocking my socks off. And they were fucking amazing!~

      I was THIS close to catching one of the picks KG threw. Maybe next time... smiley2.gif

    • Derpy derp

      7 years ago


      You know your day's off to a bad start when you get to work. Sit down at your computer and try to log on. Get frustrated because your details aren't letting you log in.

      ...Then realise you've been putting your university log on details into the system


    • R.I.P

      7 years ago


      Splinter Cell.

      So when I first heard they were making a new Splinter Cell game I was a bit skeptical after playing the last game and it's lack of skill/stealth to actually complete the game. Any old splinter cell fan would know that it was nothing that a good SC game should be. It was too fast paced, too catered to the action audience instead of the fans who enjoyed sneaking about, thinking about your next move. But nope, instead it turned into a :

      "Kill this one guy, and because of your amazing skillz we will award you with two, that's right, two free autokills. huzzah!"

      I mean, cmon. What's the fucking point in that? A game that was actually enjoyable has been dulled down to shit. Why does no one making any challenging games these days? Why should someone feel satisfaction after completing a game when all they had to do was hit a few buttons to fly through each level? I really don't understand smiley4.gif I'm so glad Dark Souls was released. Eventhough it was so damn frustrating it reminded me of what a challenging game actually was


      I watched the new trailer for Splinter Cell : Blacklist and I didn't see much differences from the Conviction...until the last 10 seconds.

      There's no Michael Ironside voice actin Sam Fisher. WHERE DID YOU TAKE HIM, UBISOFT? Give him baaaack smiley7.gif

      Seriously, no Michael Ironside = No Splinter Cell. I think it's safe to say that Chaos Theory was probably the best game for Splinter Cell, so I guess i'll have to just stick with that. The co-op even to this day is one of the most enjoyable experiences i've played.

      I do appologise for the rant but the change of gameplay from chaos theory to conviction was like Banjo Kazooies RPG style platformer going to Nuts & Bolts - totally the wrong direction.

      But yeah, maybe i'm looking into it too much. I'm sure the game will still be enjoyable, just not for what it should be. If it didn't have Splinter Cell plastered onto it then I wouldn't give a damn and would probably enjoy it for what it was. Just knowing what it used to be does my head in smiley2.gif

      TL;DR - In my own opinion the new Splinter Cell game is going to be poopy

      Any games people are looking forward to after watching E3? Watch Dogs looks promising smiley12.gif

      Dave x

    • Sunny days

      7 years ago


      The weather is AMAZING in Scotland right now. Having such a fun time! smiley13.gifsmiley0.gif

      Went some airgun shooting today for the first time with the guys, needless to say I was actually pretty damn good apparently :3 Smashing lots o bottles from far far away haha *too much time on BF3*

      Also had a BBQ, and no signs of food poisoning yet so huzzah!
      But unforunately back to work tomorrow to sit in the sweltering heat in my office. Not so huzzah times smiley2.gif

      How's everyone elses summers going?! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif


    • Work

      7 years ago



      I mean god, live calls are actually so damn hard most of the time! Customers asking me questions that are pretty retarded or have nothing to do with me, leaving me looking like an idiot while I go and check for them

      Made a massive mistake in work today aswell. Basically sending out the wrong company to assess the damage of a customers property, which led to me having to phone up and cancel it...but then get told that they had already charged my company and are sending out the guy anyway.

      GOD DAMNIT smiley4.gif

      Today has not been a good day.

      I'm going to go look up some pictures of cats to cheer myself up

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    • AmberRenee

      7 years ago

      Hey we haven't talked in forever, what have you been up to? smiley1.gif

      • Daveski

        7 years ago

        I know right? :O I'm good thanks, just been working away. Not so good! haha. But atleast its money eh?

        What about yourself? smiley1.gif

    • Ziontific

      7 years ago

      You'll never know if I was joking or not, that's the fun!

    • Ziontific

      7 years ago

      Yeah. Basically, 8 gb (or more) of RAM, i5/i7, and a decent graphics card are all you really need to run anything. I'm just in the bad habit of photoshopping stuff simultaneously with other tasks (doodling or photo editing) and, y'know, I needed a big hard drive for all my porn..

    • Ziontific

      7 years ago

      I looked at those and thought they were nice - they have a black/orange one - but I went with something with a side panel.

    • jonundead

      7 years ago

      Yeah...I've been meaning to change that...

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