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    • Cons of 2018!

      6 months ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      Hoo boy it's been a long time since I've posted here! I plan on being more active on the community side of the site in 2019 because in all truth I really missed this place! 

      So to start it all off I'm gonna give a short summary of Conventions I've been to this year! Obviously I went to RTX for my third time! This one was very special to me because they opened up for community panels and well I had one!!! My RWBY Podcast VYTALCast was accepted to be a panel and we were one of the first panels of the WHOLE WEEKEND! I had to really hold it together from dying of living my dream that I had when I started the podcast 2 years ago!  I had a lot of great times and took a lot of video and pics that it took two separate videos for the vlog! Part one taking inspiration from Sugar Pine 7 and part two sorta taking it but not as much  barbara

      This year I started cosplaying more and met a lot of local peeps that have been helping me! They told me of this great convention called Banzai and they were having a RWBY themed dance their sooo obviously your boy put on a dress and learned the dance and yes, it is on video! There's also a vlog full of dumb memesif you wanted to see that.

      That's really been it for the conventions I've been to this year but it's brought tons of new experiences to my life! I've been able to convert a lot of people to RWBY and Rooster Teeth as a whole in the process and I'm happy our RT family is growing  caboose Let me know what conventions you guys have been too! Did you go to RTX? 

      Until next time, I will boop you later!

    • March-ing Forward

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      Hey it's been a while so here's a lil journal!  For once in my life I have a entire month planned for nearly every day of that month.  It's pretty great and some of it is not so great.  But hey that's life!

      Sadly this will mean VYTALCast will be pretty non existent this month   blake but hey here's a playlist to binge that.  

      Friday is going to be pretty awesome because The Switch, a bunch of games, Logan and free pancakes at iHope are all happening on that day! Naturally I'm gonna party with my cousins for that.  Shortly after I will be venturing out to Las Vegas for a family trip for a week only to come back home for a few days to go out to Washington! 

      On top of those I'm trying to figure out if now is the right time to get a new car since the current one is pretty dead.  There was a episode of Always Open a few weeks back that talked about therapy and the benefits of it.  I've only tried it once a few years ago but I was pretty forced into and it didn't feel right.  But as of lately I feel like I'm dragging from not having much to help me with my mental illnesses so I'm looking into that this month! I'll probably make a vlog series to talk about my process of finding a good therapist for me and now and then talk about how I'm feeling from it.  Just to help encourage others who may need help to seek it like Always Open did for me. Then as if that wasn't enough I'm going to a specialist to see how my throat can be fixed and I've been warned that it's likely a surgery that I'll need but a fast and easy one if that is the way to fix it.

      Needless to say I'm a busy guy but I'm gonna tackle this month with all I got and enjoy it! 

    • The end of 2016

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      Ok I have mix feelings about this year in a lot of ways you can say it's been a terrible year but this year has been a year of development and discovery of self for me.  I will be grateful for this year and even more grateful that it will be in the past and helped prepare me for the road ahead. Not just that but so many good things have come in my personal life! RTX was a huge highlight! I got to finally meet two awesome friends @StephenR and @ShaneNanigans! It's so amazing to finally meet people you've talked to online in person!  Then I met Arryn who's been one of the best people ever for me!

      I've made a few accomplishments this year like my YouTube Channel starting to pick up and hitting currently at 1,108 subscribers! I have people who actually care about the videos I make.  VYTALCast is probably what I'm happiest about and I'm improving on my Let's Plays! 

      ">VYTALCast #12

      As for more personal life stuff I think finally soon I'm getting a new job. I'm really crossing my fingers on this since I've waited a good 6 or so years for this opportunity.  My current job I got because A) I need money to live (paying bills sucks yo) B) help my family C) so people can get off my back about GameStop dropping me after Seasonal ended.  This really excites me because I've waited so long for this and I'm really passionate about it.  It can help me in so many ways, I can afford to travel and maybe even see internet friends more often! I'll have fun while pushing myself.  

      2017 is looking up, but not without work. I know we can Keep Moving Forward

    • VYTALCast #2 Featuring Lady Stardust!

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      We had a amazing podcast tonight! Close 200 people watched live! Someone told me our peak was 211 which is just amazing for our second show! The chat had a great time and we had a great time hosting! Please check it out here and share it with anyone else who may be interested! 

    • VYTALCast!

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      Hey everyone! If you didn't know already I have a youtube channel called Portal64! I just started a new show/podcast called VYTALCast! It's a RWBY themed show where I and my friend Arryn talk weekly about RWBY! This week we will have Lady Stardust joining in!  We just had our first one last friday which I will post here.  It's going to be lots of fun! We stream it live on Friday's at 5:30 pm mountain time! And it will be posted live afterwards!


    • Hooray for adulting

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      II went on a date last night! It's been forever since I had gone on a date so this was a big deal for me haha.  It was a girl who my cousin sent me through Tinder (I don’t like the app but he convinced me to get it since Utah has a lot of non hook up people on there) and she likes geeky things and does cosplay! Plus she was really cute in her pictures!  I matched with her which was amazing! (plus she’s the only person I’ve matched with) we had been talking for two weeks and finally went on a date!

       I drove all the way up to where she was (60 miles away) and we went to boondocks to play laser tag and go bowling! I was pretty late because there was heavy rain and traffic was stopped on the freeway haha it was a bit stressful since I'm a person who likes to be on time.

       We had a lot of time to talk and get used to each others company and found out she loves RWBY as well! She even talked about me visiting her at work which is at Build-a-Bear workshop and said I can make a Pikachu since I haven’t been there before! We’re both open to seeing each other again and possibly going to anime bonsai together!  At the end of the day she hugged me! I didn’t even have to initiate it she just went for it!  She’s pretty awesome

    • New Show on My Channel!

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      I've had this idea for a few months now and really had a lot of it going through my mind at RTX as I was meeting fans and my YouTube channel has been growing.  I've been thinking about doing a RWBY Podcast! People have asked me about it on my live stream a few times and when I brought it up this weekend I got a lot of good responses to the idea!

      It's going to be streamed live on YouTube on my channel Portal64 and it's going to be my amazing friend Arryn and I talking on Skype about anything RWBY! Hopefully we can have a third guest every week whether that's another rwby reaction channel, cosplayer, fan artist, (it'd be awesome to have anyone from CRWBY guest just saying nora-32.png ) etc.  We will talk about fan theories, predictions, any news announced and have a fan art of the week segment! If any of you do fan art, or cosplay feel free to hit me up if you want to guest or be featured in that segment!  I also plan on having some audience interaction through the stream chat as well!

      The VYTALCast will be "premiering" on Friday September 30th! Hope to see you all there!

    • What are your favorite forums?

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      I was walking my dog tonight thinking about the RT Box unboxing video I did and how Barbara had a letter in it saying how she's like the community mama (she also liked my tweet today about RT Box thank you mama) and how I want to try to do a little more to be involved on site and other than like two forums I've hardly interacted here and I know I do my reaction videos but I want to reach out more in different ways.

      So I thought it'd be nice to learn about some of your guys favorite forums here on site and even learn a bit more about you from the answers!

    • How's Everyone Doing?

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      It's been a while since I last posted on here and thought I'd give a few updates or thoughts I've been having. One thought I've been having is about Newton's Law of where's there a reaction there is a equal opposite reaction or something. I'm too lazy to look it up right now. I'm not thinking of this law in a physics way though but more like a life in general way. Whenever someone is out there trying to do something great there's always opposition of some sort.

      My friend is trying to go out and do some good for herself and others, then I found out last night that something has happened to her which I hope doesn't stop her from her goal. She's a tough gal from the two years I've known her and it's just sucks that a lot of the people who normally support her aren't readily available now. Her boyfriend just left for military training and her brother is off doing who knows what. Fortunately her boyfriends parents are being a great support and she said she'll call me when she needs me.

      I guess the point I want to make is, if any of you are going through a hard time of any sort think of what it may be trying to stop you from doing? Sometimes it's a work thing, a personal goal thing, family, etc. Just don't let life get you down, if you're seeing opposition it means your going the right way. Or at least in Halo that's how it was.

      Anyways guys I hope you're doing well! Let me know what you've been up to!

    • Oh July

      2 years ago

      Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

      Looking back on this month there's a lot to take in. The beginning was by far the best part of the year! I went to my first RTX, met a lot of my friends for the first time and made new ones! After that things have been bumpy but looking good. I'm making progress on multiple projects I'm doing, my life is feeling pretty normal and good which is a strangely new feeling to me, I may be taking on a new job that includes a bit of traveling now and then!

      It just stinks seeing a lot of people around me going through tough times, two of my friends had a parent die, to which I reached out to them as I can relate losing my father at 9. But you know that's all we can do is keep moving forward with what we got and make the most of it. If we are able to help others on the way that's even better!

      I hope July is doing good for all of you! Also I'd like to take a moment and mention worldmusicstage.com it's a website I'm starting to work for that's located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's a site for independent artists to sell there music, get noticed by a worldwide audience and for people to discover and follow artists. We have amazing people working on it to improve the site and I'm glad to be apart of such an amazing thing. If any of you make original music and want to see if you can make a extra buck or turn it into a career I highly recommend this site. Or if you love music it's great for that too!

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    • artisttsitra

      4 years ago

      hii! welcome aboard to the RT community friend! I hope you have a great time! :)

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        4 years ago


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