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    • Deja Vú all over again

      7 years ago


      I hate people who say that.

    • Update!!!!!

      7 years ago


      Note: this journal waz written over 2 days and was released approx. 11 hours after its completion.

      Soooo, I know I haven't made a journal in a while.

      I never do them close. I wait and do massive ones. And to all my (non-existent) adoring fans, I'm too lazy.

      But I have time right now.

      Sooooo. ( I must stop doing that).

      I have a lot to say.

      One day i was cruisin on the SS RT Community. I was checkin out profiles of people I met at the (first annual) RTOZ.

      I lookedat Coolcaiti's interests and saw she liked community stuff. That made me think "Is it possible to get pleasure from other things that aren't gaming and being selfish?"

      So I joined the Knox Youth Event Comittee.

      One of the best decisions I've ever made.

      I get to organise events (crazy right) such as the Knox Youth Film festival and Knox Festival, and be a judge on the former.

      And, if that wasn't enough, one of my fellow committeers* is the head of the non-government related Humans VS Zombies Victoria.

      So last saturday I went to one of their events. I had a lot of fun, and got zombified.

      I was heading to the start area for a drink when a zombie came out of nowhere. He was teenage, and short.

      Now, in order to get to the start, you have to cross a big, open grassland.

      I tried to shoot him, but my Maverick misfired. Then i shot but missed. Then it misfired again. The zombie said "What's happening."

      I said "It keeps misfiring."

      He got closer and I shot again. MISFIRE.
      He got 2 metres away and I pulled the trigger.... Torsoshot(C).

      He picked up my darts and chucked them to me.

      I said "Thanks" and started walking again.

      Just as a group of zombies came from the other path to the camp. The closer one.

      The zombie I just shot called out to them. (cheater). 2 of themcame at me.
      They had loooong legs and ran super fast. They circled me and I knew I was doomed. Maverick = suck.


      Sooo yeah.

      Now we are going to go back in time to last Friday. Specifically, friday night. And what happens on Friday nights? Magic.

      Had lots of fun there, I'm definitely getting better.

      Then on tuesday Mum and I set off on holiday for the illustrious Sunshine State. With the current weather, that motto is ironic.

      Yesterday I watched some thunderbirds. It was funny-cool. My favoirite characters and vehicles would probably have to Virgil/Gordon and Thunderbird 2/4.

      Now we are going to last night. Thursday night.
      I went to see Mary Poppins. It was very good. I saw it last year, but we needed something to do and my mum's friend wanted to go. My personal favourite song was "Anything Can Happen If You Let it."Also, the actors must really enjoy what they do, or be good at hiding their boredom, because they've been on tour since July 2010.

      And thats it. I'm currently en route to Wet n Wild. That should be loads of fun. You can see me on set making an ad for the Knox Youth Film Festival in my gallery.

      I swear I will post another journal soon, and will try and find the ad I'm in and link it.

      *If people on council's are councilers, people on committee's should have a name that isn't committee member.


      Abrupt End

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    • Big Journal of Doom!!!

      7 years ago


      Sooo, I stopped making making journals because no-one reads them, but if i don't keep digging, I won't find the gold.

      Since my last journal I have gone to see QI (tv show) live in a stage show setting. Stephen Fry came out onto the stage and talked for an hour and then the show started. It had Allan Davies (as always), Julia Zemiro, some Australian directoe called Angus ir Brian or something and Sean Micallef. It was very, very funny.

      Then I went to see Eddie Izzard, on his Stripped tour. That might have been the most funny thing I have ever seen.

      I will probably go to the RT OZ christmas thingy if there is enough people.


      If you have just read this, comment plz.
      At least mod.
      Preferably not down.


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    • Armageddon and RTOZ!

      7 years ago


      Soooo. On saturday and sunday i went to Armageddon Expo, which was fantastic. I saw the RT panel and bought a black katana. I also got back into Magic: The Gathering and played DnD for the first time. It was awesome.

      I also went to RTOZ and that wad incredibly amazingly totally awesomely wicked. I played lazertag with Brandon and Halo: Reach with some randoms. The trashtalking made it awesome. I loved the bowling and the panel.

      It was the best weekend of my life. (so far)

      Coolcaiti = Win (recently discovered element).

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    • Quatters

      8 years ago

      Melbourne represent!

    • LachlanC

      8 years ago

      yeah dude of course i know where glen Waverley is.I'm in East Doncaster :-)

    • Stahi

      8 years ago

      And you're a sponsor, too. What the hell.

    • Grazhskullz

      8 years ago

      Seriously, yeh it was a dumb thing to say nd all (dnt eva EVA do it again nub ;P)

      But WTF is wit the random comments dude's? XD i mean .....

      To quote Grattak ... 'dude ... i fukin hate you' ... if u do .. then why comment on HIS page lol

      All ya'll need to chill mon ... just a simple .. dnt EVA do that again nub is gd enough


    • Bucky123100

      8 years ago

      Yea, as you could probably tell by now, It's taboo to say first.

    • Grattak

      8 years ago

      dude... i fuckin hate you

    • TomIsCool FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 years ago

      You would be getting these messages if you just said "Great job Jack".

    • Bomiheko

      8 years ago


    • ticktack1616

      8 years ago

      its ok i still love you

    • SgtDonut

      8 years ago

      WHY..WHY did you do that?

    • churchrox91

      8 years ago

      You just had to say first, didn't you?

    • Newbs FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PM

      8 years ago

      I''l say this again. NO DON'T EVER DO THAT!

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