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    • Buyer's Remorse

      7 years ago


      I have it. I've been on a buying spree recently, accumilating various items of mixed wantedness.
      Below is a comprehensive list of things I've recently bought and how much I regret buying them.

      Red Vs Blue: Blood Gulch Chronicles DVD - No remorse (duh).
      Halo Wars - Little remorse at first.
      Nintendo Eshop £15 Card - Some remorse.
      Game and Watch Gallery for Gameboy - No remorse (Classic gaming awesomeness)
      Plants Vs. Zombies DS - Some remorse. (I already have it on PC, but I'm sure I'll still love it)
      Inchworm Animation for DS - Remorse filled nightmare. (Not bad, confusing as fuck. Means I'll have to LEARN. LEARN how to use it. LEARN)
      A Sandwich - 95% of my remorse.

      Ok, let me explain that last one. I went to school bought a sandwich, went to catch the bus and realised I didn't have enough money for a ticket. So I had to walk home. With a twisted ankle. In the rain. I live 11 miles away from school.

      On another note, the game [see previous post] is coming along nicely, built up a storyline. Also there are two groups of us working on the game now. I'm running the second group, which is full of volunteers who will come and go during the game's development and the first group, of which I'm also in, will be overseeing it's progress throughout.

      Making a little practice game that I will put on the internet at some point. It'll be about a man you have to persuade to tell you his darkest secret; who ate my sandwich?

    • Adventures in Games Design

      7 years ago


      So, I've been practically dead for three weeks. At least online, anyways. Ill for one of those and the other I was on holiday doing nothing but sleeping, eating and playing video games. Fun, I know.

      But I was gonna say about a month ago I started on a video game. A proper one, not like that Newgrounds game I said I was gonna make and then forgot about because of coursework deadlines and no one to help me. Like an actual 'Take-5-years-to-make-the-game-and-it-ends-up-nothing-like-the-original-concept-that-everyone-preferred' type video game.

      Got about 12 people in the 'team' so far and the game's concept stages are very much under way. The next proper step is to create a full design document instead of our current one which is just adding pretty much whatever pops into people's heads at the time.

      Can't mention the name of it yet or what it's about for various reasons (that even I don't know, and I came up with the damn thing) but I can assure whoever reads this that it's good. The concept anyway.

      However, if anyone wants to see a fully undeveloped webpage with no current working links for our little design team, go to

      More on this next week if anyone's interested. And probably a more functioning website too.

      P.S. The info on the site is very, very outdated.

      P.P.S. Should probably mention the reason for the obscure blog posts. Just testing the site out. By no means am I really 'Craig Dawg in the Capital Wasteland'. I'd prefer to just be called 'Craig'.

      P.P.P.S If there is no text in the black boxes, just refresh the page.

      On an unrelated note, my brother made one of my favourite video game parodies of all time a while back, I've just found it again on the Youtubes.

    • Brains?

      7 years ago


      So for my Film Studies, we had to make a little movie type thing. Me and my group (one other person) decided to do a zombie blog type thing.

      Here's the initial rough cut.

    • New Ground.

      7 years ago


      So I joined Newgrounds a while back, but like I had done with Roosterteeth, been following their stuff for quite a while. I remember seeing Metal Gear Awesome not too long after it's release and had loved Egoraptor's stuff since, especially his new 'Sequelitis' series. It's only recently that I started watching more and more internet animators, such as Oney and Harry Partridge.

      Anyways, I started doing some pixel art doodles for my Newgrounds page. The characters in them were made for a game that they will be starring in, and when it's done, uploaded to Newgrounds.

      I then decided to digitally colour in the work. I began roughly colouring it in for a template, but decided I liked the style so I kept it.
      The finished piece.

      P.S. This is the best piece of content I have seen on Newgrounds so far.

    • 7 years ago

    • Buried Treasure.

      7 years ago


      So I found a bunch of clips on my phone from last year's Eurogamer Expo. It was awesome by the way.

      I edited them all together.

    • It's my...

      7 years ago




    • France and Music

      7 years ago


      So I got back from my film studies trip to France.

      It was amazing.

      Got to meet some new people, got to know others better. We visited the Eiffel Tower which was on my 'To do before bye byes list'. Also saw the cinema museum, which if anyone ever has the chance to go to should definately do. They had loads of old cameras, a very large exhibit on George Melies, who made the fantastic 'Voyage Dans La Lune', and the head from Hitchcock's Pyscho. Probably most exciting of all was the Oscar kept in a semi-hidden corner of the museum.

      The film festival itself was just great. The first film I saw was immediately my favourite.

      There were some other fantastic ones, like The Headless Lover, which was just insanely ridiculous. Also getting to meet the director of that and a film called 'Ausreichend' a wonderful touch. Very nice people.

      On the Thursday, we went shopping in Clermont-Ferrand, where the film festival was being held, and I bought myself some new CD's. A couple of Deadmau5 ones, Muse, Daft Punk and the remixed Tron soundtrack.

      As mentioned in a previous journal entry, I make music sometimes in my spare time and I've recently got into electro and ambient music. I had a go myself at some ambient music. It's not great but I'm pleased with the first attempt.

    • Au Revior!

      7 years ago


      So, I'm going to France for a rather expensive school trip on Monday. It's part of my Film Studies A-Level course (which I'm enjoying very much, even though there is quite a lot of essay writing to do). Only 14 people signed up and are going on this trip. 7 boys and 7 girls, completely coincidentally, which I thought was a little funny.

      Anyway, we're going to France for a film festival to.. well, watch films surprisingly enough. The place it's held is called Clermont-Ferrand. It has a cinema museum (which we're also visiting) and is a great place for sightseeing from what the internet has told me.

      When we get back from the trip on Friday, we apparently make a little newspaper type thing combining a bunch of reviews we've all written about the films we've seen. As a little added bonus, I've recently moved onto the digital photography part of my photography coursework and France is the perfect opportunity to take some nice photos.

      On a down note, I'm probably going to be without internet for a week and therefore RoosterTeeth. But at least it'll give me time to draw comics for the RT Community Comics group. Also going paintballing tomorrow. Busy,busy,busy.

      The film festival website.

    • The Strangest Dream

      7 years ago


      Ok, so I had the weirdest dream last night.

      It started off with me walking down the road back home, on the way I saw a bus parked in a lay by and who else but my Mother was standing there. She explained to me that the bus has broken down because the engine had caught fire. She then gave me a package. When I got home, I opened it and inside was a 300 page long RoosterTeeth/Star Wars crossover drawn by Luke McKay. It also contained an assortment of Nintendo DS games, some PS1 games without manuals or cases and a DVD with a motion comic and audio track of the crossover comic contained on 2 discs.

      I then looked at front of the package and I saw that it had a bunch of stickers on it with the price of the book. It read £1,439. It also had something about an auction written on it. Finally it had the word 'Vas' inscribed in the right hand corner. For some reason I immediately knew it was a name and that this Vas person had been on the bus and that this package belonged to him.

      I set out on an epic quest, scouring the internet to track down this Vas person. I tried Google, Facebook, Twitter. Eventually I tried the RoosterTeeth site itself and found him. I sent him a message explaining the situation and he enthusiastically replied saying that he would pick it up. Then I woke up.

      I then rushed to the computer and searched for Vas. This is what I found.

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