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    • The Chargerram77 Comic Archive

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      Posted here will be all the comics of Chargerram77.

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    • A newfound appreciation.

      7 years ago


      I love the community comics group and I especially love Chargerram77's comics. They are just simply marvelous. I thought it was high time that I made a group to show my appreciation for his work.

      P.S. I am pretty well aware that there are only 2 people that read my journal updates. One of them being him.

    • Eurogamer

      7 years ago


      So I went to the Eurogamer expo this weekend. It was absolutely awesome. I tried out a bunch of new games including Sonic Generations, Uncharted 3, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Metal Gear Solid 3D, etc. The list goes on.

      Also got to try out the retro arcade. I couldn't believe my luck when I got to try out an old Vectrex machine. Soo much fun. The indie arcade was fantastic too. A lot of great new talent and some old indie game veterans showed off their more recent creations

      It was all great... except for one thing.
      There was a booth near the Insert Coin T-Shirt booth that was advertising some gaming clan thing with the aid of copious amounts of energy drinks.

      Now it may not have happened exactly like this, but to me this is what it looked like. Some guy wearing a Bethesda T-shirt, who I assumed had come from the Skyrim exhibition, had walked up the gaming clan booth, was offered an energy drink and then sat in a chair in front of the booth. A tall blonde woman then walked up to him and they started talking. Within 2 minutes she was massaging his head and shoulders and a look of sheer bliss was upon this man's face. I looked away and back again and he had gone. I turned my head to find him and saw a man that fit the description of him walking away with an energy drink in one hand and a spring in his step.


      7 years ago


      So, back to school means homework. Ok, I mean it's not exactly difficult but having to watch Twilight for Film Studies because finding a film with a female director is impossible. (Seriously, this world needs more female directors. Having Twilight as a representation of the work a female director can do is not a good example)

      Of course I didn't buy the DVD. Blockbuster is still going fairly strong here in Britain, so I'm renting it (with about 7 other films) Honestly though, I'm not sure which is the bigger injustice; having to watch Twilight or the fact that in Blockbuster it is classified as a horror film.

      Oh yeah, and the new season of My Little Pony is awesome.

    • Changes

      7 years ago


      I had my first day at sixth form college today.
      The teachers are nice.
      The students are awesome.
      The school is great.


      Meeting new people is horrible.
      Learning names is difficult.
      Days are long.

      However, I'm definately not complaining about the extra long breaks and the lie ins and the leaving early.

    • Join us! JOIN US!

      7 years ago


      Trying to convert friends to Roosterteeth. Y'know making someone a fully fledged community member is much harder than I imagined. Also, I'm pretty sure they would know who I'm talking about if they read this... ah well.

      Welcome to the church of Roosterteeth. Please take off your shoes.

    • Great games that no one has heard of.

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      There are a lot of games that come out each year, but it seems most of us (myself included) really only hear about the big releases.

      Even with the popularity of indie games rising at the moment, I still really only see the most popular ones come to the surface.

      So this is for people who have found great games that, well, no one has heard of.

      If you find a good game that has had little attention, whether it be new or old, it'd be great to know about it.

      There was an old thread on this but it seems to have been deleted or something.

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    • Real Life Achievements

      7 years ago


      Inspired by the 'Real Life Achievements' videos and the sheer brutal reality that life isn't like Scott Pilgrim, me and a few friends have decided to make a list of real life achievements too.

      Here's our draft list..

      50G - Master of self control - No sexual pleasure for a year.

      10G - Bright Eyes - Walk into a lampost.

      10G - 28 Beers Later - Throw up onto someone else.

      20G - Setting an example - Get Hired and Fired from work in the same day.

      10G - Congrats - Get mugged, then Mace yourself.

      5G - Danger Danger! - Lick a Battery.

      10G - Bollox - Get kicked in the nuts.

      5G - Twat.- Tell Someone your PIN

      5G - Splut - Drop a ice cream.

      5G - Lowest of the low - Steal candy from a baby

      10G - Foreign Correspondent - Talk to someone in there own language, by slowly speaking English and make erratic hand gestures.

      5G - 8 Legged Freaks! - Run away from a spider, Screaming.

      10G - Angelina who? - Find out your Ex is now dating a celebrity

      10G - Just Sad - Cheat at poker, Then lose.

      25G - It's simple! - Learn how to play 'Caravan'

      5G - Get some pussy - Tread on your cat by mistake.

      5G - Shattered - Walk into a glass pane/window

      10G - Slut - Wear a skirt lower cut than a belt.

      25g - Mrs Doubtfire - Wear women's clothing in public.

      5G - FUCK - Run out of toilet paper in a public restroom.

      30G - Congrats Bro - Sleep with a chick with a massive Adams Apple

      10G - ABORT! - Get Caught watching Porn.

      10G - Our Song - Sing a duet of 'Your Song' in front of others.

      15G - One more block - Play videogames nonstop for 48 hours.

      50G - Master of self control - No sexual pleasure for a year.

      5G - I'm Auburn! - Die your hair ginger regardless of if it is already ginger.

      10G - You play Minecraft! - Play Minecraft for 24 hours.

      5G - Suit Up! - Pick a wingman

      20G - On the beach - Get arrested for public indecency

      10G - You shall not pass! - Block a doorway from a stranger

      25G - Ignorance is bliss - Deliberately try and get dumped.

      10G - Slow Motion - Drink 3 litres of Coffee in one Day

      10G - I'm not as think as you drunk I am. - Throw up and carry on drinking.

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