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    • Tomatoes!!!!

      13 years ago


      I am making tomatoes for anyone who wants one. They can be nice or evil, whatever I choose is what you get (sorry, it is too confusing to get everthing straightened out). If you want one personal message me, leave the message in the journal, or leave a message at my tomato pic with your username on it. Donations will be greatly accepted. I will be doing this for as long as I can so...if you want one ask. I have made 4 tomatoes smiley11.gifsmiley11.gif smiley0.gif

    • My Sad Attempt...

      13 years ago


      I made a magic card for the first isn't very good but I can still make them for people to get better at it. Just message me with a picture or comment here. Donations for this will go to the contest I am holding so read this, NOMINATIONS ARE STILL HERE, I NEED PEOPLE IN THIS.

    • Poetry

      13 years ago


      My reading teacher Mrs. Powell is making us do poetry about a made up place that is like paradise to you. And there has to be a refrain. I just finished and the poem sucks because I'm not a good poet at all smiley4.gif . So here is what I've got. Also Lotto 3 is here and the Photo Contest is also here.

      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      There lies a very small place
      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      Much food to stuff your face

      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      There are very many trees
      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      Take as much fruit as you please

      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      Everyone is glad
      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      No one is ever sad

      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      This village stands alone
      Over the hill, on top of the mountain
      You have to find it on your own

    • Contest

      13 years ago


      I will be holding a photo contest now. Just find a photo and do whatever you want to it (I perfer funny). Contest will end whenever I feel like enough have entered. Tell people about this. The winner will get a secret amount of mods + donations to the contest. You can post up to three pictures, because I don't want a full page of pics. So go out there and find yourself some pics. Also, no pics of half naked women please, that disgusts me. Thank you and have fun. smiley0.gif

      I don't see why people have made a big deal over 400,000, I mean what about other numbers like 396,054 or 129,384 those people also deserve some credit for what they have done. If you think that I am right mod my journal. I am happy that roosterteeth has gotten to 400,000 users, but you just don't see people go around and say, "Congrats on 396,054 user". It's just something to think about.

    • Wiggles Quiz

      13 years ago


      Find out which Wiggle you are-

      1) What is your favorite color
      a. red
      b. blue
      c. yellow
      d. purple

      2. Which kind of facial feature do you like
      a. a very bushy goatee
      b. handlebar mustache
      c. pointed goatee
      d. unibrow

      3. If you could be any animal, what would you be
      a. monkey
      b. elephant
      c. wolf
      d. cat

      4. Out of this list, what car would you drive
      a. Ferrari
      b. Porsche
      c. Hummer
      d. Ram 1500

      5. What is your GPA at school around
      a. 2.0
      b. 4.0
      c. 1.0
      d. 3.0

      6. Why are you taking this quiz
      a. You want my mod for being first post
      b. You truely want to know what wiggle you are
      c. You are bored
      d. You think that this is exciting

      If you got mostly a's then you are the red wiggle
      you are greedy, have a good social life, need to learn more

      If you got mostly b's then you are the blue wiggle
      you are smart, ready for any obstacle, but you need a better social life

      If you got mostly c's then you are the yellow wiggle
      you are retarded and a jock who has no plans for his future, socializes a lot but is sometimes pesimistic

      If you got mostly d's then you are the purple wiggle
      you are pretty smart, you have an OK social life, and you are optimistic

      Post here what you got

      Now im gonna tally them up out of 13 people the total and percentage is...
      Blue -6-
      Red -2 -
      Yellow -3 -
      Purple -2 -

    • Song

      13 years ago


      You probably saw that annoying little userbar that says dotdot smiley on it. I will now tell you a wierd story of how I made up the little song.

      In our art class in 5th grade, we had our art projects on something I did not want to do. After we finish our project if there was free time, we could draw random things on a piece of paper while the others finish. So I just started drawing smiley faces and frowny faces when Nick comes by and we make up the short little song DotDot Smiley. It is kind of like that song This is the Song that Never Ends. So the song is:

      Dot dot Smiley :)
      dotdot frowny :(
      dot dot medium :I
      and this is how the song goes.

      1142515474.gif You can take this if you want.

    • Funny Videos/Games

      13 years ago


      This is a funny show of puppets, just click here.

      If you dont like cats, go here.

      A lot of people have seen this video, but if you haven't go here and watch.

      This is really wierd and long, go here.

      Lotto 3 is still going on here.

    • Lotto 3

      13 years ago


      Pick 3 numbers from 0-7 and post here and please put dashes on your guess between numbers

      Prize is 10 mods, or higher depending on how many mods you want to put in the pot.
      If there is no winner, than prize will be carried over to next week.
      Only 1 free post, then if you want more posts pay a mod for each
      Numbers will be repeating or just different
      I will not post if the answer is correct or not on the journal, I will wait until the contest finishes

      Of course like I said before Donations are welcome.

    • My Awards

      13 years ago


      ^all awarded by trigunnerjin^
      ^awarded by jewbacca^__________________^awarded by PDeath^
      ^awarded by rudifett^
      ^awarded by Kenny117^

    • Contest Info

      13 years ago


      This is where all the information on contests are. Please leave feedback.

      1. Deal or No Deal - This game is an easy way to get 1-20 mods. Pretty much like the game show.

      2. 10 Questions - I will ask you 1 question at a time. These questions are about anything. Every question right awards you _____________-2 mods
      _____________-There is no penelization for wrong answers. You have 4 minutes for each question. You can use Google or _____________-other sources.

      3. Lottery - This is where I get 30-100 people (depending on how many mods I have) to get in random numbers. I will use the ________-Random Number Generator to get my number. Whoever (can be more than one) has that number, gets all (or
      ________-splits) the pot.

      4. Giveaways - This is anything I want to give out mods. It could be, first 5 posts get 7 mods, or something. It could be 1st, 5th, ____________and 10th post get 25 mods. It is a chance to get mods if you post at the right time. It could also be 100th post ____________gets 100 mods.

      5. Voting Contests - I do not do many of these. You have probably seen these on other users profiles. These are just like. I ______________--might change it up, but not anything major.

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