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    • shockin stuff really =p

      9 years ago


      =] I has one last confession to make Im a girl on the inside not that it wasnt noticable and if my ex never noticed well showed how much she really cared. my Ex can rant but it explains why she wore the trousers in our relationship =]

      xxx pussy cat really wish you could have talked to me and truly known the real me. (but whats a spiolt brat to do when she cant get her own way?) find someone else I suppose.

      Oh for an explanation to anyone. I had GF she deliberately chose to cheat on me and hide it for a whole month. Im out of i with my dignity and honour respect intact she can lie all she likes she'll never have be any of those things. Yes I wasangry but I had every right not that I had the chnce to do much as it was over the phone yes such a coward.

      so onwards Ive gotter rebuild my dreams =] its so liberating

      I dunno what friends I have left online been awhile on here possible to make new account or check some forums out. hehe on to the Purple coat Ive chased for so long. meh in fact Ill check whats goin on round here
      =o oh gosh did I come out there ? lol sorry for anything offensive some old fart somewhere will be like totally shaking their fists.


    • Im back

      9 years ago


      see all my ol chums on RvB er yeah Im stilll here hope ya werent worried about me busy being gay an all and kinda broken laptop that works when it feels like it . Also I has bad memory.

      Thats my grand excuse

      So =D Miss me?

      P.S. Ill try be on most nights

    • quick journal as i should be working

      10 years ago


      I am now officailly a God of Resident Evil 5 =D Ive completed all trophies and Im playing with the big boys on Mercenaries mode (all the japanese players) I have a massive score of over 400 000 on the mines level =D

      Now I can say things into my mic like 'Poor performance indeed!' >=[ and other Wesker lines cos Im badass
      Seriously I know the Japanese are the Gods of gaming but its amazing what skill Ive picked up from them. I doubt Ill get abywhere near the top 100 but with practice Ill get somewhere. Its not fair cos all the top players use Wesker

      So yeah Im still here will post a reveiw when i can be bothered Ive got it somewherre Ive just been busy with work and stuff.

      Also seen star trek was awesome. I choked in the first 5 minutes of the film i repeat I choked I absolutely did not cry ok? Wanna see Wolverine Origins looks awesome even if the specail effects are supposed to be bad its freaking Hugh Jackman =D

    • Counting the days

      10 years ago


      Resident Evil 5 is less than 3 weeks away the tension is unbearable and any minute now my head will blow up
      the days are flying past

      its been in the making for so long its hard to believe its almost here

      I heard my GF may be gettng a PS3 =D which makes me exited because Ive fallen in love with Co-Op games oh and I loves my new headset =D

      heres a trailer I know is a 360 trailer but its epic (I have nothing against Xbox players except those idiots in Live man do I feel sorry for you guys)


      It doesnt matter what console deep down we are all gamers.
      I just dont like how the big corperations treat us with delays, exclusives, and stuff

    • Tired of waiting

      10 years ago


      Ive pre ordered Resident Evil 5 Collecters Edition for PS3

      So as you can imagine Im really hyper =D

      If that wasnt enough I get to play the demo on PSN on Feb 5. of course Xbox players can play the demo a week earlier, Im not getting into that cos Ill explode with anger. Still I recommend you download it.

      Lets just hope Capcom doesnt decide to push the release date back further, Ive never felt so wound up like this before and it would really suck.

    • Video games and anime rant

      10 years ago


      So many igorant adults (including my mum =o)repeatedly tell me Im childish for owning a PS3 and liking anime, then ask how old I am. Im 21 =D

      Im aware that video games should be played with fun in mind Im talking about non games looking down there noses games in general. f you wanna kow yes my games seriously and I rock at RE =]

      why do they think that a game console is childish? why is the video game business not tken seriously as a form of entertainment? I dont see some young kid go spend anything up to £300 on a console just to treat it as a toy I mean what a waste. People refuse to realise its a varied media with games rated from 3+ to 18 with is pointless anywaybecause no one pays attention to it.

      Another comment I got was 'I suppose your fighting demons' which is a vague comment in itself. I know thats to made fun of me and gamers in general.
      I suppose they are hinking video games are stupid based on witnessing sonic, mario and the likes on the Wii. so bearing that in mind I declare TV is childish based on shows like The Simpsons and Tweenies and er Teletubies. Ignoring westerns horrors and action films and others.

      Whilst Im ranting here Anime is rated as childish cos its a cartoon. people should wacth Ninja Schroll before declaring it suitable for a 5 year old. Theres some messed up stuff in there. sex scenes and violence so gory and brutal it wouldnt be shown on TV if it were live action. 'But hey' says some idiot 'it looks like a cartoon so its for kids'

      its thinking like this that lets 10 year olds play adult themes games.
      Halo 3 RE4 and GTA4 have all been declared childish 'cos they are on a console' or 'interacting/playing a game'
      I thinkbecause its called a game it conjures up images of kids.

      RE5 hasnt even come out yet and already its sparked rows on racism and violence with guns and knives
      My point is its not even out yet and its judged not because of racism no these people dont think about that they think its for kids. its insane thinking and has left me astonished at peoples ignorance.

      PS sorry for ranting my blood was boiling

    • Happy new year

      10 years ago


      I always get confused and think its still christmas when New year comes round so I still go round wishing people merry christmas >.<

      So I had my GF over for new year =D I went better than expected but still family parties are never that great =/
      everyone was determined to humiliate me. Still it was great all the same. and I got Emilee a Hello Kitty bag I myself have started taking a liking to Hello Kitty o.O Im not gay its so adorable

      Had to go out forbreakfast cos I cant cook =/ and o one trusts me to have a go. Emilee mad my weekend Im really happy.

    • New Coat

      10 years ago


      Finally I have the Jokers trench coat Replica from TDK. Iv had t get it custom made =o
      Finllyu a new trademark coat (one that I actually like for once) Ive needed a new coat for ages Ive made do with fleeces and hoodies in the manwhile.

      So Custom made yeah my GF gonna be pissed off =o I shoud have the coat by the end of January not to worry Ive had funds set aside so this purchase doesnt interfere with my relationship and board and other important stuff. These things can continue s normal and I can even treat my GF Ill have to when I get the coat Emilees gonna be so angry =[

      Still Im pretty damn excited cos its not just the coat Im getting. =D I am go excited right now

      Victory is Mine =DD

    • Hallelujah

      10 years ago


      Hallelujah is my favourite love song and I have song thing to say on the subject

      First thing Id like to rant at is X Factor is a show for emotionally shallow and gullable people I mean the show plays on sad stories ad cheesy music so much its not even funny. This year I fell Alexandra Burke generally deserved to win when evry other contestant begged and whined about some tragic past to get themselve throught to the finals Pleeeeeeease give me a break.

      Alexandra Burke the latest winner of the X Factor, its her first single. Im always open for new interpretations of songs. Ok the fact that Alexandra Burke actually won prove me wrong and the show isnt fixed and fr once a contestant actually sang an awesome song instead of the usual sh*t of cheesy love songs and crap pop music my mortal enemy. The fact that the christmas number one is off a TV talent show is so sad I mean grow up people listen to real music. People spend way too much time in front of a damn TV.

      Ok so my main problems with it is well Alison Crowe has done the song before and done it better In fact wait a minute Alexandra Burke sounds like Mariah Carey/Leona Lewis Ive heard enough songs like that I want something fresh.

      Then theres Rufus Wainright's take another tearjerker which is probably the most famous as its been on a movie Shrek. Sure its a different style but its great cos agian its simpe whicha piano not the whole damn orchestra and dramatic drums fireworks. It just goes to prove how shallow the audience of X Factor really is. That show is past its time its over the magics gone. Talent shows need to pack in for a while at this rate peopel will be bored to death come the next series.

      Before anyone starts ranting at me ye Alexandra can sing very well but sadly this is X Factor we are talking about. Its not her that let the song down I thought it was great in parts but the music is appalling I mean the drums the choir and all other overdramatic stuff that is like pointless.
      Hallelujah is a dark song and the music misses the point of it its uplifting for start, this song is supposed to reduce you to tears or at least pull at your heart strings. The music hre didnothing but undermine her and frankly it didnt upset me at all ots so fake.

      Jeff Buckley has so much emotion in the song and the slow guitar well it kills me every time
      It is a masterpiece My GF thinks its slow/crap start but I think it adds to a broken man feel ya know a guy whos just had his heart broken.

      The key thing is the best verse was entirely missed out I strained to listen for it but no she didnt sing it >=[

      Well there was a time when you let me know
      What's really going on below
      But now you never show that to me, do you?
      But remember when I moved in you
      And the holy dove was moving too
      And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

      I cant stop fuming at this. moving on, as well as the single I sure hope they release the live version co se cracked up cryng and mssed half the lines which was awesome at least it feels right.

      oh yeah and then theres Leonard Cohen I just dont like that version great song but no thx the covers outshine the origenal Oh in future someone should add the other verses too cos this ones great

      I did my best, it wasn't much
      I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
      I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
      And even though
      It all went wrong
      I'll stand before the Lord of Song
      With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

      Man that is just touching I dunno why it was excluded from the covers hmm ok enough

      thx for letting me vent here =D

    • Chrimbo

      10 years ago


      I still need to do christmas shopping this week =o


      Ive given my GF her presents for christmas but miraculously whilst I wasnt looking and I was was in another room she magically opened 2 of them =o Emilee got herself a dress and I had to get the make up and stuff you see I would have bought her the dress too but she wasnt having any of it =[

      Naturally I have The Dark Knight on Blu Ray my GF calls me a mug for believing its better than DVD
      It is I tell you =o I was watching it in HD for the first time ever and I was like *drool* well thats my christmas present I got it early still no sign of the purple coat though, must look on Ebay or somewhere.

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