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    • The rabbit.

      13 years ago


      I heard a good joke today, and i thought, i'll share it with you guys. So:
      The fox, and the wolf are just sitting bored on the edge of the forrest.
      - Hey, man, - sais the fox. - Let's beat the rabbit!
      - Ok, good idea, but why? - asks the wolf.
      - Let's see. i got it! If he wears a hat, we'll beat him for that, if he not, we'll beat him for that.
      So, they are looking for the rabbit, they find him, and they beat him beacause he haven't got a hat on his head.
      The day after, they are sitting again bored.
      - Hey, man, - sais the fox. - Let's kick the rabbits ass again.
      - Ok, but now for what?
      - Listen, we're gonna ask him to give us a cigarette. If he gives us one without filter, for that, if he gives us with filter, for that.
      They find the rabbit.
      - Hey, buddy, don't you have a cigarette for us?
      - Sure, guys. how do you want it, with or without filter?
      - Look, wolf. - sais the fox, - He ain't got a hat yet.

    • New again

      14 years ago


      Oh, man. It's been a while since I last visited my profile (or what) on this site. And now my Karma Level is 0. Oh, cruel destiny!!!

    • Who would play them in the SH movie?

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      I would like to discuss about your opinion, who would be the best actor to play the characters for the Strangerhood? I thought Gweneth Paltrow would be great in the role of Chatrine, and Dolf Lundgren as Griggs. Any other ideas?

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    • How the audio part is made in a movie.

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      I'm curious, how they make the sound in the movies. what is the software, or technology they use, to make the voice sound like its far away, for example, Or how they make it sound, like its behind a wall, or this kind of effects. If anybody has answers, write them.

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    • About myself...

      14 years ago


      My name is Vincze-Nagy András. My nationality is hungarian, and I live in Romania, in a beautyful city called Oradea.
      I had borned on 28.march.1984, I'm 20 now. I'm a medical student, someday I want to be a good doctor.
      My hobbies are movies, PC games (I prefer quest games), and music. I'm a member in a rockmusic project, called Enactment.
      We make music with trackers. My nickname is actually Devi-ques, but I couldn't use the "-" symbol in the username. If anyone is interested in the Enactment's music you can visit It's in hungarian,we plan an english version too. My favorites are Iron Maiden, My Dying Bride, Apocalyptica, Deep Purple, In Flames. I don't really like nu-metal, and I hate little kids pretending that they are the hardest rockers on the world, and listening to Slipknot, and other non-musical sh*t, just to show how agressive they are. It suxx, that nowadays rock-music is associated with satanism, and this kind of stuff. Rock is made to listen to, to feel its sad melodies, and to realize that music can be made only with real instruments, not with strange noises.
      My real passion is my girlfriend, Eszter. She is an angel, I can tell. I met her at the school, she is one of my yearmates. We are together for almost 20 months, and we love each other as much as we can. It is true that we have a few fights (nearly every day), but none of them are big enogh to break our relationship. There is nothing in the world that can break our love. She likes Strangerhood too, she has to, but she is a real Charmed-fan. I will upload some pictures for you to see her. it's from one of her friends wedding.
      Bye for now, nothing more to write about myself (yet).

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