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    • Thanks to Gus and the RT Docs Crew for Common Ground

      10 months ago

      DiegoMorales Diego Morales

      I just finished watching Common Ground and I wanted to say thank you @gus . Thank you for helping people from the community seeing this side of the story. 

      Even though I'm not an immigrant (I'm from Mexico City) I've had the privilege of travelling abroad (both for pleasure and for studying) and the times in which I've felt discriminated because of my skin color or when I tell people where I'm from have been too many. This has always been a thing, but ever since the Trump campaign I've felt so frustrated at how people may be influenced by his words. Demonizing people in my country, my family, my friends, my acquaintances just for the sake of making an argument. 

      So just the fact that you've shown there are people behind those news stories, people who are just down on their luck and who don't mean harm to anyone is so uplifting. Just so people can see that we're not all how the media or politicians say we are. 

    • 3 years ago

      DiegoMorales Diego Morales
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