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    • Finished My First RTX

      2 years ago


      And I don't have a single regret coming out of it. Those three days flew by so fast and I got to see some amazing things along the way.
      I attended the Funhaus and Cowchop panels on day one with some new-found friends then I hit the expo floor 

      Then I went to the Lets Play Bumper Creative Workshop with Justin Young and Brian Behm where we got to mess around with different materials and work together in groups to come up with and film some potential Let's Play video bumpers. Afterwards I got to listen to Glitch Please talk about PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds for 60 minutes and watch Ryan try to make a paper airplane.Then i caught up with Funhaus again at their Dude Soup panel, centered around kindness and the many ways Adam Kovic can kill a baby.

      And on the last day I decided to finally bring my camera with me and snap a few photos of the con and of cosplayers. Went to the expo floor again and got some good shots, went back to the Let's Play workshop and watched Justin edit what our group shot yesterday. Tried to make the RWBY panel but decided it wasn't worth the seating I was left with and bailed to wait in line for the Fake AH Crew Escape Room. I waited in line for 5 hours only to find out that I was going to be grouped up with Funhaus and Aaron Marquis. It was such a great way to end my first RTX.

      To all the Guardians and Rooster Teeth staff that put on an amazing RTX this 2017, thank you so freaking much for one of the best experiences of my life <3

    • Going to RTX this Year

      2 years ago


      And I'm excited! Or nervous. I can't tell. I should probably go into it with low expectations, given that I did start planning for this as late as the beginning of this summer.

      I kinda missed the opportunity to sign up for a signing, since they're all sold out except for people I have no idea who they are. So I'm just going to take some advice I saw and plan to go to about a panel a day and plan around those. 

      Anyways, see you all there.

    • 2 years ago

    • Interning in L.A.

      3 years ago


      Hey guys! Man, I haven't touched my account in a while. It's kind of dusty actually. Anyways, thought I post a little somethin-somethin here since it's been a while (I should probably be more active in the community)

      But anyways, as the title says, I'm interning in L.A. right now for a company called Film 44 (Soon to be Film 45). Headed by director Peter Berg, they've done work on Battleship, Friday Night Lights (Television Series), and Lone Survivor.
      So far I haven't been doing much production wise, probably since the company is in the middle of moving offices, but I've been busy reading scripts, packing boxes, and making runs for them. It's been enjoyable so far and the other people I've meet in this small company have been a joy to talk and work with!

      I'll try to do a daily or weekly update of sorts then with my times here in L.A. so you guys can go on this little adventure with me. See yah soon!

    • Hah well lets see...

      4 years ago


      I just back to school from home and the holidays which were nice and relaxing and had all the nice homie hectic moments to go along with being with family again for a month

      Anyways, just gunna try catching back up to with the all the RT content I missed


      Got myself a Cannon Rebel T5i for Christmas and I'll start posting vids and pics I take with it as soon as I can, I wanna show off my band new baby~

    • Updates

      4 years ago


      Guess I should start doing these on a weekly bases huh? (I keep ignoring to post here and I don't know why)

      Anyways I haven't been up to much. If anything I've worked a good portion of my summer as a waiter for my parents restaurant. Been able to save up a hefty amount of money by doing it too.
      Annnnd taking into consideration what happened last year with my money and college, a lot of that is going into a savings account >>

      Other than that I've been hanging around with my gf and browsing the internet looking for something entertaining...well I have been wanting to see if i could binge the entire RvB series cause I still haven't seen any of it yet ...oddly enough smiley4.gif

      How have you summers been guys?

    • So should I post like some Persona 4 screenshots

      5 years ago


      Cause they're pretty funny out of context

      how bout it?

    • Hey guys :D

      5 years ago


      Whatcha all been up to? Damn I haven't posted a journal here in forever I bet you guys forgot about me huh??


      Anyways hope you've guys been well! I've been juggling college and social life, updating other media about my doings but not this site cause I dunno tumblr. seems to be more entertaining with all the drama and shit going on there all the time smiley7.gif

      But yeah I just browse around here time to time and comment in the forums like everyone else does

      Video game wise I got Titanfall and I gotta admit it's a shit ton of fun running around and jumping all around the maps, just wish it didn't sell for full price, isn't worth that much smiley4.gif

    • COD and the Coliseum

      in Forums > COD and the Coliseum | Follow this topic


      Would you compare COD and other online FPS to that of a gladiatorial match in the Coliseum? Of course it's a bit more civilized but is the idea the same: Death as a form of entertainment?

      4 replies

    • That feeling...

      5 years ago


      You get when you really admire people and when you watch them on this site you feel like you're actively stalking them it's like

      "I really like what you do, and one day I wanna work with you gu- shit...is that too weird?"

      Though unfortunately I see a lot of people wanted to work for the Rooster Teeth group, so gotta make myself stand out, ya know?

      But yeah, that feeling and the one you get when you look at a screen for too long and your eyes start to hurt, but you're not tired and you wanna close your eyes UGH IT SUUUUUuuuuucks
      when your eyelid muscles start having small spasms for no reason what-so-ever

      Anyway yeah, journal ending here smiley4.gif

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