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    • On Recent Events in the Industry

      4 years ago


      So, I've tried really hard to avoid commenting on this whole "Quinnspiracy" thing, but some of the recent responses from major industry sites have led me to go on a rant. Anyone who cares about my opinion can check it out here

    • Dear Video Game Industry

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      So, apparently IGN has thrown their hat into this whole mess in the fallout of the so called "Quinnspiracy". You can see their comments here. But I'm not really going to get into the specifics of that one company's response.

      Throughout this entire process, I have remained stubbornly neutral. I personally did not feel well-informed enough to take a side, but what information I did find seemed to indicate Quinn was less than innocent. The behavior elicited in response to that, from some portions of the internet, has been reprehensible. It is a minority representative, but it is still more than any person could possibly deserve.

      And yet, my issue does not lie there. The response from the so called "Gaming Industry" has been overwhelming, and absurdly one sided. There are those rare few journalists who don't immediately run to defend Quinn, but they are few and far between, and their voices are buried. Instead, for some reason, the overall response from the industry has been to immediately attack the culture they supposedly represent.

      So let's talk about you, Gaming industry. Let's talk about the years of allegations of corruption. Let's talk about the skewed rating schemes, the rumors of distributors "buying" a good review with ad revenue, the implications made that editors pressure their writers not to offend certain companies. Let's talk about how, when a (coincidentally) female developer was slammed for rumored corruption, you all rushed to protect her from the misogynists.

      I find the whole thing frustrating, and it reeks of hypocrisy. You accuse us, as an entire culture, of being archaic and outdated, and yet you describe what is a minority of the culture you disparage. Your own statistics refute your accusations. Women are now the majority of gamers. The average age of gamers is higher than ever, we are older, more mature, and a wider range of individuals, and yet you attack us as a whole, in order to hide your own corruption, in order to mask your own flawed system.

      So, go ahead, sign your letters. Sign an open letter chastising a group of people who hardly exist, and represent a huge minority. But know that this was never about a woman. However indefensible their behavior may have been, the attacks were never about a woman being a woman. They were about proof of a corruption we had always suspected, but never validated.

      So screw you.

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    • Game Review #1: The Sims 4

      4 years ago


      Now, when I made the decision to start doing game reviews, I told myself that, every game, no matter how big or small it was, would get a fair amount of playtime in before I wrote the review. I would make my best effort to explore every nook and cranny before delivering an opinion out to the world.

      And so, on my first installment, I'm presented with a moral conundrum. I was mildly excited for The Sims 4. It's not a game I talk a lot about, but it's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy guiding the lives of my sims and orchestrating wacky hi-jink and tragic "accident" alike. And, to be fair, this core concept is alive and well. The basic game-play is unchanged, albeit with the welcome additions of emotions, which provide a much more natural narrative for how your sims react to situation, and the thoroughly satisfying ability to multi-task. (Watching my sim sit at a bar, eat chips, drink a drink, AND chat with 5 other sims all at once is one place this game truly delivered).

      But then I reached a point where I started finding holes. More, things I had come to expect as mainstays. I understand the absence of pets, as that will obviously be a rich installment down the line. But, the lack of some basic mainstays of construction confused me. Gone are pools. Gone are basements. Gone is any sort of home or structure without a foundation. The towns themselves are absolutely microscopic when compared to the previous installment, both of which rack up a staggering (sarcasm) 16 lot count.

      Yes, I said 16. Including community lots.

      All in all, the game-play is much richer than before, but the they delivered the experience with an altogether underwhelming package. Oh, did I mention the lack of public transportation? Cabs are gone as well. "That's all right!" you exclaim! "The upside of smaller towns is that you can just walk everywhere!" Well, you can, all the way until you reach a magical border somewhere outside whatever lot you're traveling to. Once you cross it, prepare for a disappointingly long load screen.

      I guess, in summary, I can't be too hard on The Sims. We've done this to ourselves. I know, for one, that I am guilty of (while somewhat begrudgingly) buying all of the expansions that Maxis pushed out for the previous installment. And EA has never shied away from trying to drag every dollar out of a consumer as it can. And that is my real takeaway from this. Maxis has released an excellent DLC platform. Solid gameplay, engaging mechanics, enjoyable activities, but severely lacking in content. Content I expect to see delivered piece by piece over the next few years.

      I'm going to take a moment to explain my "rating system". I have a mild distaste for numerical ratings. Instead, I'm going with a simple "Recommend, Don't Recommend, and Recommend*", system. The Sims provides an excellent opportunity to explain exactly what that means, as it get's a "Recommend*"

      What that means is, I do recommend the game to those who are interested, but I warn you; there is potential for disappointment, and, in this particular case, know that you're not just buying one game. You're buying a subscription to EA.

    • Feeling Left Out

      4 years ago


      Looking through my feed and seeing all the awesome shit the other community members are doing... I feel so uninspiring! Wish I had more stuff to share.

      Wait, hold on...

      -digging sounds-
      -drill noises-
      -pressurized air sounds-
      -monastic chanting-

      Here, I have something of value. I MATTER DAMN IT It's ... sort of a book. Kind of. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it's something I'm writing.

      Here it is

    • Fucking Madden

      4 years ago


      So, thanks to the fact that the new Madden records every touchdown, regardless of which team made it, I now have irrefutable proof that I am just, like, the worst at Madden.

    • General Chat

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      Just making a general chat topic for the group, partially because I wanted to share this

      Looking for female podcaster and promoteHello everybody I am looking for some help on a fan made podcast for fans and if anybody is interested in joining please leave a comment below

      Boy golly gee, does that podcast description sounds familiar!

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    • A Good Cause

      4 years ago


      If anyone is looking for a cause to donate their time or money to, I highly recommend you check out The Angels and their Extra Life campaign. @LadyOddDuck is running the whole thing, and I've got faith she's going to do a great job with it, so take a look and check it out, it's a great cause.

    • Gaming as an entertainment medium

      4 years ago


      This is a subject I've been passionate about for the last few years, and one that I think a lot of people in the gaming community have felt similar passions for.

      Gaming has had to grow a lot in the last decade. It's come a long way from pixelated adventures of one blob against that other blob, and has begun to develop into a true story-telling medium. Games like Mass Effect, which drew you into it's universe with it's complex, fascinating characters, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which entertained and shocked with it's set-piece action and dramatic storyline, have truly morphed it into a medium that tells stories as effectively as books and film can. We see this with titles like (my personal favorite example of this) Papers, Please, which manages to use a fairly simple gameplay mechanic and limited imagery to tell an amazingly complex and fascinating story.

      However, in spite of this, gaming has struggled to break out of it's role as "just a game". Mainstream authors, actors, and directors almost never have any involvement in the industry (excluding the occasional, abysmal movie tie in).

      But I think that's changing. The first stand-out example to me was "Beyond: Two Souls". Ellen Page (somewhat ironically, considering many were convinced that she partook in The Last of Us") stepped in as an actual character, lending her facial expressions and voice, with legendary Hans Zimmer contributing to the score.

      Now, we see Silent Hills, which is actually being described as "Starring Norman Reedus", and is being co-developed by Guillermo del Toro, and the upcoming "Until Dawn", which stars Hayden Panettiere as a major character, we're actually starting to see a crossover between the industries. This tells me that people are beginning to take notice.

      It's easy to sit within a community, surrounded by like minded individuals, and tell yourself "Yes, this is important, and people know what it is and know all about it." When you step outside the community, you begin to see the lack of recognition that games receive as a true medium of storytelling. And me personally, I see this as a sign that that is actually, finally, changing.

    • Video Game Reviews

      4 years ago


      So, it's occurred to me, since I spend an absurd amount of money on video games already, I may as well make something useful out of it. Not everyone is as willing/able to spend such significant portions of their paycheck every month on video games, I'll lend a helping hand and provide some insight on games as they come out.

      First game review will either be Destiny or Sims 4, and will be posted to my journal as I make them. I'm already planning on getting a large portion of the upcoming releases in the next few months, and will put in at least a few days on each game before I throw down.

      So, if you've got some decision making to do, and need a third party suggestion, just stand by and wait for Dissent's Reviews!

      Christ, that was corny. Just read what I say, it'll be interesting, I promise.

    • Skype Thread

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      Just a quick thread for everyone to dump their skype usernames into, so that I can contact everyone next week.

      Drop 'em here!

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