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    • Beanster18

      13 years ago

      allo, just cruisin round.
      I live in Brissie and im 16. wanna chat?

    • ebolt1

      13 years ago

      want to fuck?

    • Screwy_Lewy

      14 years ago

      hey melanie i aussie to, nice to meet ya

    • wucka

      14 years ago

      kool i like the shows u like but never heard of invader ZIM, AvP rulz kool

    • cumbo87

      14 years ago

      gday... Dont mind me, just browsing, finding all the Aussie's here at RvB

    • Smegger

      14 years ago

      heey a queenslander!

    • scramcam

      14 years ago

      hey wattup melanie

    • cult

      14 years ago

      hey mel

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