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    • An Ornithological Issue

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      I have a confession... I don't know how to use Twitter. I resisted it when it came out all those years back 'cos I'm a cool kid, right, I need to hate the popular thing. Anyway, I finally caved. I need to set up and run a Twitter account for work but I figured now I actually follow online shit I would like to get involved with a personal account too.

      Thing is... So I've got an account, I went through the initial steps and I'm now "following" some interests... What throws me is... I'm used to Facebook and YouTube comments. Someone puts up something you want to comment on, you click comment.

      How the fuck does that work on Twitter? Is that where the # thing comes in? Seriously, I am so lost right now... And I want to share my massively important thoughts and opinions with a wider community, ya dig?

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    • Don't Free Edgar or How I Learned To Stop Fearing & Love The Mad King

      3 years ago


      Day 1 - Stumbled across a video on YouTube of some people playing "Frogger" on GTAV. Fucking hilarious. Is there more of this shit? I got a whole night to kill...

      Day 2 - No sleep... too many videos. Just watched them fleeing semis on bikes. Who are these people? And why did it take me so many years to find this channel? What's next... Hmm... "Michael's Heist"? That's the angry Jersey boy, right? Not sure how they can top what I've seen so far though...

      Day 3 - I have tears running down my face and a stabbing pain in my chest from laughing. I can now put names and faces to the voices, even those two buggers who sound almost exactly the same. The dude with the skull mask, Ryan? Yeah, that's my kind of psycho killer...

      Day 7 - How much content do these people have? I'm in gamer geek heaven! AND IN THE WRONG FUCKING JOB!

      Day 9 - RT Shorts... Who is Joel and how can I have him in my life? Wonder if I can find more content with him in... "On The Spot"? Sure, why not...

      Day 10 - I swore I'd never play Minecraft, it's all my nephew ever talks about and I never considered it a "real" game. What an arrogant, naive fool I was. Only a hundred or so episodes in and I'm hooked, I've brought the game. Can't remember when I last ate but I need to grow wheat!


      Day 42 - This last month or so has changed my life, no shitting. These people are doing everything that I always wanted to do, growing up, but always got told that there was no future or security in it. Thanks for nothing, career advisory "expert". And around Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, an entire community of like-minded fellows! I can talk to people about things that we're all interested in, rather than cars or football or casual intimacies; said topics had always left me feeling I was defective since I was alone in being uninterested in such matters. The world now seems so much bigger to me, full of so much more potential now that I know people can succeed doing what they enjoy. And that so many enjoy what they do, as well! Mind = blown. Don't know what to think anymore. All I know is..


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      Hey dude. Been a while since I've seen you around. Hope all's well.

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