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    • My Final Fantasy Marathon Stats

      1 year ago


      So last year I decided that during the obligatory summer games drought (Catherine won't be released here for another 2 weeks) that I would finish every Final Fantasy game that I had never done before which at the time was Final Fantasy I III V and VI.

      However things didn't turn out that way and I ended playing EVERY mainline (single player) Final Fantasy game including any sequels or spin-off to said games. The only exception being Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII due to it being unreleased in English. Also Dirge of Cerberus doesn't appear in this list due to the game being borrowed by someone when I wanted to check the stats but I did complete it.

      So below is a list of all the games I played in numerical order (not the order I played them) along with the characters in my party their levels, jobs, HP, MP and the last place I saved and how long I had been playing.

      Final Fantasy

      Last Save: Game Clear 11:32

      Gil : 522331

      Cloud, Knight, Level 47

      HP 835 MP 102

      Yang, Master, Level 47

      HP 617 MP 0

      Yuna, White Wizard, Level 47

      HP 631 MP 593

      Vivi, Black Wizard, Level 47

      HP 414 MP 710

      Final Fantasy II

      Last Save: Mysidia 15:52

      Gil: 818243


      HP 2932 MP 230


      HP 1333 MP 157


      HP 6310 MP 15


      HP 2010 MP 5

      Soul of Rebirth

      Last Save: SoR Clear 4:53

      Gil: 331761


      HP 1534 MP 372


      HP 3289 MP 295


      HP 2297 MP16


      HP 3453 MP 20

      Final Fantasy III

      Last Save: Game Clear 24:53

      Gil: 1242221

      Luneth, Dark Knight, Level 61, Job Level 74

      HP 3695

      Arc, Magus, Level 61, Job Level 43


      Refia, Devout, Level 61, Job Level 40

      HP 3511

      Ingus, BlackBelt, Level 61, Job Level 59

      HP 3935

      Final Fantasy IV

      Last Save: Game Clear 20:23

      Gil: 7917723

      Kain, Level 68

      HP 4925 MP 0

      Rosa, Level 68

      HP 3917 MP 566

      Cecil, Level 69

      HP 5332 MP 282

      Rydia, Level 65

      HP 2976 MP 609

      Yang, Level 67

      HP 7124 MP 0

      Final Fantasy IV The After Years

      Last Save: Game Clear 14:14

      Gil: 6353

      Kain, Level 65

      HP 5245 MP 300

      Rosa, Level 66

      HP 3830 MP 588

      Cecil, Level 67

      HP 5473 MP 278

      Rydia, Level 67

      HP 3178 MP 709

      Edge, Level 67

      HP 4655 MP 309

      Final Fantasy V

      Last Save: Interdimentional Rift 24:43

      Gil: 59398

      Bartz, Freelancer, Level 40

      HP 2934 MP 211

      Reina, Freelancer, Level 39

      HP 2100 MP 337

      Krile, Freelancer, Level 40

      HP 2831 MP 219

      Faris, Mime, Level 40

      HP 2900 MP 330

      Final Fantasy VI

      Last Save: Kefka’s Tower 25:53

      Gil: 420420

      Terra, Level 46

      HP 3327 MP 581

      Edgar, Level 45

      HP 3259 MP 561

      Sabin, Level 45

      HP 3148 MP 553

      Cyan, Level 42

      HP 2993 MP 528

      Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

      Last Save: Game Clear 31:09

      Gil: 172034

      Zack, Level 44

      HP 4135 MP 364

      Final Fantasy VII

      Last Save: Northern Cave 36:24

      Gil: 1983384

      Cloud Level 85

      HP 9999, MP 999

      Tifa, Level 85

      HP 9999 MP 728

      Yuffie, Level 85

      HP 9291 MP 891

      Final Fantasy VIII

      Last Save: Ultimecia’s Castle - Master Room 49:27

      Gil: 66460

      Rinoa, Level 100

      HP 9493, Shooting Star

      Squall, Level 100

      HP 9999, Lionheart

      Irvine, Level 100

      HP 8830, Exeter

      All Gf’s : Levels range from Eden Level 31 to Carbuncle Level 76

      Final Fantasy IX

      Last Save: Crystal World 38:25

      Gil: 85480

      Zidane, Level 56

      HP 3837 MP 235

      Dagger, Level 55

      HP 3221 MP 270

      Vivi, Level 56

      HP 2878 MP 277

      Steiner, Level 56

      HP 4604 MP 200

      Final Fantasy X

      Last Save: Inside Sin – Tower of the Dead. 35:40

      Gil: 370243


      HP3220 MP172


      HP 3075 MP 324


      HP 4630 MP 153

      Final Fantasy X-2

      Last Save: Game Clear 251:06 - 10th play through using same save.

      Gil : 824630

      Yuna, Mascot, Level 59

      Rikku, Mascot, Level 59

      Paine, Mascot, Level 59

      Final Fantasy XII

      Last Save: Rabanastre – West Gate 67:48

      Gil: 65842, Clan Points: 1766409

      Vaan, Level 67

      HP 4344 MP 660

      Basch, Level 56

      HP 3980 MP 468

      Ashe, Level 56

      HP 3613 MP 594

      Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings

      Last Save: Chapter 10 - Eternal Wings 21:04

      Gil: 22957

      Vaan, Level 46

      HP 774

      Penelo, Level 44

      HP 548

      Kytes, Level 45

      HP 595

      Llyud, Level 46

      HP 774

      Basch, Level 48

      HP 1101

      Final Fantasy XIII

      Last Save Yaschas Massif – The Paddraean Archaeopolis 51:56

      Gil: 811573

      Lightning Com lvl 4, Rav lvl, 4Med lvl 4

      HP 9490

      Snow Com lvl 4 Rav lvl 4 Sen lvl 4

      HP 11600

      Vanille Rav lvl 4 Sab lvl 4 Med lvl 4

      HP 8685

    • 3 years ago

    • [Rumor] Xbox Release list leaked?

      5 years ago


      A lot of rumors have been flying around lately most saying from a source at NeoGAF.

      The first of which is that Microsoft is planning on releasing Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, which makes sense since like the first game, it too was an original Xbox title, and its online support has also been cut off. Not to mention its 10th anniversary is coming up later this year.

      There are even some rumors that it would come with beta access to Halo 5, which according to rumor, has been delayed to 2015 and may also be tied into another live-action series like Forward into Dawn.

      The next rumor suggests Gears of War 5 will be out in 2016, this isn't really surprising since with Microsoft having just bought the rights to the entire franchise and then giving it to Black Tusk Studio who have admitted they've only been working on the game for a week.

      A quick round of other software rumors suggest Crackdown 3 will be out in 2016 and Fable Legends is in the works for Summer 2015. Sunset Overdrive is apparently set for release this autumn while Quantum Break is set for just before Christmas. Titanfall will be getting DLC 45 days after release with more coming three months later, and finally in the games department, Platinum Games has something called Project Nagano scheduled for March 2016, which (if true) means they aren't Nintendo exclusive yet.

      Next up, is the hardware rumors, which suggest white colored and Titanfall themed Xbox One models will be released later this year. There are even murmurs about an Xbox One model with a 1TB hard drive apparently being set for launch in November.

      So what do you think of these rumors? Are you excited at the prospect of any of them being true?

    • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe and Australia

      5 years ago


      Editor's Note: These changes are also said to have been made to copies being sold in Africa and the Middle East.Ubisoft claims this is being done as a "market decision."

      Oddly enough though, these changes have only been made to the console versions, while the PC version (at least in Europe and Australia) will remain unchanged. Weird huh?

      Source: Game Informer

      South Park: The Stick of Truth review copies have been delivered all over Europe this week and many review sites are realizing that their copies have been censored, with around two minutes of the game being altered.

      The scenes in question, which are all around 20 seconds in length, haven't been removed from the game but Trey Parker and Matt Stone have picked an image that will cover the screen at these points with some descriptive text. For example, the Australian version apparently features images of a crying Koala.

      A press release has been issued explaining what scenes have been censored:

      • A mini-game in which the doctor is performing an abortion on the player.
      • A mini-game in which the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.
      • Five anal probing scenes involving someone actively being probed. The scenes play out as normal before and after the active probing sequences.

      Now usually in cases like this, changes are only made to Australian and German copies of "mature" games because their classification boards are far too strict on the content, but this time it appears the game has been censored for the whole of Europe instead.

      I for one am very disappointed in this as South Park is known for being a show that doesn't pull any punches when it comes to its content, even when the creators were threatened by a Muslim group over their depiction of Mohammed in the episode 201, which Comedy Central censored not South Park Studios.

      What does everyone else think about this news?

    • [Rumor] Project Gotham 5? And a new Sony racer?

      6 years ago


      When Activision bought Bizarre Creations it made the Project Gotham series practically over, Microsoft still had the series name, but no one to develop it.

      That seems to have changed now though with website STFUandPlay reporting that developer Lucid Games are making a brand new racing game for the next Xbox and that some of Bizarre Creations now work at Lucid games as well as some Criterion (Burnout) staff.

      Below is a  teaser image which shows a London street with a sign saying "Road Opens 2013"

      In Sony news it seems that most of the staff from Studio Liverpool which shut its doors in August have found a new home at Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) and STFUandPLay also reports that some of the other Bizarre staff have made it there too, including lead designer Ged Talbot.

      It's reported that they are working on a racing launch title for the PS4 that is described as a, "arcade version of Gran Turismo". They also say that it may be shown off at Sony's "Future of PlayStation" event on February 20th.

      I for one think it's great that that some of best racing game developers have managed to find new homes and look forward to seeing what they make but what do you guys think?

    • [Rumor] Final Fantasy X HD comes with X-2 on PS3... separate on Vita

      6 years ago


      According to the latest issue of Shonen Jump it has been revealed that the HD version of Final Fantasy X will be joined by it's direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2.

      The image above clearly shows that FFX-2 is coming to PS3 and Vita what has also been said that the PS3 disc-version contains both but the Vita will have two separate downloads.

      Also it has been confirmed that they will both be the International versions of each games which means for the first time Americans can take on the Dark Aeons and Penance while the rest of the world can get there hands in to the extra story featured at the end of X-2.

      What do you g1s think of these news? I for one am glad they decided to release both and not just leave it with just X. I'm also one of the few fans of X-2 having racked up a 200 hour save and got the 100% completion.

    • Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Review

      6 years ago


      The Mass Effect DLC has been pretty hit and miss over the years with Lair of the Shadow Broker widely regarded as the best one for Mass Effect 2. Now however it seems Bioware have also saved the best till last for Mass Effect 3 so how does it stack up:

      Spoilers Ahead

      The DLC starts with Admiral Hackett ordering you all to the citadel while the Normandy gets some repairs and you are all forced to take shore leave. During this Anderson tells you that Shepard can have his Apartment on the Citadel since he doesn't need it being stuck on Earth.

      Then Shepard gets a e-mail from Joker to go to a Sushi Bar only for it to be taken over by a group of mercenaries who are out to kill Shepard and so then begins one of the funniest adventures in Mass Effect because your whole team joins you for this mission, you take two with you like normal but the rest of team will be fighting in the upper areas.

      As the journey goes your team find out the guy who wants to kill Shepard is actually Shepard (a clone) who wants Shepard dead so he can take his place in the world and help the human race which he thinks Shepard abandoned due to always helping Aliens.

      This part of the game is the usual cover shooting however Bioware did try some stealth this time giving you a silenced pistol and tasking you to avoid combat with limited ammo. It not the best implementation as I found my self in a full blown fight having to carefully time my shots due to limited ammo , eventually running out and having to melee.

      The real draw for this DLC is the conversations with your comrades everyone, alive or dead, appears in someway your whole team will obviously fight with you but your old team from Mass Effect 2 will come see you at the end of the DLC which just so happens to be a giant party.

      So at the end of the story you defeat your enemies and invite everyone to your new apartment and proceed to get completely drunk with some of funniest dialog featured in the game including Grunt happily telling people to go away at the front door and Edi and Specialist Traynor talking about her sexual arousal at the sound of Edi's voice. Not to mention the massive hangover everyone (well nearly) has in the morning.

      Also included in this DLC is a brand new area of the Citadel called the Silversun Strip which features a bar, a combat arena casino and arcade  with many playable games, including a claw game who in his last acting role, Robin Sachs as Zaeed gets really annoyed at the game calling it "rigged".

      All in all this is the best DLC Bioware has ever made and if you like talking to your squad members and getting to know them then this perfect and you may also find yourself laughing at loud at the things that are said.

    • Video game music scores high in Classic FM's Hall of Fame!

      6 years ago


      Classic FM a UK based radio station has been doing it's Hall of Fame of the top 300 classical composers for the last 17 years. So every Easter they broadcast all 300 winners over the weekend and last year was the first time video game music had ever been featured in the chart thanks to Twitter.

      However this year a campaign was set up on Twitter and Facebook to try and get more video game music into the charts and to higher places and that is exactly just what happened.

      So first up at 174 in the countdown is Grant Kirkhope's soundtrack to the Xbox 360/PC game by Rare: Viva Pinata. The track chosen to represent the game was Oven-Fresh Day a rather upbeat track which your Pinata's would no doubt run around your field while you listen to it.

      Next at number 5, climbing 233 places from last year and knocking Beethoven to number 6, Jeremy Soule's work on The Elder Scrolls. The track chosen to represent the series was Sons of Skyrim the main track everyone who has ever played Skyrim or even watched the trailers knows and probably my favourite track from Skyrim.

      And finally at number 3 in the countdown and climbing 13 places from last year is the Final Fantasy series with the track chosen to represent the series being Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII. No one can deny that Aerith's Theme is a beautiful piece of music and considering what happens to Aerith she can live on through this theme.

      Below is a video featuring all 3 of the reveals when they were first broadcast on the radio for anyone who would like to listen.

    • Unofficial UK Wii U price cut not working!

      6 years ago


      Earlier this month some big retailers in the UK, such as Amazon, ASDA and ShopTo, decided that they would reduce the price of the Basic Model of the Wii U by £50 ($76).

      This was done to "test the market" to see what a price cut would do to drum up interest in the short term. However it seems that this has failed to do anything creating a "smaller than desired increase in sales"

      Also a unnamed person at one of the UK's biggest game retailers had this to say about the space the Wii U gets in stores and what Nintendo is doing about it:

      ‘We are looking to reduce slightly but must admit their silence on strategy is deafening at the moment. They’ve got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again.’

      While the GameCube was rather lacking in sales each sale did make Nintendo a profit and the GameCube did have some critically acclaimed games and a rather large number of third party games which is what the Wii U is lacking at the moment.

      Nintendo have replied to trade magazine MCV about the future regarding the Wii U in the UK saying they are planning on "stimulating the performance in the UK" while also mentioning that they will be meeting with retailers soon to talk about their plans.

      What this means could be anyones guess they could reduce the price themselves and wildly market it, or they could be announcing more new games to get people to actually want one.

      Things don't look good for the Wii U at the moment but what does the g1 community think? I would definitely like to hear from the people who actually own Wii U's too.

    • Zeus and Isaac Clarke become All-Stars

      6 years ago


      Today Sony's Seth Killian has announced the two new characters that will be released for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale next month on the 19th.

      Who are these characters you ask? Well the first one is the Mt. Olympus king, Zeus making God of War the first series to have 2 "different" characters in the game. Zeus is shown playing as a heavy brawler character like Big Daddy. His moves involve some heavy punches as well as his lightning attacks and all his attacks can be charged up by holding the button. His supers involve electric attacks, flying around the screen and becoming the massive boss version of Zeus from the end of God of War II.

      Isaac Clarke from Dead Space becomes the next third party character to join the game. He plays much like Jak being a gun heavy character but also having melee attacks, all his signature attacks appear such as his Stasis and Kinesis as well as his many firearms such as the Ripper and Flame-Thrower and of course his famous curb stomp. Also his health bar on in his back shows how well your doing in the game. His supers involve using his stasis to freeze the opponent then use the Plasma cutter to kill them. Overcharging his kinesis module to send them flying and sending them into space and playing Asteroids with them.

      Also introduced today was a brand new stage featuring the graveyard from MediEvil mashed up with the whiteness of The Unfinished Swan. The stage starts on completely flat in the graveyard but as the fight continues paint begins to enter stage and creates some platforms for you to fight on.

      All this DLC will be released on March 19th on Vita and PS3.

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