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    • Whole lot'a nothing

      12 years ago


      That pretty much sums it up. Nothing much over the break. Went to visit family and discovered that I am not the only one infected by the sudoku craze. Had a wonderful meal and went home again.
      Jade went into heat over New Years; I locked her in my room to keep her from antagonizing her brothers... we don't need a litter of retarded kittens. I've set an appointment with the vet to finish up their vaccines and then get her spayed. My credit card is already trembling in fear.
      I'm pondering what I want to do for graduate school. Sometimes I think that I should have applied to MIT from the start for my undergrad, but another part of me just doesn't have the confidence that says I've earned a place there -_-' Still, I feel like I'd belong there. And graduate school is only three semesters away.
      For this coming semester, I face off against Organic Chem II and Abstract Algebra. I've also signed up for Anatomy & Physiology, but since I'm starting to reconsider Pharmacy school, I might drop it. Kind of limited as to what I can replace those hours with though. And a Unix/Linux class because I've always wanted to be a true geek ^_^

      And now I go to disappear for another month! Ciao! XD

    • Semester Over: Pheonix Down, plz!

      12 years ago


      I am exhausted. This semester has been insane, hence the complete lack of postage going on here. If you have never taken Organic Chemistry... don't. I'm a Chem MAJOR, and I hated that class, not so much the concept the as the sheer volume of material. With a whole 'nother semester to go after winter break X_x
      So, somewhere in between learning to synthesize halohydrins and proving all those silly math things that we take for granted (Parallel Postulate, Orly?), I picked up guitar and a trio of kittens. I can't keep the kittens, unfortunately, so I'm trying to find homes for them. They've been with us a couple months now, and I'm so attached to them now, I get heartbroken just thinking about it. But I have to do what's best. Made a quickie website for them too: and listed the URL on a flyer. I'm gonna try posting them in Alamo Heights (where all our rich people live XD) because they'll have the money to squander on spoiling them the way I wish I could.
      Otherwise, I'm recuping. At some point, I have to get off my lazy butt and mail some presents off. Maybe do something constructive, like not playing Guild Wars all day :P

    • Back

      13 years ago


      My last night in Japan was amazing; it probably would have been even more so if I wasn't such a scaredy-cat, but that's another story. In short, I had a great time with people I've come to love and hold dear.

      Spent a week in Montana before heading home to Texas. My friends there took me camping and made me drink a lot. Because pretty much all you can do in Montana is drink and go camping. Another little bit of wisdom: do not play beer-pong with hard alcohol. There's a reason it's not called "rum-pong".

      Somewhere along the way back home, my stuff got sent to a place where I was not. Southwest was quick to find it, though, and all my luggage was on my doorstep by the following morning. I'll just take a moment to promote that airline, if only because they hire some of the funniest/personable people for their crews. "And as always, here at Southwest, we need your money. Thank you for flying Southwest."

      That's pretty much it for now. It's just a matter of getting settled back in, adjusting to the old/new way of life. I'm done with traveling for now, if anything just because I need to finish up my degree. But I do miss Japan and the people I left behind. And who knows what adventures lay ahead?

    • crazy days

      13 years ago


      Lot's of people are leaving now; not all at once or even together, but individually over the course of the week. Some people are staying for another couple of weeks, but for most of us, our time in Japan is coming to an end. Been doing a lot of last minute "let's do stuff" stuff. This includes lots of parties; just today we took a train out to the beach and had a blast.

      I'm going back to the US on Friday.
      So why does it feel like I'm leaving home?

    • Canada Day Recap + A Tale of Tongues

      13 years ago


      *Ahem* RATED PG-13
      Any of you kiddies around here probably don't want to read about this stuff anyway. It's boring. Go look for more pokemon pics or whatever it is you young-un's do these days XD (I feel old.)
      In fact, I'm not sure anyone would want to read this mushy stuff. I'm growing up, that's about all there is to it. You've been warned.

      We went as a group up to Fukuoka to party at a bar that was having a big Canada Day celebration. Even brought big hats, tattoos and stickers that our resident Canadian's mom sent over.

      We got in at noon well before the party, so we went to eat fugu (blowfish!) at a place that's famous for it. Interesting tastes; I think the sashimi (raw version) was my favorite. Really good deal: about $16 US for a set course that goes for over $100 in the evening. (Yikes!) None of us died either, which is a plus.

      We walked around a big shopping mall-type area, watched a free music show, and meandered about for awhile. Found a Wendy's and a subsequent craving for Frosties and Fries. There's an area that does a water show every 30 minutes or so, with coordinated jets of water that shoot up over 100 feet in the air; very cool and relaxing to watch.

      We finally donned the hats and stickers, slapped tattoos in various and suggestive places, and headed down to the bar. The music was loud, the dance floor crowded, and everyone very much less than sober. Unfortunately, the drinks were also quite expensive. After the first beer, a few of us snuck out to a convenience store to buy some wine and drink it under a tree in front of a nearby hotel. Two bottles of cheap white wine between the four of us; you do the math.

      Back at the bar, we forged into the crowd and danced our butts off. At one point, it was so packed, I had to jump up on the stage area to get some breathing room; I was well received and quickly followed by several other less-than-normally inhibited souls. One of the guys in our group tried to get up there too, but was quickly escorted off by security: girls only! XD

      There was one negative point of my evening. As we were leaving to see about another bar, I was dancing drunkenly by the elevator, waiting for everyone else to get rounded up. A boy decided to dance with me, which was okay until he tried grabbing my butt. When I turned to pull away, he apparently took this as an invitation to grope at my chest. Once again, I pulled away, and he grabbed my head and pulled me down ('cause I'm 5'9" and he's Japanese) to attempt to either kiss me or wash my face with his tongue, I'm not exactly sure which. Serious WTF moment. It was so ridiculous and gross that I started laughing; my friends saw it too and thought it was hilarious. XP Managed to push him off and jump on the elevator just before the doors closed.

      I am not counting that as my first kiss. Maybe the first time I've been "kissed," but I gave nothing back aside from a disgusted face. Ick. Maybe I should've bit him; teach him to keep his muscular organs in his own mouth. :P

      I'm pretty miffed about it, looking back. At the other dance club, my friend was also the recipient of unwanted attention, which was gross and a little bit creepy. So I guess, as advice to all the guys out there, DON'T GROPE RANDOM GIRLS, even the seemingly very inebriated cute ones. That's not what you want to be known for, is it? Besides, she might happen to be a sweet, innocent little thing just enjoying a bit of music. >_<# And you really shouldn't go in tongue first. Work up to it or something, if it must be included. Bleh.

      But, idiot boys aside, I had an awesome time.

      In fact, the experience led me to decide that if I was going to be kissed, if that previous encounter could in any way be considered a kiss, I might as well find someone that I want to kiss. Japan has been the time of firsts for me, after all. (Not exactly the best idea to make profound decisions whilst intoxicated, but I guess I got lucky this time around.)

      Got hit on twice more on the dance floor of the second club before someone leaned in my ear and struck up a conversation: an Englishman with a nice smile and the decency to keep his hands off until I was good an ready to get in closer, and even then he stuck to the non-restricted areas (mostly; a little wandering after awhile, but I was sort of... encouraging him? I still blush to think about it =^_^=). When I finally worked up the guts to kiss him, it ended up awkward because of my glasses and shear nervous inexperience. And then the tongue made it's appearance again, but in a more tame version this time. Still felt very weird.

      I got rather attached to him, and why not? First real kiss, after all. And despite being nervous, he made me feel at ease; it's a pretty big deal for someone not accustomed to physical human contact. I had to leave to take care of one of my friends (you do NOT down two CSC's and then finish with a Black Russian! The Black Russian finishes you! XO), and I gave him my name and number to my cell. But even though he said he would call... afterwards, as I was patting the back of my puking companion, I had a gut feeling that it wouldn't happen. Not because he didn't seem interested, but... because -_-' Yeah. But it's for the best, maybe; I've only got three weeks left before it's back to the States.

      So... slight letdown, but still a very nice memory. Very, very nice. I'll cherish it along with all the other memories I've made here.


      Oh, jeebus, I still need to tell my mom... O_O

    • Apples to Apples

      13 years ago


      Random early-morning musings; a bit more in line with my usual train of thought than the last entry.

      I was debating whether I should cut up my apple to eat it and, since it's far too early in the morning, thought over which is the path of least resistance. It takes some amount of effort to cut up an apple in preparation for eating, with getting the knife and cutting board, washing up afterwards, etc. On the other hand, it takes more effort to eat it off the core than to pop pre-sliced pieces in your mouth.

      So, what to do?

      It just boils down to how hungry you are at the time.

      *munch* Mmmm.

      In the meantime, if you've not yet heard of Kawaii Not, you're in for a treat.


      Don't worry, I'll give it back :P

    • A Little Advice

      13 years ago


      It may seem like a good idea at the time to chug glasses of umechuu like shots.
      It will seem like a bad idea when your head is in the toilet.
      It will seem like a very, very stupid and bad idea the next morning.

      That said, you may also get a chance to lean on a hot guy's shoulder while you wait for a taxi. Give and take, eh?

    • Like Stars Slowly Whirling in the Ravine

      13 years ago


      We've been having a number of "sayonara" parties for our Japanese friends who are leaving to study abroad. Lot's of drinking, dancing*, karaoke, and all around good fun.

      Last night, instead of studying for my kanji midterm, I went to a Kota's farewell barbeque (yaki-niku) way out in the rural parts of the mountainside. We were hosted by a fairly well-to-do restaurant/onsen retreat that provided tables with grills built into the center. I managed to steal the tongs away from one of the guys so I could have a turn at the cooking. Delicious. We batted some hollow balls around with badminton racquets and just had a good time.

      On the drive back, well past dusk and the crecent moon rising in the east, the driver of the van pulled over to a large ravine where several other cars were parked. As we stared out the window, we could see small, greenish yellow lights floating and twinkling near the water. The enchantment was almost instant; he parked the van and we all piled out into the night to stand amongst the fireflies. It was the first time that Chris had ever seen the little bits of living light, and the first time I had seen them in such number. He was beside himself with joy and mild inebriation. The whole lot of us turned into little kids, pawing gingerly at the air in attempts to capture but not crush. I even managed to snare two with one swipe.
      It was hard to pull away from their enchanting dance, and it took several tries to finally gather everyone and leave the glowing ditch, but eventually we were back on the road. Even as the parked cars were lost from sight, we couldn't stop grinning. And in one last bit of magic, one of the girls pulled out her coin purse and began tossing out fireflies that she had secreted into the van!

      There's been plenty of things that have happened since then, like being awakened at 1 am by a friend in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on, a marathon of Sex & the City**, coming within one letter of acing the midterm, and Shawn's birthday party***. But the fireflies**** are what stand out in my mind as the one thing I can freely share, feel compelled to share.

      Well, more midterms tomorrow*^*.
      ~Good night.

      (**which I never watched back in the States)
      (***just ended, and yes we're proper sloshed, which is why I'm so verbose at the moment)
      (****maybe you call them lightning bugs? :D I know, I'm abusing the footnotes now. Why do I even have footnotes? It's a journal! X\ )
      (*^* Today. It's 3:30, WTF? And I swear this is the last one. Stop reading now.)

    • Oboe Asks and You Shall Receive

      13 years ago


      As per request, some pictures of that harrowing journey. (see previous journal)

      From the train, a panoramic of mountains and rice fields:

      Small temple garden at the base of the mountain:

      More lovely mountain. So much nicer to just look, isn't it?

      "On the road again..."

      The lighting of the cow pies:

      A "shortcut" through the ravines:

      A pitstop; behind the rocks is a small pool in which we cooled our feet:

      Hostile terrain; I ended up scrabbling for my life on some of those crumbly bits up there:

      The sulfur lake in the mouth of the volcano:

      The trek continues:

      The Black Desert: a field of rock and ash and charred remains...

      The Knolls:

      We are such pyros... (see previous journal)

      One last look back at our campsite:

      A steep descent:

      Have you met my friend crag? (you can just barely see our destination, the teal roof on the far left)

      A nice little pool welcomes us to the bottom of the mountain:

      Of course, no pictures of the onsen ;D
      Now, if you'll excuse me, I seem to have a cold. *coughcoughcough*

    • Golden Week

      13 years ago


      For something a bit more entertaining than my insane scheduling, here's a recap of how I spent Golden Week.

      Even though it's called Golden Week, we didn't get our days off until Wednesday. We had to make up for lost time, eh? Wednesday too-early-in-the-morning found me downstairs yawning with a small bunch of the other foreign students, all packed up with food, water, tents, and sleeping bags. We thought we were going for a hike in the mountains. HAH! No, we were, in fact, about to scale the world's largest cauldera. (True fact: Mt. Aso is the world's largest cauldera, and it is considered semi-active.)

      We walked to the train station, took a train out to the mountain, and then walked everywhere. We started in the northwest and headed south, marching along inclines, and stopping to light some cow pies on fire. Or tried to. It only smouldered a bit... actually smells like incense. About three hours into it, we got the the rocky areas where we had to crawl about for a bit. At one point we had to cross some crumbling sand, and I had a not so fun time of scrabbling for my life to keep from sliding off the mountian.

      Overall, the "hike" was well over the intended six hours, and we ended up circumnavigating the entire rim of the cauldera. We got to look down into the sulfuric lake that was steaming in the mouth of the volcano, make an eerie walk across a vast stretch of ash that would be likened to a black desert, and then admire the view from various peaks. We then set up camp in a small valley some ways away from the volcano. See, you can't sleep too close to the sulfuric lake since the gases mix with the morning fog, and you won't wake up in the morning. Or ever again, for that matter.

      Not that we slept much. Much of our cargo included shochu, beer and chu-hi, which was consumed with much merriment that night. We also ate all the food (since we sure weren't going to carry it back down) and played drinking games, like Kon-Gon-Se-PAN and Nugi, around the fire, which consisted of the sparse brush, dry grass, and one of the post markers. Well, half of it. We then returned the post to it's place in the cairne in the morning, charred end up. And took a picture. Whee!

      By this time, we were on the eastern side of the volcano; we headed north over the rocky ridge and made the perilous decent back down. I'm not exaggerating here: the rocks that weren't poreous and crumbly or sharp were flat and slick. Much of the ground consisted of volcanic knobs that, while making great handholds in the vertical areas, made it very easy to roll or twist an ankle on the horizontal. I spent much of the time sliding down on my arse, too. I was reassured later that there are many experienced climbers that would not want to make that journey, so I was mollified about not being able to keep up with the main group. This was, after all, my first time camping, let alone mountain-climbing. Luckily there were very experience people in our group, one of whom stayed back with me to guide the way.

      When I finally got to the bottom, there was a car waiting to take us to the onsen. Most of the other had already been carted ahead, but Jin-shik was there with water to make sure we made it okay. After the onsen (which was absolutely wonderful on my aching self), we ate at a restaurant and walked back to the train station. The end of a strenuous but enjoyable journey.

      I spent Friday, which was Kodomo no Hi or "Child's Day", in a recuperative trance via WoW. Got my cat form. All is good in the world.

      Saturday, we drove up to a friend's house in Minamata where we ate and drank ourselves silly. And the next day was another trip to an onsen, but this one was even nicer since it had an outdoor area with a breathtaking landscape. The hot water was a bit harsh on my sunburns, but nothing a little aloe lotion afterwards couldn't fix.

      And then there was class on Monday. The End.

      Have a great week!

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    • DoomKitty

      12 years ago

      nifty! XD Japan is a really cool place, and I do recommend to everyone to visit at least once. They're also, uh, one of the few countries that don't hate Americans. (I kid! I kid!) And yay for coffee in a can!

      And hallo to you, Becca! Magnetic Fields = <3!

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      12 years ago

      I'm adding you because you like the Magnetic Fields. Best band ever.

    • lefty

      13 years ago

      that, indeed, is a shirt and can be bought at

      Have a good day!

      The shirt in question - link

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    • EgoDeusEst

      13 years ago

      Thanks for the translation, dude.

    • Razzy

      13 years ago

      About the Rove article: Yes, the attack machine has targeted Jason Leopold, but he stands by this story. There was an edit to clarify since the version I posted, though. It's actually that Rove was given 24 "business hours" to get his affairs in order. I take that to mean three 8-hour business days, which would be Monday, yesterday, and today. He also said that he had three sources, two of whom were from Patrick Fitzgerald's team, and the details of all of their stories matched up.

      I expect we'll hear something either after 5-6:00 PM tonight or tomorrow. Last time, Fitzgerald's press conference was announced on his website first. Here's the link:

      Post edited 5/17/06 1:06AM

    • Ghost

      13 years ago

      I warned you... time for your clown.


      (this even scared me, and it is me)

    • dingolord

      13 years ago

      Someday it'll be you going to Tokyo, getting drunk, and dancing with two guys at once.

      I'd have to be really drunk... only way to get me to dance.

      ... yeah, that's what I mean, I think.

    • DoomKitty

      13 years ago

      Um, thanks?


    • IamMiniKite

      13 years ago


      You have been pooped on by IamMIniKite!

    • IrishWalnut

      13 years ago

      It disturbed me beyond belief... so I had to share it :)

    • hybridfan

      13 years ago

      Hah great pigeon pic, my favourite is :"Uh, hello there.":

    • wigglepie13

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    • dingolord

      13 years ago

      Normally I'm not a fan of the random comment... but I love that picture. smiley1.gif Besides, you're OC's friend, so that gets you off the hook too. smiley8.gif

      Happy St. Patty's Day. smiley1.gif

    • Ghost

      13 years ago

      I feel like I should make some comment here... but I don't know what yet. Just imagine it is something witty, and I'll put something later....

    • piko

      13 years ago

      RAmen, sister!!

    • DoomKitty

      13 years ago

      Why, thank yew! ^..^
      Have a cookie. The chocolate-chocolate chip kind.

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      Welcome to RvB

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