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    • 3 years ago


      I spoke to a recruiter the other day. I'm not eligible for the armed forces because I take medication. You can not take medication during Basic. Fuck.

      If I'm not good enough for the USMC, I'll prove myself good enough for the UNSC. Spartan Race training begins at dawn

    • What happens when you 50% the Halo quiz on The Escapist?

      6 years ago



      That's a very specific inside joke, isn't it? Still... smiley13.gif

    • Akinator

      7 years ago


      Akinator is a bit like playing 20 Questions with the biggest geek you know. I've tested a lot of Rooster Teeth and their characters, several gaming characters, my favorite book, etc. It did guess Gavin as Xephos, which was kind of funny.

      You wanted quantity over quality, and here it is ;)

    • I met the infamous spam girl...

      7 years ago


      This is funny to me, and probably no one else.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:04 PM ) : Im here wanna chat?

      me (May 18 9:05 PM ) : Who are you?

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:06 PM ) : there you are ! thanx for responding

      me (May 18 9:06 PM ) : You're not answering me.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:06 PM ) : hows it going ? are you busy?

      me (May 18 9:07 PM ) : None of my friends have grammar that bad.
      What are you selling?
      me (May 18 9:08 PM ) : I had assumed as much.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:08 PM ) : well im jenny btw .. have we spoke before??i think we have....

      me (May 18 9:08 PM ) : I don't think so.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:09 PM ) : k, cause I found your username on a Yahoo member directory of social sites..not sure which one cause it bundles of them but your name seemed familar

      me (May 18 9:09 PM ) : I'm guessing that's wrong.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:09 PM ) : well we know each other now ... enjoy talking to new ppl online especially via webcam ..

      me (May 18 9:09 PM ) : No we don't.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:10 PM ) : sooo are you signed up to any dating sites? i met a lot of cool people on adult friend finder, and only weirdos on fling though lol

      me (May 18 9:10 PM ) : Holy crap... This sounds familiar.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:11 PM ) : ok well, i am bored at home...and this usually leads to bad things anytime i get a break from school or work i jump online ..

      me (May 18 9:11 PM ) : Bwahahaaa! Seriously?

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:12 PM ) : I guess im a true "autagonistophiliac" which means I have a fetish for being on camera you can google it if you dont believe me! lol

      me (May 18 9:13 PM ) : Are you still running this?

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:13 PM ) : sooo have you ever used CamCrush? its a site that allows us to chat, and even go live like skype

      me (May 18 9:14 PM ) : I'm straight, I don't want to look at naked girls.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:14 PM ) : they give you a unique page, my link is [URL] check it out i just made it .. its all pink and pretty lol plus my cam is already on ...

      me (May 18 9:15 PM ) : Oh, what's it showing? A page of programming?

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:15 PM ) : [URL]

      me (May 18 9:16 PM ) : I'm not clicking that, I just updated my virus protection and I'm not in the mood to test it.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:16 PM ) : virus ?? no LOL

      me (May 18 9:16 PM ) : I'm not asking you, I'm sure of it. Here, watch. Horny.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:17 PM ) : holy shit im wet right now, i got some toys...plz watch me play? I like when guys tell me what to do..

      me (May 18 9:17 PM ) : And virus.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:17 PM ) : virus ?? no LOL

      me (May 18 9:17 PM ) : Aaaand hard.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:18 PM ) : go there and my video will load, just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left and it'll connect us..if your camera shy you dont have to show yourself, I'M the one with the fetish remember LOL

      me (May 18 9:19 PM ) : You're like a crappy version of Chatbot. Let's try webcam.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:19 PM ) : im always either on the phone or online, im a chat addict lol...i dont normally give my number out but if you meet me in the chat and I get comfortable with you we can talk on the phone

      me (May 18 9:19 PM ) : You suck.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:20 PM ) : my number is 206-222-1648 phone is dead, so give it a few minutes to charge, and please dont go give that out! hehe...come talk to me over on the chat site

      me (May 18 9:20 PM ) : Really, you give girls on the internet a terrible name.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:20 PM ) : Jenny

      me (May 18 9:20 PM ) : Shut up.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:21 PM ) : i use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded, just watched!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam just click the accept button on the left of the page and we'll be able to have a live chat

      me (May 18 9:22 PM ) : I'm posting this on RoosterTeeth.

      coletteseshadriu047 (May 18 9:22 PM ) : just accept my invite ... im a premium member

    • Gamer Girl

      7 years ago


      Still mid-Fall of Reach. I'm totally new to the Halo universe, but this has certainly gotten me interested. There isn't a movie why? Looking forward to more reading time when exams are done with.

      Speaking of reading, it's always interesting to read cross-gender characters. By that, I mean female characters written by a male author, or male characters written by a female author. I can't speak for most males by females, as that is my frame of reference too. I did run across this today. The strip is several years old, and gaming seems to have become a lot more mainstream, but I have never run across someone with that "omg gurlz cant gaem, ur fake" mentality. I don't know anyone who has. That seems, so far, to be the basis of this character. I'm not saying there aren't people like that out there, just that it's another unfair gamer stereotype.

      This is a much longer rant, and I'm going to try to keep it short. I really hate this "girl gamer" mentality. I don't hate people who identify as such. I don't. I hate that it implies that we have to be kept in a separate category. It's not just games. Girls have to have their own books, their own tool sets, their own movies, their own songs... and 99% of this stuff is utter crap. (Especially the tool sets, pink doesn't make a cheap screwdriver more efficient) The really good stuff (classified here as strong women kicking butt, literally or metaphorically) is the stuff that doesn't make a big deal out being for girls. Sucker Punch, for example, is one of my absolute favorite movies, and not just because there were was a mech fighting steam-powered zombies and dirigibles set to a decent White Rabbit remake. The ending absolutely had me in tears, and it's a rare story that can do that. (See also the end of Season 8, which is a love story, no less. And part of the reason I had to buy all of the DVDs. )

      Before this rant takes over, I do want to reiterate. I don't need girl games, because I'm not a girl gamer. I need good games. I don't need to be treated differently by game companies, and I am very rarely treated differently by game players. If someone is a dick, they'll find something to be dickish about anyway.

      Don't be a dick.

    • Fall of Reach

      7 years ago


      I picked up The Fall of Reach on my Kindle a few days ago, and so far, it's alright. There was a bit in the beginning though about how the Spartans looked like gods of war, that frankly seems ridiculous. They look like gummy bears, especially in Mark VI helmets.

      Slight edit, because I hopped over to Google to double check the model I was talking about, and saw the creepiest action figure. What exactly, is it about female action figures that says they must either be half-naked (because apparently all girls are morons who go into battle exposing all of their vital organs) or dressed in pink? The pink thing wouldn't even bother me, but when I was looking for a girl figure for my garden, the website describing it was sure to point out that she had on armor in a "feminine rosy hue". It didn't describe the guys that way, even the ones dressing in pink.

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    • Game Stop

      7 years ago


      A few days ago, I went into a Game Stop to look into finally getting a 360. Conveniently, there were a few stacks of both new and used consoles sitting right in front of the door. I made it all the way to the stack and began looking them over before the man working behind the counter made it to me. I took up his offer of help to ask about the system, like if I could plug my external hard drive into it to expand the memory. Naturally, he ignored everything I said and began explaining instead new, interesting topics like how it could go online! and how 4 was smaller than 250! and that old Xboxes suffered from red rings! I gave up after about ten minutes and left.

      Today, when trying to find something to do with ourselves, my boyfriend and I visited a different Game Stop. I can't even believe this was the same chain. We walked in and the man behind this counter was incredibly friendly. In the few minutes we were there, he offered my boyfriend a Prototype shirt, called the other store to see if he'd reserved a game there, then handed me a Halo 4 window cling, changed the tv to show us a new trailer, and talked with us at length about the new Assassin's Creed game. I know where I'm going to get my new console. :)

    • This New Profile Thing and Season 9

      7 years ago


      Firstly, I'm not sure how much I like this new profile layout. I'd have to wait and see if I get any alerts, because right now, I'm not sure that I can find them. I'm still pretty new here, so I haven't managed to wholly navigate the site. Geez, I should have just read the front page. I was clicking the arrow, rather than the number. I have just managed to catch up to most series; all RT Shorts, RvB, Past Cast, and now I'm on podcast #28. I hope I don't miss anything in the meantime, this has pretty much replaced tv for me at night. Or it would, if I hadn't just got Season 9 in the mail, so I'm going to re-watch Season 1-8 again.

      On the note of Season 9, does this one not have a name? The first five were "The Blood Gulch Chronicles", six through eight had those Re- titles, so this one is just Season 9? I guess they all technically had Re- titles though, being REd vs. Blue.

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    • Knives_Kill

      7 years ago

      I answered your question :)

      • Knives_Kill

        7 years ago

        Aha--I see.

      • Dottoe Mary-Sue

        7 years ago

        I couldn't get my questions answered. I asked here though, and that seemed to work.

      • Knives_Kill

        7 years ago

        What do you mean!?!?!

      • Dottoe Mary-Sue

        7 years ago

        Thanks! I might just be a bit bitter over not getting my xbox. smiley8.gif

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