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    • Dungeons and Dragons ideas?

      3 years ago

      Dovich Dungeon Master of Life

      I have been DM for a D&D campaign for about two months now. We meet on fridays and play for about 4 to 6 hours. It is a political campaign. Currently the group of PC's are in a dungeon. They recently killed a ring leaders brother and are trying to infultrate his gang. The gang has taken over a capital city. They will have to prove themselves worthy of joining the gang. Any ideas on a quest to do just that?

    • Why am I still awake

      3 years ago

      Dovich Dungeon Master of Life

      I find myself holding my tiny glowing screen. I'm not doing anything with it, just looking into the light. my eyes begin to burn a little bit. I havent slept well for about the last week and a half. working longer hours is not helping either. When I finally dismiss my phone from my attention I can hear the heater screaming through the darkness. The heater has been here, in this room, as long as I have, but why is it that I Recently began to be bothered. Minutes feel like hours. When I finally cross over to the land of rest, I have terrible visions. The nightmares wake me, almost always. When 5am rolls around and I must prepare for work, I feel even worse than the previous day. I must proceed to attend the job the I "love" so much to try and rid myself of debt. Come September, I will have the opportunity to move. I'll get a new job of course, and be away from all that has driven me to feel so down lately. Maybe then I will be restored to my happy and excited state of mind that allows me to be creative. Only time can tell. Goodnight all.

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      Dovich Dungeon Master of Life
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      Dovich Dungeon Master of Life
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