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      10 years ago


      Hey, im DrSmiddy. Im signed in on the school etwork right now, cause im bored, and funkymullet is sitting next to me. And when I sign in, it signed me in as funkmullet. Anyway, this entire thing is just an excuse to use the poll system. Who thinks this is fucked up, and who doesnt?

    • Red, Blue or Freelancers and why?

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      Been wondering about what the most popular team was, and decided to throw in Freelancer too. Team Blarg would get in, but they werent in long enough. Id go Blue, cause even though ill die, ill probably die from laughing.

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    • Ouch

      11 years ago


      Today i was at my mates house this morning, cause i slept at his place last night, obviously, and his family all left the house before i got up. So, i found a note saying that i needed to wait for him to call me, and i would get some one to come and get me. So i was waiting, and i decided to brush my teeth. As i was squeezin the toothpaste, he called my on my phone, which has a really loud ring tone. In my shock, i squeezed too hard, and the toothpaste went all over my face, and into my eyes. It was the colgate with limit mintstrips, and they really fucking hurt. Seriously, Mint strips. Wtf.

    • RvB Music

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      Whats your favrourite piece of music from the Red vs Blue series? Personally, I love the Blood gulch blues from the opening credits.

      It's red versus red
      and blue versus blue
      It's I against I
      and me against you

      What about you?

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    • Where did you find out about RvB?

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      What Ive been wondering is how, when and where everyone found out about Red vs Blue, if you've been with it all the way, or like me, found out half way through. Hope you join in.

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    • How to kill yourself like a man

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      How many different ways can you think of to kill yourself like a man? Just jot them down below, and please, theres no limits on what it could be.

      E.g - Headbutt a sidewalk, hold your breath till you die, etc

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    • Just a joke

      11 years ago


      Ever wondered if your mum blew off your dad before she kissed you good night? Bet your thinkin bout it now.

    • Funny shit

      11 years ago


      Damn man, we were in an assembly today at school, and just as everyone goes quiet, a bloody bird flies into the hall, and into a window head on at full speed, then just tweets one last time, and drops down onto the floor. Meaning while, i actually pissed myself a little bit i was laughing so hard.

    • My surf trip

      11 years ago


      By the way, we didnt take a camera on the trip cause i lost it somewhere in corowa on our first day, so these arent my photos, but the best i could find. Also, some places may not have photos.

      Right, so im back from my surf trip up and down the central east coast, NSW (Stockton/Newcastle) to Vic (Philly(Not really, all we did was te central east coast, but i wanted to put this in)). Awesome surf pretty the entire time. Goin off on some days, not so much on other. I've picked my fave few surf joints and done a little thing on them all, complete with photos (see above) and shit (see... well, fucked if i know) for people who wanna look, if your not gonna look, please fuck off. Yes, off you fuck. First up

      Breakname: Stockton
      Wave: Lefthander runs across the wall
      Something else: Northwall gets a better curl than the south, but smaller waves

      This is what it looked like, even though the pics not mine. Fun surf, great for everyone

      Breakname: Swansea
      Wave: Combos of lefts and rights, and sometimes both at the same time
      Something else: Used to be a barrel heaven apparently. However, since the breakwall was built, i only happens on the best days (we were told this at the local pub by the owner)

      Breakname: Soldiers Beach
      Wave: Couple of fun peaks, left point break
      Something else: Often regarded as the most consistent break on the entire coast, so yeah. Pretty cool. Also sharks.

      Breakname: Mollymook beach (kinda borin name)
      Wave: Couple of beach breaks which REALLY hurt if you get caught goin across the face
      Something else: All the motels around here are pretty expensive, 90 bucks a night for 3 1/2 star. But, the Golf club makes up for that. Yeah, i went into a gold club. i also had to put on my best clothes, cause their tight about the dress rules. 7.50 for a big meal, veal/chicken schnitzel, plus chips, vegies or salad PLUS a free drink and desert. Unfortunatley, the bar doesnt do double nips.

      Yeah, small but fun. Like an asian.

      Breakname: Ulladulla Bommie
      Wave: Place is called that for a reason. Heavy mother of a righthander which pounds onto a reef. Lots of urchins. Small lefty comes across once a set. Still hurts though.
      Something else: The locals are like the surf, so be kind, else you might be thrown through a bar window. True experiance. But, there are dolphins in the surf, so watch out if you cant see when surfing. Its not a shark. Cept the one that just turned your 7'6 into a 6'8

      Breakname: Broulee Island
      Wave: Fairy steep take off, but the rest is a cakewalk. Yep, cakewalk. Lefthander for once, which tends to end near rock. Big ones.
      Something else: Yeah, its an Island. You gotta paddle out from a point to the island, and walk around to the NE corner, take it from there.

      Breakname: Mystery Bay
      Wave: Selection of lefts and rights breaking at irregular intervals onto big rocks. Nah im kiddin. Onto sand.
      Something else: This was my fave beach in all. Youve got a great selection of breaks, all fun, and its good for any one. I lipped over one wave to almost run into a chick who was learnin to surf. I gave her some lessons, she thanked me with her number. Dont think il call, she lives 12 hours away.

      Breakname: Mimosa Rocks national park
      Wave: Large variety of both reef and beach breaks, and when i say large, i dont mean just the number. These bastards pack a mean punch, its like 88% in wave form.
      Something else: This area just sweet and worth checkin out for natures sake. Youve got a heap of wildlife as well, the first thing i noticed was the kangoroo asleep in the middle of the path to the beach. Almost gutted me when it woke up ;). Campin here would be awesome, and you gotta check out the Northern break if you go here. Its fuckin huge.

      Yep, those were my fave 8 break from about 20-25 break we did. Any questions about somethin you didnt understand, surf lingo, or questions about surfin, send me a message or some shit. Now, off you fuck. Im goin to St Andrews for another surf.

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    • middyfrosh

      10 years ago

      ha, we have similar names.

    • DrSmiddy

      10 years ago

      I dont know why this is happening, but this comment is just a test to see if im still signed in as funkymullet accidently

    • Capt_V

      11 years ago

      no clue. i think it's for money laundering. whoever they are, they fail.

    • jehutyX

      11 years ago

      haha =P

    • red_falcon

      12 years ago

      What the hell marcus! 5 hours sleep!!!! Over 3 days! How do you even stay awake! Dude you must've been chuggin down V's like water to stay awake that long. Oh hi by the way. saw you on this in history so i thought i'd say hi.

    • funkymullet

      12 years ago

      thanx for the pic comment awsome news about the xbox... cashies are selling controllers for $25 each. if u could get ur hands on 2 more then we can have 8 acters and a camera

    • funkymullet

      12 years ago

      Hey Marus SUp

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