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    • DrawnThatWay

      Hey guys

      8 years ago

      Sup yo.

      So...I posted an email about a week ago. It was crazy long full of lots of info and adorable pictures. Then when I hit submit I got an error message! It was then followed by lots of angry mutterings.

      Anyhoo, obviously I haven't had time to repost it since you haven't seen it! SO, we are just forgeting that post and starting fresh. Minus the pics, they are too cute not to repost.

      So...without further adieu...

      Introducing my VERY FIRST niece!!! MaKenna Jeanne

      Aww...baby yawns are PRECIOUS!

      Red hair and LONG lashes! Definitely from my brother!

      Can I have one!?!? PLEASE!!!!

      This is the very first beanie I've ever knitted! I think I did a pretty good job. Likewise, this is the very first baby my brother's ever made. I think he did a pretty good job too! ;)

      Baby Blessing! Isn't this picture SO ADORABLE!!?!?

      Go figure, Aunt Andra gives her a little baby gum brush. It had natural apple/banana toothpaste (obviously edible...actually didn't taste too bad <.< >.> ) She LOVED IT! :D

      Yeah, so that was my spring break. Visiting my bro and his fam in NE. LOVED IT.

      In more current news, I am SO done w/ school!!! I don't want to do anymore! I am really at the point where I really just want to be a stay at home mom. If I don't make it through this program, I really will be! That'd be ok w/ me too...

      Anyhoo Saturday is my 23rd b-day! I am going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And it will be beautiful! Rob's going to call me! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :D :D :D We were emailing the other day and I said to him, "Can you believe I'll be 23? You know I met you when I was 19?!?" Crazy huh? Anyhoo...

      57 Days till he's home! (4 more paychecks Bri!!!)

      Good times.

    • DrawnThatWay


      8 years ago

      Guess what!?!?! So I set a goal back in December that I'd lose 15 lbs before Robert came home (which will be end of May). I started at 160. Saturday I weighted myself and I was at... 150!!! DOWN TEN POUNDS BABY!!! YEAH!!! :D I am so excited! Only 5 more lbs to go!!! :D :D :D I also was able to put on pants and a skirt that I haven't worn in 3 years!!! (Yes, women keep clothes for years even if they can't fit into them, for the very chance that something like this happens and makes their day!) Anyhoo, I'm way excited! Totally pumped to loose the last 5 lbs...maybe more! Anyhoo...

      Oh yes...just to add, yesterday marked the 3 month mark till Rob comes home...so that means we are now UNDER 3 months (or 6 paychecks ;) Just for you Bri) until Rob comes home :D :D :D

    • DrawnThatWay


      8 years ago

      So crazy coincidence. I just bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on DVD yesterday at Sam's Club. C'mon it was like $6 and everyone needs a little reminiscing time right? Anyhoo, so I'm on ebaumsworld today checking out videos (basically procrastinating and not doing homework) and I found this... scary...


      If you thought that lady was sad...check out this one...


      P.S. I hope these links work, lol it's been a long time since I've linked something on here, lol... FIXED LINKS

    • DrawnThatWay

      Happy Valentine's Day :D

      8 years ago

      Hey everyone.

      Hope today was just lovely for you! Look what I got yesterday...

      Red Tulips and Purple Irises

      My honey loves me <3

      Isn't that vase beautiful?!?

      Aren't they just GORGEOUS!?!?

      My honey is wonderful! I totally wasn't expecting anything! He loves me :D :D :D

      It also had a really sweet note with it...made me cry...I'm such a girl. lol :D

    • DrawnThatWay


      8 years ago

      Why hello all. It definitely has been a while. How are you? How are things?

      Quite a few things have changed in my absence!

      Swmmy is a Mod. Jo's got an INCREDIBLY cute baby boy. And Uppy has missed me terribly... and I'm sure other stuff. I want you guys to post here what's been new w/ you!!!

      Lots have been going on here too. Hence why I've been gone so long. Let's see... you all know that I made it into Dental Hygiene school. That's been going well. It's CRAZY hard work though. Last semester I almost has a nervous breakdown. But that was in addition to Robert being deployed. His ship (USS Dwight D Eisenhower) left here 03 Oct 2006. Right after he left my LIFE fell apart. Or it felt like it. I had to handle everything on my own, in addition to school. My brand new beautiful Mazda 3 got totaled by high tide. So I'm stuck with my life long friend, my 16 year old Oldsmobile (that has no heat! Really sucks in 20 degree weather!). My grandma passed away 20 Oct 2006. And a whole bunch of stuff. But things have picked up since then. Robert and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on 04 Nov 2006. Too bad he wasn't here. That's ok, hopefully, he'll be home sometime in May. I made it through my first semester of Dental Hygiene school (we actually lost 7 girls over Christmas break!). And... today... I HAD MY FIRST ACTUAL PATIENT! It was so exciting!!! It was great fun!

      Anyhoo. I suppose that should be all for now. I need to get off to bed anyhow. I hope you guys are all well! And I can't wait to hear from you!!! :D

    • DrawnThatWay

      Remember me???

      9 years ago

      Hey guys! I know I've been gone a while, but I just wanted to stop by and say... I'll probably not be on much anymore.

      Things have been going good here. Very good actually. Spending time with the hubby before he goes on deployment in September. Doing summer school yadda. My mom and sis fly in on Monday for a lovely week visity. Too bad they moved up Rob's stupid underway to Monday, so he doesn't get to see them at all. What was that other exciting thing I was gonna tell you...hmmm...oh yeah....

      I MADE IT INTO DENTAL HYGIENE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hahaha suckas! So, I'm just a smidge excited for that. But that also means CRAZY BUSY! That school is KILLER hard and I'll need to be doing LOTS of studying. (The only benefit of Rob being on a 6 mos deployment at the time, I have lots of time to study). Needless to say I won't be on the comp a lot. Well, scratch that. The internet a lot.

      So yeah. I hope you all are doing well!!! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif


    • DrawnThatWay


      9 years ago

      I've put this off for a while. I haven't posted a journal in almost a month, but some of you have seen me sneaking around here.

      Things are slowing down. Though I expect them to pick back up again. Summer school starts tomorrow. I don't expect that to get to crazy until 23 May, when my 2nd and 3rd class start. Then I'll be going to school from 0830 - 1900. Don't crap your pants too bad for me, I've got a few 2 hour breaks in there. lol

      Anyhoo. I don't really know what else to post. I wanted to keep this relatively short.

      Rob comes home on FRIDAY! YEAH!!!! You know, I've noticed that it doesn't matter that we are married, I seem to forever have a count down for that boy.

      So...leave me some funny/entertaining stuff. I've accumulated a nice lil stash of mod points since I've been gone... smiley0.gif

    • DrawnThatWay

      Still Alive

      9 years ago

      Hey guys!

      So...like my title said, I'm still alive.

      I've been busy (and will continue to be busy) since the end of the semester is near.

      Rob left this morning for a month out to sea, so I should maybe have a bit more free time to be online. Still haven't been feeling the online bug lately. I dunno...weird.

      Oh, some happy news. I took my anatomy test tonight. Did well! Above the class average. So that made me happy.

      So....I feel really weird. I dunno what to say. Why does RvB feel so foreign to me??

      Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me? ... .... ... smiley3.gif

    • DrawnThatWay

      Oh heavens...

      9 years ago

      So I haven't really been on here. I just haven't been in the mood for RvB, I guess. Sad really. (that and I means that my watchlist is going CRAZY!)

      I have had a LOT of homework and etc. So that's basically been taking up my time. But I figured I should post something.

      So...what's new w/ me? Well... lots. Like I said before, I've been crazy busy w/ school. Rob's been CRAZY busy w/ work. He got home 10 March from one month out to sea, and the two weeks since then has been on 16+ hour days plus weekends (those 16+ hours too). It's been crappy. I'd see him like 2 hours a day, in which we'd chat a little, make him dinner, and then he'd sleep. FUN. ... ... yeah. But INSURV is over today (too bad he has duty today) so he should be able to be home more.

      ...That is, until he goes out to sea 12 April - 12 May. Bleh.

      On a happier note, he will be home for my 22nd Birthday which is... TOMORROW! Yes! I popped out 31 March 1984 (good book by the by) at 11:51am (I like to sleep in). My mom was in labor with me for 12 hours (I'm a lil dramatic sometimes, I wanted a fasionable appearace... smiley0.gif ) March saved the best for last I always say! he he he

      OH! 01 April = NERVOUS DAY! I'M SO NERVOUS!!!! I find out if I made it into the dental hygiene program. I've done a bad thing. I've psyched myself out. I TRIED to not expect to get in, but that didn't work. I got thinking that I really had a chance. My application was great mind you, but it all depends on who else applies. I have a sinking deep pit-o-my-tummy feeling that I won't get in. smiley3.gif *tears* I'm so nervous. Wish me luck...I'll need it.

      DISCLAIMER: So if I don't post about getting in, assume I didn't and don't ask me about it because I'm sure it will get me depressed all over again. thankyouverymuch.

      Anyhoo. I think that's about it. Oh, the photo contest runs until 10 April. So if you've been SLACKING!!! then please vote for my adorable hubby! Thanks!

    • DrawnThatWay

      Happy Birthday to...

      9 years ago

      Johann Sebastian Bach!


      My favorite piano composer! He was born this day, 21 March 1685. He's a strapping 321 years old! Wow that's old!

      He's always been my favorite. In fact I named my first dog after him. Bach was a full blood American Rottweiler. I wish I had some pictures of him, but this will have to do smiley0.gif

      PRECIOUS!!! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      My Bach was NEVER that small. 10 weeks old he weighed 31 lbs! When he was full grown he weighed 180 something lbs and his head came to my hip (I'm 5'6''). Needless to say, he wasn't small. But he was the SWEETEST dog in the world. He looked FEROCIOUS, so in that way he was a great protector. Anyhoo... I've gone off topic...

      Back to Bach the Composser. He's always been a favorite. Bach (the dog) used to sit and listen to my play the piano *tender moment*

      Some interesting tid bits:
      smiley9.gifMozart, Beethoven, and Chopin were among Bach's most prominent admirers.

      smiley9.gif"Mozart sat down, the parts all around him, held in both hands, on his knees, on the nearest chairs. Forgetting everything else, he did not stand up again until he had looked through all the music of Sebastian Bach". Beethoven was a devotee, learning the Well-Tempered Clavier as a child and later calling Bach "Urvater der Harmonie" ("original father of harmony") and "nicht Bach, sondern Meer" ("not a brook, but a sea", punning on the literal meaning of the composer's name). Chopin used to lock himself away before his concerts and play Bach's music.

      smiley9.gifJohann Sebastian Bach’s contributions to music, classified as "musical science" and he was frequently compared to the "original geniuses" of William Shakespeare in English literature and Isaac Newton in physics.

      smiley9.gifBach was also very devoted to Christ. One such piece is the familiar, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"

      I wish I could link some music, but there are some really good ones in the Wikipedia Media section (First link).

      Anyhoo! Happy B-day Bach! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      Advertisement for myself (hey, this is MY journal, I'm allowed to do that, it's what journals are for): If you haven't already PLEASE click here and vote 5 Stars of ADORABLENESS smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif for this pic of my cute lil honey. For complete contest info, go to my last journal. he he he smiley12.gif Oh,and if someone could tell me what the average vote for my pic is, that would be AWESOME! THANKS!!!

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    • ferretlxix


      7 years ago

      Hoppy Easter

    • ferretlxix


      7 years ago

      Passing through to say "Hi."
      I have less than a month ,eft here and it's off to San Diego for four months of school then to the USS Shoup in WA.

    • ferretlxix


      8 years ago

      I'm here for a whole year but, I'm supposed to recieve atleast two chances for leave. We'll see but, I'm counting on one. Shooting for august but, most likely you'll be hearing from the Mrs on that one.
      I bet you're down to the minutes on your countdown eh?

    • ebay


      8 years ago

      Yeah this state really does suck. And I am sorry your husband is so far away. But hey if you want give me a call some time and we can hang out.

    • Momentum


      8 years ago

      uh, well, unless "friend" is a verb - yeah, I guess that'd work.

      I was just thinking you had meant to write "accept friends" or "befriend" or something else.

      I thought it was funny because it had me envisioning that you were so ticked off about it and you wanted to post it right away and in your haste, you'd left something out. It was funny to me because I can so easily relate.
      I hate teh 1337 lamers too.

      But evidently you intended it to be that way -----so ------

      *looks around*


      <Emily Litella> Nevermind </Emily Litella>

    • Momentum


      8 years ago

      Just in case nobody has noticed mentioned it, right after your animated image stating that you support good grammar, your next comment is

      I won't friend boys under 19 either.

      It sounds like something's missing. lol I thought it was funny.

      I would like to borrow that grammar image if you don't mind.

      That annoying 1337 crap and teh garbage drives me up a tree too.

    • FieryPhoenix


      8 years ago

      dude, you should have see the BACKSIDE of the shorts...i had dozens of guys taking pics of me, and my roommate said he heard some black guys saying DAMN LOOKIT THAT FINE ASS!! and following me around lol! I didn't look spectacular in the shorts, but it was a lot of fun...yet another dare to myself that i did. I wasn't sure if i was going to do it... :D you should try some time....very liberating....can move your legs soooo much better.

    • prittynred


      8 years ago

      Hooray! I'm so happy for you smiley0.gif

    • UpCharles


      8 years ago

      Haha! Barto's mom brought hom the flowers his dad sent her on VD and they're the same one's Rob sent you!!! He was away on a business trip, too.... So I got to see the flowers you got in all their glory! :-P

    • ebay


      8 years ago

      Well one of them was the bosses daughter so I really couldn't do that and get away with it.