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    • We're Alive: A story of survival

      6 years ago


      There are a great many things on the internet to keep one entertained. This website is proof of that. Of course some may be more difficult to find than others if you don't know what you are looking for. Several years ago I was looking around iTunes for something to listen to at work. Long hours and certain apathy for those I worked for. Due to legal restraints I can not comment as to whom I worked for, but I digress. Through my search I stumbled on a podcast that was just getting started in with their project, lucky for me. You see I greatly enjoy audio dramas. I don't know why I do, but I guess the format is just something that sparks that bit of imagination that has long since gone dormant in many since the invention of television and even more so with the internet. Back in the day, the kids would gather around the radio and listen to Little Orphan Annie or the Shadow and be enthralled with what this simple program had to offer. Well it seems with the explosion of the internet, and yes I can say that my life and childhood actually predates the internet as we know it, people have decided to bring this long dead format back. Now there are many different audio dramas out in cyberspace some very good. Some... well I was always told that if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all and I will leave it at that. This particular audio drama is something in a league of its own.

      We're Alive is a drama about a zombie outbreak in down town Los Angeles. It revolves around the lives of Sergeant Michael Cross, Lieutenant Angel Tunudo, and Specialist Saul Tink as they attempt to locate any survivors they can and hold up somewhere safe as the world they know comes crumbling down in an instant. Unfortunately, the zombies that have swarmed the city are only half of their troubles. As the group of survivors grow within their ranks, more and more problems arise as well a growing number of threats, both outside and within their walls.

      The podcast just wrapped up their third season and is preparing for their fourth and final act to the story they have worked exceedingly hard on. The troupe that has put together this audio drama has put their blood sweat and fears (PUN/inside joke) into this amazing work, using a surprisingly large crew of very talented voice actors and high quality recording, complete with unique and fitting sound effects. A great deal of military terminology is used for this production and used as it should be. With a friend who was a former Marine and now serves in the army he made it clear to me how happy he was that they did not just attempt to hobble together some army jargon to make it seem legit. It is clear that this endeavor is not simply a way to pass the time or just for a hobby. The level of professionalism is something to be admired and perhaps even inspired.

      If you are looking for something to listen to on the way to work or during some major achievement grinding sessions I recommended We're Alive. Check it out as www.zombiepodcast.com/

    • Quote of the day

      6 years ago


      In context of eating dessert, fiancé told me to eat her dessert. Sister in law then said, as her sister, If you love me, you'd eat my whoopie pie. :)

    • Working Saturdays sucks.

      6 years ago


      That is all.

    • Podcast Blues

      7 years ago


      "Thank you for listening" are perhaps some of the saddest words a fan can here. I have been a fan of Red vs Blue for years, to the fact that I have the "special edition" dvd of the first season. When the RoosterTeeth crew started branching out their talent into other areas I was excited and hopped on board as fast as I could. However one of the last projects I picked up was the RoosterTeeth podcast, formerly "the Drunk Tank". I soon realized that was a huge mistake. On a whim I downloaded the first few podcasts just to see what it was all about. And so it began. Over the last two months I have been devouring the podcasts as quickly as I could get them. The crew has been keeping me entertained and forcing me to stifle my laughter around coworkers day after day.

      Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. It was within the past few days they found the number of the episodes diminishing from the triple digits to a single episode which I was extremely hesitant to listen to. It was the same sadness that one feels when he or she finishes an amazing book, or at the end of the great movie. Its the same sense of emptiness when an amazing game has reached its conclusion. It was with a grim realization that I must now sit and wait for the next episode so that I can be entertained once again.

      Well I suppose to it could be worse. Of course I hope we never have to find that out. Keep it up guys... and gals...

    • 2019 years ago

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