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    • Whose Points are they Anyway?

      5 years ago


      The Standings after Round 2 are as follows:

      ObLiiFaN = 17
      John = 20
      capnbirdman = 25
      Raynos = 27
      NightSaw = 27
      Cheyza = 27
      Dopp = 27
      SpiderWolve = 28
      Hennres = 29
      jucksweet = 29
      exitnine = 30
      trueblueoval = 34
      Andymatron = 40

      But what led to these scores?! Who was boring?! Who got a bunch of crap?! Who kicked ass?! Who had it easy?!

      Tune in tomorrow to find out what goodies our gang was equipped with their...RANDOM SURVIVAL PAK!!!!

    • Alright...

      5 years ago


      Been a busy week. I worked overtime then both Friday & Saturday at the bar. You'll have your round to points for the contest late tomorrow or Wednesday!

      Ah Yeah!

    • Zombie Survival Contest 2014: BACK FROM THE DEAD!! - End of Round 1 Points

      5 years ago


      Sit back and I will tell you a tale, 13 individual tales to be precise, of a group of unlucky survivors caught a midst the great Walker Plague of 2014. There is no true beginning to the event as a whole though there have certainly been many, many endings. Fact of the matter is, no one is quite sure how it all started. We do know those below though. From the fateful day this mess started they've continued to have thus far stretched the length of their own lives for now...but for how much longer can they continue to do so?

      Living in Green River, WY this quite, well mannered young man picked up employment on the UP Railroad. Working in the yard he gained knowledge on engines and routes too and from town. Since he was a mechanic, there wasn't much he couldn't fix. All these skills & knowledge would soon be put to the test when it all went down. There wasn't much panic a first though. The biggest decision for the getaway was train or truck?
      POINTS: 31

      West Tennessee Healthcare Lab Supervisor, Dopp, well he know something was wrong well in advance. Working in healthcare gave him amble time to realize what was going on and got his mind assessing things more quickly than others. This probably save his hide as most folks know a hospital isn't the place to be for times like this. He did his best to help those coming in but eventually he gathered some gear and slipped out to his truck just ahead of the full on panic in the streets.
      POINTS: 27

      Somewhere on a stretch of back roads in the Midwest we had Cheyza. With her knowledge of locations, communication advantage, oh and her fully fueled 384 Peterbilt...well she'd put down a few already by the time local law enforcement caught on.
      POINTS: 25

      South Carolina is home to our next story, and while trueblueoval may not be no Commander Sheppeard....who is? On this day though he thought like one. In the Nanya Plastics Manufacturing facility he was able to play cat and mouse with a few of his "former" coworkers. Needless to say he won. His Chevy Suburban did the rest and got him past the gates for a somewhat messy getaway.
      Points: 25

      Oklahoma: If someone told you they worked at the desk of a dog daycare, you may not give em' much chance in a scenario like this. But capnbirdman doesn't have "capn" in her name for nothin'! Working all that time with the animals forms a bond. And when a small group of undead come crashing through the store front window, they'll heed your command and give you all the time you need to get to the safety of your car.
      Points: 24

      Charleston, WV is on the map and home to exitnine. Working as a lighting sales rep, him a a couple other co-workers thankfully had enough warning to to power up some distractions to help them hold out until help arrived. They soon realized help wasn't coming, and shortly after that the lights went out. With a little luck he was able to get to his SUV in the back lot. It may not always bet be fuel efficient but it can put the hurt on a few things that can get in your way.
      Points: 24

      With his friend, Glenn transferring to one of the Dominoes Pizza chains in Atlanta, SpiderWolve stepped up to take an extra route to cover. Then...things got shady in Shady Side, MD! If not for covering this additional route he'd have been right smack in the middle of one of the fastest spreading zones in the country. With a car full of fresh baked pizzas he headed out to a more rural area to lie low for a bit.
      Points: 24

      Jucksweet is a corrections officer at the Salt Lake County Jail. Once word made it inside about what was going down on the outside, panic ensued and things escalated out of control quickly. What started out as staff fighting prisoners continued to them both fighting the dead...in a losing battle. Guns blazing she narrowly made it out of a hole put in the wall...by some guy with an eye patch who had a tank. If only she could have taken that! She settled for her SUV though.
      Points: 24

      Hennres was a student at the University of East Anglia. Word had spread fast overseas as to what was going on in the States. It wasn't until 28 days later though that it would reach Norwich. While on the bus commute to school things got messy. The streets became chaos and it eventually made it on to the bus, but a good effort by himself and a few other students held off the worst. Hennres became a bus driver that day as well.
      Points: 22

      In the wee hours of the morning, at a Dunkin' Donuts shop somewhere in Rhode Island, there was a guy working the counter named NightSaw. Now in a donut shop you don't have much for weapons. And a horde of blood spouting formers come running towards your shop it's not something you hope to see...ever. But the seven bored police officers,who had just shot back the last of their coffee welcomed it with pointed guns. Among the screams and gun shots, Nightsaw made a hasty exit in the form of a mad dash to freedom out the backdoor.
      Points: 21

      As Raynos found himself driving through a now forgotten number of front yards he though to himself, "Walt Disney World was a bad idea, but the Donald Duck costume was brilliant!"
      Points: 20

      Goldcoast, Australia, 28 weeks later. The heat sucks! ObLiiFaN can smell em' coming a while away though!
      Points: 18

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    • Random Survival Pak

      5 years ago


      Just waiting on one more points sheet from of our judges and I'll announce the current scores before moving onto the "Random Survival Pak". The initial point sheet had a guideline to follow however, myself and the other two judges were free to associate those points on how felt too. Each of us looked at certain things in our own ways. This was my intention as it really leave the points open to interpretation, meaning, I may score a certain category one way and someone else will look at it entirely different. We all scored fairly, just on what we each thought were good or bad.

      Moving onto what I feel will be the "super fun" segment of the contest.There will be three or four complete random items drawn out of a hat for each of the contestants. One category will be food, one will be a weapon and a couple others will be a combination of those and many completely off the wall things.
      While I'd like to think of this as each contestant being given a backpack full of these items, I must tell you that some of this stuff there is no way will fit in a bag. Seriously....some pretty crazy shit!

      How I will to this I still haven't decided. I can just post a journal with the items. Or I can record audio...similar to a podcast of me drawing these items. I could possibly do something else but the more detailed it'd be the more time consuming it'd be as well. Any suggestions on this?

      PS - I just caught up on all the current season of 'The Walking Dead'. Whew! Gotta love it!


    • Stage 1: Complete

      5 years ago


      So the sign up is all said and done. We have our contestants and their initial information. Through the rest of the week I'll piece together our initial points and the following week announce all the fun details on the "random survival packs". From there we'll do the Q&A portion which will finish out the contest. From there it's announcing winners!


    • Sign up while you can!!

      5 years ago



      We're in the final couple of days to register to play the game. The deadline is going to be pushed back to Monday at 5pm CST since I have a show I'm promoting with Elway on Sunday that'll take up most of my day.

      'The Walking Dead' picks back up tomorrow which should give those of you already signed up something to do in the mean time.

      I'd love to get one or two more contestants as a dirty dozen seems fitting. My reach only goes so far though, so go ahead and share the above link to see if we can nab one more person.

      This week I'll work on the intro story with some very brief (and silly) profiles of those in the game. I'll also be doing some initial points scoring with the judges and from there I'll also be drawing all the random gear for your "Random Survival Pak". This should be a hoot and I'm looking forward to seeing what people get. There will be some pretty crazy things! It's all completely randomly drawn and will give...or take additional points in the range of -1 to +3.

      Have a good rest of the weekend! Share that link at the top with your friends. At least one more person would be icing on the brain!

      Dropkick out!

    • Less than a week before zombies!

      5 years ago


      Click THIS LINK as there is still time to enter the contest. It is free and you you can get prizes. It'll probably take you only 15 minutes of your life over the stretch of a week or so. C'mon!

      Thanks for those of you who have already signed on. Much appreciated.

      Now in the spirit of the contest, let's have a a little fun.

      Choose your Weapon!

      It's 3am and you must be lonely...because as you're sitting around watching the shopping network your dead neighbor come crashing through your window. You sit frozen in shock at the sight of him slowly getting to his feet once more and shambling your way. You wonder if he knows just how much it is to replace that window?

      Before you know it he's just a few feet away, arms outstretched and babbling incoherently as most undead beings do. You have only 30 seconds to react...

      What living room item will you use to slay this window crasher?


    • Fun for FREE!

      5 years ago


      I've had 4 peeps in the first few days. A little over a week to participate so feel free to join up or share the link below for others to do so.


    • Zombie Survival Contest 2014: BACK FROM THE DEAD!!

      5 years ago


      Kickoff Announcement (WMA)

      Well, well, well...

      It's been SEVEN longs years since the last "outbreak" so I figured that's at least about 6 years too long! With a new year brings a new contest and I hope some of you will indulge me by possibly signing your life away on the invisible dotted line. This journal marks the official start of the 2014 Zombie Survival Contest and will act as the the place to enter it. I don't care if you are a new member to the site or an extremely old & decrepit one, such as myself! By simply commenting on the journal with the below information you'll be registered to go. Since some of the gifts may be graphic in nature (at least to some people), I will ask that you please be 18+ to join. I'm not looking to make parents angry. Here we go:

      Entry Instructions:
      1) Place a comment on this journal. This will give me your site username.
      2) List your place of employment and a general description of it, such as office, warehouse, fastfood, etc.; or "couch surfer" if you don't have one. Don't worry, we are only judging you on the contest. I've been unemployed a couple times if that makes you feel any better.
      3) List the zip code of your work place or of your home if you currently aren't working.
      4) Finally, what is your usual mode of transportation. Do you bike, bus, carpool, drive yourself, walk...I think you got the idea.

      That's all! You're in!

      In the past I've had a lot of photo taking and even tried for videos but it's pretty much painless this year. The most work you'll be doing other than the entry is the questionnaire. So yeah, painless until you're ripped limb from limb by a horde of the undead! MWHAHAH.....wait where was I?

      The top three winners will receive a bundle of the below. I'll need an address for these to be mailed but I'll get that information upon the contest completion...obviously. This is just the initial offerings. There may be a trophy created for this and I would like to "try" to give a way a few other little items. All of this will depend on the number of entries and of course if I can afford it. If there were over 50 people for example, it would get rather pricey to get a gift and mail it to all of them. The below I feel is a definitely a good start!

      'The Walking Dead' Season 1 BluRay, 'The Walking Dead' SDCC 2011 Tell Tale video game poster, Spookshow Pinups "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' art print signed by artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series & a hard cover copy of 'Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness' plus an old beat up copy of the original 'Evil Dead' on DVD. (sorry no gum).

      DVD's of 'Night of the Living Dead' (Tom Savini, Color Remake), 'Dawn of the Dead' (Romero Original) & 'Day of the Dead' (Romero as well) along with a copy of the book, 'ZOMBIES: A Record of the Year of Infections'.

      A zombie survival poster along with a 'Left 4 Dead 2' limited edition mini baseball bat (so don't use it on zombies!) from GameStop. I'll also throw in a 'Boot Hill' comic zombie/western concept poster signed by three of the writers and writer/artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series.

      Further Information:
      February 8th, the mid-season premiere of 'The Walking Dead' on AMC will be the last day to accept entries! Once the new season starts you won't be able to join!

      From there we will assign you a "random survival pak"! This includes an array of supplies that will either help or hinder your survival. Trust me! Gonna be some interesting stuff and this particular section will be a lot of fun! I'll post a journal(s) with the breakdown of items so that everyone gets to see what the competitors have to use. It is an idea very much inspired by the book/movie "Battle Royale". My guess is I'll take it to a whole other level though.

      Next you'll be sent a 15 question survey so to speak. It shouldn't take too long to fill out but the answers are important. I will message you the questions and there will be a deadline to have these in. If you don't follow through you will definitely fall out of the running.

      Finally, prior to announcing the winners. Myself and two other judges (Moeparker & Lefty) will be grading on a TOP SECRET points system and most everything above will be factored in some way. Up until that point I'll be posting journals here or there for fun about zombies or with polls for members to participate in. I'll also be giving updates along the way as far as where we are at for the contest.

      That about does it for now though. If you decide to play goodluck! Feel free to share this with your friends as my reach is only so far. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'll go ahead and answer them while posting them in a future journal as well.



    • The Contest is Near!!

      5 years ago


      A long time ago, in journals now far, far away.

      It was a period of being less busy in life. Though
      bills, striking from a growing number of corporations,
      had been strong, they had not won their first victory
      against the member known as Dropkick.

      During the battles, he still managed
      to travel to Toronto, for the ultimate fan event,
      RvBTO, while blogging actively and
      with enough time to hold zombie
      survival contest for the entire planet.

      Pursued by these companies and other sinister agents,
      such is life. Dropkick eventually was bound to his home,
      in Des Moines, IA where his free time was stolen.
      But he now plans to save his once active profile on
      the RT site and restore it with not just journals...


      Howdy folks! A new year is hear and soon will be another chapter of the Walking Dead (I haven't watch ANY of this season yet so no spoilers!!). February 9th kicks off their mid-season-ma-bob so there is no better time than now to get this going! The...

      This weekend will mark the initial start of the contest which will feature a bunch of cool prizes with most likely even more to come. Entries will open up with the contest journal where you'll need to at least need to give your job description (or lack thereof...don't worry there are bunches of unemployed people!), zip code of said job/couch and what type of transportation you use...if any. Whew! Did you get all that? It may seem chaotic and probably will be but this contest represents something that typically isn't portrayed as being orderly and...stuff. So yeah.

      There will also be some fun and creative questions with answers judged by myself, Moeparker & Lefty. Oh, and just for good measure each contestant will be given a randomly selected "survival pak", which will either increase....or maybe decrease your chances of survival.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg entrance to the sewer, who knows how many other zombies are waiting below! We'll be sure to laugh, cry & possibly die along they way! Gonna be a great time!

      Here are the initial offerings on the table! I figured you guys would want to know as it'd get the saliva flowing! These shouldn't be subject to change, my guess is they may have a few little items added possibly along the way. In the meantime they are as follows:

      'The Walking Dead' Season 1 BluRay, 'The Walking Dead' SDCC 2011 Tell Tale video game poster, Spookshow Pinups "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' art print signed by artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series & a hard cover copy of 'Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness' (sorry no gum).

      DVD's of 'Night of the Living Dead' (Tom Savini, Color Remake), 'Dawn of the Dead' (Romero Original) & 'Day of the Dead' (Romero as well) along with a copy of the book, 'ZOMBIES: A Record of the Year of Infections'.

      A zombie survival poster along with a 'Left 4 Dead 2' limited edition mini baseball bat (so don't use it on zombies!) from GameStop. I'll also throw in a 'Boot Hill' comic zombie/western concept poster signed by three of the writers and artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series.

      Stay tuned for the contest kickoff! You don't even need to participate to have fun. I'll be doing random zombie related polls and you'll probably find some of the actual contest fun to observe as well*.

      *note: You may not find any of this funny.



      Original contest (7 years ago!): roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=...

      2nd Contest (a Spongebob-ish..."Two Years Later"): roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=...

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