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    • Vaction to Austin...yes I went to Texas

      5 years ago


      I went to Austin for the first time over this past weekend. Had a good time eating wonderful food and seeing daughter as well as some other wonderful peeps again. I even visited the RT office...all business folks. They work a lot harder than all of us would probably think.

      John (the man formerly known as RocketWhore) took me in and taxi'd me around town as well as a couple of watering holes. I was also introduced to a lot of interwebs stuff and a pretty fun card game. Oh! I got a deck of RT playing cards from him as well...sweet! His couch is basically built for surfing...comfy.

      Thanks Barbara for the RT tour and Geoff for actually requesting to see me (I felt like I was being let into a throne room...they took all this old mans weapons but they did not depart me from my walking stick at least. (NERD ALERT!). I also briefly met a bunch of other staff members which, always nice to see new faces.

      I'll seriously think about RTX this year, if it is possible just maybe. For now it's time for some sleep. I have some RWBY watching on deck for sometime over the next couple days too.

    • Ack! Zombies!

      5 years ago


      Thinking about getting this rolling and setting a very near future start date. Should I go forward with something this month or February?

    • Zombie Survival Contest 2013?

      5 years ago


      Sat down tonight and finally went over some details on what I was going to do for starters with the latest installment of my LONG, LONG AWAITED...Zombie Survival Contest. Seriously it's been years since the last one and months since I even mentioned the possibility of another.

      I hashed some ideas for scoring points over here on a word doc as well as a the idea of a "Random Bonus Point System" similar to that of the 'Battle Royal' system for those of you familiar with the book/movie. :) I also will have one last way to accumulate points via three judges (MoeParker, Lefty &????) for good measure.

      That leads me to prizes. I'm not sure if this is the final prize package, obviously I'm on a zero budget but hopefully these aren't too shabby. Here is my initial thinking below:

      The Walking Dead Season 1 (Blu Ray)
      The Walking Dead SDCC 2011 TellTale/Skybound games poster
      Spookshow Pinups "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' print (signed by artist Ant Lucia of "DC Bombshells' fame)
      Hard Cover of "Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness' (this was donated the last contest I believe)

      DVD - 'Night of the Living Dead' (Tom Savini, Color Remake)
      DVD - 'Dawn of the Dead' (Romero Original)
      DVD - 'Day of the Dead' (Romero Original)
      A copy of 'ZOMBIES: A Record of the Year of Infections' book

      A Zombie Survival Poster
      'Left 4 Dead 2' limited edition mini baseball bat from Gamestop
      'Boot Hill' comic concept poster (signed by three writers & artist Ant Lucia as well)

      Think this is a decent package folks? Let me know your thoughts?


    • I missed by 9 year anniversary!

      5 years ago



      There is a lot of shit I haven't done I said I would on here too.


      I still plan on doing it at some point. Give me a push. Yell at me people! I'll help you out by passing on the "love".

      Hate you!

    • Local Tunage

      6 years ago


      A few of you may know I dabble in booking concerts in my spare time. Nothing major but we've had a few shows with bands I'm pretty proud to have hosted and some who are on their way to those chart topping levels (at least in my eyes!).
      When we do shows we typically use a locals to fill in the empty spots on the bill. Iowa may only be known musically for Slipknot, but I assure you we have a bunch of other great and diverse acts here in the state. And though I've been booking for over 2 1/2 years there are a ton I've yet to work with or even catch live to be honest.
      What I'm going to do in this journal is post videos to some of my favorite current local acts in the State as well as some of the that I may not be my thing but are quite unique in their own right. I'm also going to throw in a video for one local band from the past I did a video for...they are my all time favorite and and will be the last video on here.

      Before I post. I want to say that feel free to post some local bands in your city/state you like or seem to be interesting in your opinion. I'd love to check some out.

      Lipstick Homicide - Pop-punk from Coralville, IA and one of my favorite bands here in the state at the moment.

      The Envy Corps - Des Moines indie rock quartet that currently hold the torch as far as career breakout potential. They were on again/off again (first voluntarily) with a major label, had a song featured in "Run, Fatboy Run" & now have a small stint touring with Imagine Dragons.

      Rumble Seat Riot - Des Moines rockabilly at it's finest! I've done quite a few shows with these guys and they seem to get better & better every time. This is more a short film than a movie but was cool they put it together.

      Mumfords - Ames based...I have no idea! These guys cannot be defined and their live show energy levels are off the charts. Their albums heavily pale in comparison to their live shows. I'm posting this live footage as it gives you an idea of what transpires at the show.

      Peace, Love & Stuff - These guys are also from Ames, IA. They dabble in a little bit of blues, country & rockabilly. Lavonne McRoberts is one of the best female vocalists with only a couple others to contend with. Dylan Sires to me is also one of the best guitarist as well. I like this video as it has an oldies feel, it is not their full band though.

      Trouble Lights - Fairfield, IA has this little niche of electronic bands...with a slight bit of insanity to boot. I'm not the biggest fan of dance type music but it is impossible to deny unique and catchy.

      Little Ruckus - Another Fairfield act and in my honest opinion the most bizarre the fine State of Iowa has to offer. His music and stage show is like a beautiful train wreck you can't look away from. The guy could probably win a gold medal in the Olympic gymnastics team too....leaps, splits, kicks. Insane!

      The Nadas - One of the longest running bands in Des Moines & the State. They reached the mass in the late 1990's thanks to CMJ and have been going since then. Probably lost a little steam since then as far as popularity really good. I personally love their acoustic sets the most.

      the Tires - Ames instrumental rock duo. The two fellas that comprise this band have been around a while in the scene. Of all their projects this is one of my favorites as there is nothing else like it around here.

      Bright Giant - Great rock band that write some amazing songs! The singer, Josh Davis (as I) am infatuated with Stephen King's Dark Tower books and we've had lengthy discussions on them. He's written a few songs regarding the books but the song below blows the minds of anyone who reads the books.

      Diamonds for Eyes - Des Moines indie rockers with a feel of classic rock. Joshua & Kristen Putney who are one of the two husband/wife bands I know of filled in the rest of the band with their friends and have been writing/recording non-stop ever since. Josh has a very haunting voice which give them an extremely distinct sound.

      MINT - Des Moines pop rock with a hint of soul. Ladies love em'. A band on the up!

      Ira Grace & the Bible Belt Prophets - Des Moines country duo whom I deeply respect here in town. Their albums are good but never seem to match what they bring live. The two compliment each other so well vocally and are a hoot!

      Gadema - One of out few local hip-hop artist from Des Moines. Great guy. Others springing up around the state.

      the Blendours - Iowa City acoustic pop-punk duo with the catchiest songs around. They even have one written about Earthbound which is awesome!

      North of Grand - Alternative rockers from Des Moines. They've been around a long time but keep getting better as they get older...almost the opposite of most bands. Packed with talent they remind me of a cross between Nerf Herder & Tripping Daisy.

      Poison Control Center - One of the most beloved bands in Des Moines...who hang at that Underground level...hidden among everything else. Great live shows too if you can get into them.

      Grubby Ernie - Ska/Pop/Punk from Ames Iowa. This is not just my favorite local band ever but honestly one of my favorite bands of all time. This song is one they close every show with.

    • I suck at life...

      6 years ago


      I have been really meaning to do this zombie contest and some fucking point but I'm just been busy. Some crappy stuff I've had to handle financially but some good stuff as well like my daughter in town for almost two months, a vacation & LOTS & LOTS of music booking.

      I will get to this at some point but I really need a clone...or an intern.

    • RIP David

      6 years ago


      From my little area on the map of the world, I'd been paying attention to the matter since it began hoping for the best. I'm just now seeing the update from my Facebook feed. Unfortunately, the news is isn't what anyone wanted to hear. It is a very sad day for this community and my thoughts are with him and all those who knew him.

      I met David at RvBTO 4, and while we were only acquaintances from that event I know he had a strong friendship with many others on the site, including several of my closer friends. To ALL of you...being the gamer he was I'm sure he'd prefer you use those health pak's on your hearts sooner than later.

      A good guy who is going to be missed.

    • Walking Dedz

      6 years ago


      I need a judge or two for the upcoming Zombie Survival Contest III. MOE?!

      Anyone else? I have a few prizes cooked up already as well. A a few ideas that may be a bit tough to sort out, but I'm sure I'll get it. Just want it to be different as each time has to have something unique. Here are a couple posts below (though I think the site seems to have a search function now).



      To be honest I haven't looked at these yet. Ha! I'm a buys man. Don't worry though we'll pull this off. Judges first. Then I'll cook up layout of the contest, my curveball & such. If by some odd chance there are a sudden surge in participants there may be a cutoff point.

    • 8 Bit Faded

      6 years ago


      I've faded a bit and have said numerous times I'd be back on here only to...well not be. I also actually started a blog on some site and was all, "I'm going to do this regularly" and it was...a lie.

      Maybe I should blog on here? Maybe I should aim to just at least write something weekly. That way I'm not trying to fulfill some schedule I set for myself. Where I'm writing everyday or every other.

      The first one will definitely be about music but I wouldn't mind getting personal as I have no outlets for it. I've been pretty much a blank stare when it comes to my emotions (unless I'm sobbing during a movie or possibly something on the internet. You know? Things that don't really affect me personally.) and need to get myself some kind of an high or low pulse running.

      I also wouldn't mind doing another Zombie Survival Contest. I need to throw a curve in it yet again though so people can't just go dig up the past and play off that.

      Sound like a plan? I'll also come up with some prizes...I suppose.

      Dropkick out!

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