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    • Bitter Sweet

      5 years ago


      I finally played/beat Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway for the 360. Honestly, this series is by far the best WWII series...highly underrated. Very authentic look and feel. You definitely have to use strategy or you and your men will be toast in no time. I think it's story telling is the best feature though. All three in the series are good...all three are continuations as well though you could play stand alone.

      That being said, I've decided to post about half of my very small game collection on 99 Gamers to slowly start trudging towards the Xbox One. I'm in no rush but figured I've hung onto some of these games far too long. Not worth sitting on em' like I do.

      Finally, anyone see the brief glimpses for Out of this World for the XB1? I LOVED that game! Kinda had me a little excited for it, the HALO rebirth and Mass Effect 4.

      Again...no rush.

    • Life moves pretty fast...

      5 years ago


      So I saw the post a while back regarding kickstarter related rewards, thought, "Hmmm. Wonder what's up?". Then I sign on today to see a movie is being made and the goal was already funded.

      Yeah, that was fast.

      So Rooster Teeth is making a movie? Hold onto your butts.

    • Assassins Creed

      5 years ago


      So I finally had a moment to sit down and power through Assassins Creed III. Honestly, I'm not sure if I want to play the fourth. I really like the storyline in these games but the game play can be such a bore at times. It is kinda like Grand Theft Auto...I just get tired of the repetitiveness of it all.

      I have enough games piled up on the side to not worry about the fourth for a while anyhow. So now I have to decide on Borderland 2, BA: Hells Highway, the latest Hitman installment, Max Payne 3, Dark Souls, Saints Row 3rd, Dishonored or one of the Batman games. Whew!

      See what I mean?

    • Whatcha Want?

      5 years ago


      Well the Zombie Survival Contest is dead and my Blackhawks have been eliminated from the playoffs. What should I journal about?

    • The End...for real this time I finally am completing this.

      5 years ago


      All good things must come to an end. This latest installment of the contest will mostly likely be the last. It took me much longer than I'd ever imagined to complete it with balancing work, music and family life. Not much free time and I guess this made me realize that.

      That being said though, three lucky participants will we walking away with few prizes for taking the time to join myself and the others on this little event. Regardless of the time, it was fun. I always love using the imaginary side of my brain, one which unfortunately doesn't get used often enough. Lots of idea locked away up there and some of it gets to see the light of day such as this.

      After the last journal laid waste to the majority of our contestants, we now have our final three write ups as follows (spoiler alert!: They live!):

      3rd Place: Winner of a zombie survival poster along with a 'Left 4 Dead 2' limited edition mini baseball bat (so don't use it on zombies!) from GameStop. I'll also throw in a 'Boot Hill' comic zombie/western concept poster signed by three of the writers and writer/artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series.

      Last we knew, Hennres had become a bus driver on a whim. Safely using the cities mass transit system to scoop up pockets of survivors that himself and the rest of his living classmates on the bus carried to safety. Using an acquired two-way radio, he quickly rallied the rest of the bus drivers and surviving police and fire units together. They effectively setup a safety zone at the University of East Anglia. This safe haven withheld the staunchest zombie attacks, though Hennres did eventually lose an eye in one of these first fierce battles to take place. Overtime, the people came to take up Hennres as somewhat a governor in this newly formed town. He even received a mighty desert eagle handgun as a token of appreciation.

      The town would carry on quite well for some time but eventually, some hot shot sheriff from Georgia would show up and cause a mess of problems. That however, is a whole other story.

      2nd Place: Winner of DVD's of 'Night of the Living Dead' (Tom Savini, Color Remake), 'Dawn of the Dead' (Romero Original) & 'Day of the Dead' (Romero as well) along with a copy of the book, 'ZOMBIES: A Record of the Year of Infections'.

      AndyMatron was the young man living in Green River, WY and working on the railways running across the State. Calm, collective and with a bunch of gear straight outta of a 'Left 4 Dead' video game, this was basically a cake walk for him. His biggest decision was train or truck? C'mon...only if your brains were munched could you not answer that!

      Being later known as "Steam Engine Andy", he is the only known person in history to have created a traveling train city. One could compare it to the great utopian cities such as Columbia or Rapture. It's community of citizens growing ever stronger with the use of a newly created series of "Plasmids". With all this power....how could anything go wrong?

      1ST PLACE AND GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF 'The Walking Dead' Season 1 BluRay, 'The Walking Dead' SDCC 2011 Tell Tale video game poster, Spookshow Pinups "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' art print signed by artist Ant Lucia, concept artist of the DC Comics "Bombshell" series & a hard cover copy of 'Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness' plus an old beat up copy of the original 'Evil Dead' on DVD. (sorry no gum).

      When last seen, Cheyza was somewhere on a stretch of back roads in the Midwest. Her knowledge of locations, communication advantage, oh and her fully fueled 384 Peterbilt...well she'd put down a few already by the time local law enforcement caught on.
      Having gathered a union of truckers it was pretty much a show of brute force from coast to coast at that point. Something out of Mad Max movies...total badass shit. To make matters for the living dead even worse. At some point on her journey, she crossed paths with the legendary Jack Burton who gave her the gift of "Rage Quit". This could be used when hordes of 25 zombies or more approached. A power when wielded would just cause them to become frustrated and simply storm off, only to later be individually brought down with an easy kill.

      All of this created a modern day Joan of Arc....just this one didn't die. This one could rest easy at night, resting her head on her Griffball plushy.

      WINNERS...please personal message me your mailing address! And thanks!

    • The End...a moment to remember those who died.

      5 years ago


      After weeks of having a horrible time...finding time, the end has finally arrived! We lost quite a few on the way but a few have survived. Let's break it down. This is in no particular order when it comes to the dead. The survivors...will be announced in order shortly!

      Last we knew, Dopp had escaped the West Tennessee Healthcare Lab in his truck along with a small amount of supplies. Unfortunately, he was so far ahead of everyone else he was stopped by an officer for speeding. When he became upset and made threats to the officer. He was arrested. He tried in vain to use his "Get out of Jail Free" card but it was to no avail. He ended up stuck in a holding cell and would later be eaten by a drunk who was thrown in with him (well the guy was dead but thought to be really, really drunk!).

      Trueblueoval sped recklessly down the highway but eventually ran out of gas. There was a good number of undead nearby where the truck came to rest, so to kill time, the truck windows were covered, a laptop was taken out and some LOTR's was watched. 12 hours later, the situation outside the truck had grown much worse and the call of nature was intense and could not be ignored.
      Death came swiftly from the horde outside the truck, they later would cheer while watching "Return of the King" as the ghost swept over the battle field. One even teared up.

      A week had passed since escaping the doggy daycare, capnbirdman was dehydrated, hungry and those shrooms she ate totally didn't help! Now walking through the forest, there was a dog ahead...or so it looked like a dog...a cute fuzzy little puppy. Stumbling towards it the realization finally arrived that it was a big grey zombie wolf. Much like the one in "the Grey". If this was a fairytale, there would have been a hunter to cut her out of it's stomach. Unfortunately, this wasn't a fairytale.

      Back in Charleston, WV, exitnine had long been out of gas. On the bright side though, he had a full box of Twinkies. This was a very sought after item in the post-world. Thinking it was a good idea to eat the whole box at once though...well it wasn't a good idea. The weight in your stomach after eating an entire box really takes its toll on your cardio. Exitnine couldn't out run the undead who'd been following him, and made an early exit.

      Having made it to the outskirts of Shady Side, SpiderWolve made way to the coast to find those elusive boats that always seem to be gone when you need them in an outbreak. There were none in the harbor but one could be seen on the horizon. The decision was made to swim. The Batman Utility belt found next to one dead Ben Affleck proved helpful in the swim as it had a bat-motor. The boat was empty so it was decided it would work. Suddenly, while climbing aboard, a giant great white shark munched off the back of the boat. As he slid towards the gaping jaws he made a quick check for "Shark Repellent". The last thing seen was a small note saying, "Sorry, I used all of it. Sincerely, Adam West". munch, munch, munch

      After a daring escape in Salt Lake City and a not so great class of warm milk, Jucksweet made haste to the Islands of the Great Salt Lakes. She eventually settled on an island and lived well for a couple weeks. She eventually was vaporized by a zombie sharks lazer beam. The same sharks she'd placed in the waters around the island for protection but died as...the water was just way too salty!

      Happy to make it out of the shoot out of the Dunkin Donuts store, Nightsaw made haste down the street on foot and found something incredible. In the parking lot of a nearby event center sat...GRAVE DIGGER!!! (and there was much rejoicing) For days the sound of zombies being squished under massive tires and the roar from the powerful engine filled the streets. Fans amassed in the center of town to cheer on their champion! However, a monster truck can be dangerous when left in neutral and the vehicle roll over him while climbing down from the cab one Sunday. Fare thee well!

      We last knew Raynos as being at Walt Disney World, in a Donald Duck costume driving like a madman. Yes, Disney World was a very bad place to be. However, with the recently acquired Marvel Comics rights...this is how Donald met Hulk. The two partnered well, with Hulk smashing zombies and Donald's berzerker temper. They laid waste to many a zombies, until the realized. We are in costumes! *gulp* Deadz!

      The Goldcoast, Australia! Still hot. ObLiiFaN joins up with the dead, working as a roadie for the Shambling Crooners. The band is popular with the locals and they skyrocket up the Romero Top 100 charts! They are on fire! No literally, they burn up in a stage mishap one night at a gig. Seeking new members, since ObLiiFaN knows their music so well he joins up as the new frontman for the band. This unfortunately means he has to die though. Who said fame doesn't have a price?

      Austin, TX isn't much better than when we last saw John. Lots of well dressed dead people. John has fared well thus far though. Finding some Lembas bread has stretched his survival quite a ways. Most deadsters leave him alone as well, I mean the guys is carrying around Thor's Hammer! That is until at Tank from L4D shows up. That guy knows it's a prop. John is pounded into a loaf of Lembas bread...the circle continues.


    • Contest Questions

      5 years ago


      Sending off answers to judges. Not many people turned them in but not problem! I'll be curious either way to see how it turns out.

      After that, mailing prizes!

    • DEADline

      5 years ago


      Need answers in for the contest tonight and I only have three submitted so far. Best get on it contestants!

    • Round 3! FIGHT!

      5 years ago


      I apologize in advance with the delay in finishing up this contest. I've been working overtime and a newly acquired job at a local bar. With it being St. Paddy's week....well I was super busy.

      But now we have our contestants meeting the last challenge! Below are 15 questions you'll need to answer and send to me in a personal message here on the site (if we run into problems I can get you all an email). I will give you until SATURDAY, APRIL 5TH to fill out your answers and get them back to me. The points will vary in range. Some aren't worth a whole lot, others will be worth a maximum of 5 points (if deemed super good by us judges). These answers can vary on the personal opinion of the three judges so be honest to say the least. You may need to do a little homework too. A couple other judges I know got all technical and shit. :)

      1) Which would you take with you if you had to choose: 3 cans of beans or 1 liter of water?
      2) Can a pair of 1000mAh AA batteries run a device that pulls 500mA for 2 hours? If not would it be shorter or longer, be as specific as possible
      3) You can take an extra coat or 4 extra pair of socks, which one do you take?
      4) How long is it safe to eat canned goods after their printed expiration date?
      5) In 140 characters or less, how will you make fire?
      6) What direction do birds fly towards water in the AM (sunup)? PM (sundown)?
      7) What can you use to help cure trench foot or Athletes foot?
      a. Urine
      b. Boiling Water
      c. Soap
      d. Iodine
      8) You have been walking alone for what seems like days and have not seeing a single living soul. Finally, you spot a group of perhaps a dozen survivors from a distance. What do you do?
      a. Discreetly observe them from a distance before deciding how to proceed.
      b. Start running toward them waving your arms and shouting hello.
      c. Walk up to them and introduce yourself.
      d. Sneak up and kill them all. After all, they might have some useful supplies!
      e. None of the above, or something else not described here.
      9) You've suffered a fairly serious cut on your arm. You managed to tie a piece of cloth around it to quell bleeding but it has become sore, swollen, itchy and the entire area around it has become hot and red. You were lucky enough to find an abandoned pharmacy and find the following items in good enough condition to loot. What do you take with you (choose all that apply)?
      a. Sterile gauze dressing -bottle of pills labeled "Levofloxacin, 250mg"
      b. a tube of Bacitracin -a tube of Clotrimazole
      c. a box of adhesive bandages
      d. a bottle labeled "povidone-iodine"
      e. a bottle of pills labeled "Fluoxetine, 20mg"
      f. a bottle of pills labelled "Acetominophen, 500 mg"
      10) While looting a basement looking for supplies, you hear moaning and shuffling coming towards you from the floor above. You find a gun with ammo, a chainsaw filled with fuel, a large pipe and a tape recorder. The zombies are coming, how do you manage to get out alive? (for the purposes of the question, all items are in perfect working condition)
      11) In the event of a "zombie' outbreak, what type of business would you loot first?
      12) You stumble across a lone survivor while out on a supply run. What three questions do you ask this person (DO NOT USE those from "the Walking Dead' television series)?
      13) While returning to your camp after another successful raid you hear the cries of an infant ahead. As you turn the corner you see a stroller in the street, in it sits a child no more than 3 years old. There are no living humans to be seen, but two not-so-living whom are attracted to the cries. What do you do?
      14) You enter an old hardware store on the edge of town. It has been pretty cleaned out but by chance there sits three fully fueled items and you can only choose one. Which do you take with you:
      a. Portable generator
      b. Portable Burner/Stove
      c. Portable Refrigerator
      15) Screams, laughs & shouts are heard ahead as you march your way through the woods. You come out in the clearing and see who you know to be the Rooster Teeth staff, under attack from the undead. Some are scared, some seem oblivious to it all and some are definitely drunk. Time is short and none will survive without assistance. Who from the staff would you save and why?

      Have fun! Don't die! smiley4.gif

    • Round 2 Reveal!

      5 years ago


      While on their individual journeys, all the contestants at some point or another ran across items that may or may not help them survive this gruesome ordeal. These items we imagine as a "Zombie Survival Pak", somewhat like a backpack of goodies. Though, not all of these items exactly fit in a backpack...and some really aren't items at all.

      I will not be listing the points scale as to what each item was worth. All of us judges made up items and assigned them points individually. They were drawn from a hat at random in categories and added (or subtracted) from the round 1 score. Here is what our survivalist were stuck with. Enjoy.

      John = Lembas Bread, Thors Hammer (goodluck lifting it!), a 15mw green laser pointer (beam is visible, awesome), then he had a random BOSS BATTLE against a L4D Tank.

      ObLiiFaN = Jar of Honey, Sock full of Quarters, Can of Silly String & a visit from the "Shambling Crooners"...an undead acapella group whom break into your safehouse to moan hits of the 50's & 60's.

      Raynos = Military Ration, Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine, a Band-aid and picked up a sidekick while on his journey...The Incredible Hulk

      NightSaw = 3 Boxes of Twinkies, a Tree Branch (aka: lowest of the RPG weapon list), a simple glass coffee pot (literally just the pot) and some new wheels, Grave Digger! Which it seems only fitting to driver over zombies with this monster of a truck.

      Hennres = A Snickers Bar, Desert Eagle Pistol w/ Box of Ammo, a two-way radio & an Inflatable Clown Decoy

      jucksweet = Warm Milk, a Cane Sword, some feckin' rope, and a school of Sharks with Freakin' Laser Beams

      SpiderWolve = Mixed Nuts, an Oar, Batmans Utility Belt that fixed most anything...if you can reach it. Finally, a random ghost that continually haunts you...and gives horrible advise while doing so.

      exitnine = Single box of Twinkies, Covenant Needler, A book of matches & a copy of EVERY "Where's Waldo" book in the series.

      capnbirdman = Shrooms you though were mushrooms (goodluck!), A large plank of wood with a smiley face drawn on it, 12 issue of Sports Illustrated with some Duct Tape and a sidekick by the name of Caboose (Can you guess his point total?).

      trueblueoval = Sixty Water Purification Pills, RWBY's Crescent Rose, a GPS System and a LOTR BluRay Collectors Set (don't leave home without it?)

      Cheyza = A pack of SnoBalls, a Griffball Plushy from RoosterTeeth.com, Boots of Blinding Speed (you're fast...but blind) and a special power: Rage Quit! (which causes any horde of +25 you fight to swear a bunch and stomp off into the night sulking)

      Dopp = Tada! It's a Tapeworm, a Nintendo Power Glove, Two Pairs of Boot Laces (yep), Community Chest: Get out of Jail, Free!

      Andymatron = A large Bag of Beef Jerky, Pipebomb, bottle of Superglue & a FAK (need some help over here!)

      Again, the points were all assigned by us judges for their respective items they wrote up. The third and final round will commence soon. This will entail a 15 question, Q&A session. This isn't going to be all multiple choice though. Definitely some write-ins. We'll judge each point total separately on a scale of 1-5 points, so it's still anyone's game!

      I'll contact each contestant with a messsage here with the questions and give them a deadline for the answers. Once it's all tallied I'll finish the initial stories and let us know who lives, who dies & who wins!


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