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    • Extra Life 2K16

      2 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      So this weekend, along with my second family RT Ontario, I streamed (for 24 hours!) to raise money for children's miracle network hospitals in Ontario. The large majority of us chose to raise for CHEO, the Children's hospital of Eastern Ontario.

      This is my second year doing this and frankly, going into it this year I wasn't sure how we would do. Thankfully I had a phenomenal slew of people to work with, both nearby and abroad who helped make this a rip-roaring success!

      Last year we raised ~1800 dollars, which was phenomenal. Having been to CHEO and shown around, I've seen that, despite a donation like that being a drop in a bucket, the hospital is highly reliant on fundraisers like these. Most of their equipment costs several dozen, or several hundred thousands of dollars to replace or update.

      This year however, we managed to raise $3,124 for CHEO. This comes out to almost 5 grand over two years which is absolutely unreal. So I wanted to take a second to thank everybody who's aided me/my team either through donation, or offers for on-site help. In addition, massive props to everybody who's helped fundraise and who took part in the 24 hour stream, either last year, this year, or both! You helped make such unreal numbers possible. It's been such an honor to be able to give back in such a big way to a hospital that's close to home, and close to heart.

      Much love and hope everybody is well, despite being exhausted I'm over the moon.


      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      RTSQ @ RTX tickets are now available! IT'S HAPPENING FRIENDS, I BETTER SEE YOUR BUTTS THERE! http://rtsidequest.org/tickets

    • Life update!

      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      So I've been really busy as of late, trying to keep a dozen plates spinning at once is hard work. Looking into buying a house, planning RT meetups as per usual, finishing my degree (because I'm starting a new one in September) and a bunch of other crap. Seeing this pop up in a message today though managed to lift my spirits a bit! http://glueottawa.com/2016/02/02/5169/

      In reality this update was my excuse to share that article with my friends on the site ^_^. Well, back to house hunting!

    • RWBY SPOILER DISCUSSION. Thoughts so far???

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      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      Hey guys! Feel free to discuss RWBY season 3 here, what do you think of this season so far? Where do you think it's going? Throw out your thoughts! Personally loving where the season is going and how they've darkened the mood with some character deaths.

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    • It's been a year

      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      Taken from the Ottawa & Ontario facebook group post that I made today, after sharing a quote of Monty's on the perception of CG animation being "lazy" (when in reality it's anything but).

      I have a couple more quotes that I'd like to share but I don't want to make that all you remember about today, so I'll go ahead and share them through twitter instead. However I'd like you all to remember that a year ago today, a friend and mentor to many passed away.

      Remember that he had dreams, just like the rest of us. Some of these dreams have since come to fruition I'm sure, looking at how far RWBY has come. Tragically, he'll never get to see this and enjoy it with those who made it possible.

      In true Monty fashion however, we shouldn't dwell on the past and on what could've been. Instead, we should appreciate the work being carried on by his colleagues, appreciate what he put his heart and soul into creating. Appreciate that we have another day to do our very best and putting our own 110% into whatever it is we want. Appreciate that you have the power to learn new things, and put these ideas to action, and that "There is something beyond the sum of your talents and ideas.".

      But also, realize it's never too late "You're gonna get to be 30 and be like 'shit I wish I did more with myself.' Then realize. 'Fuck! I'm only 30! Time to do more shit!"'

      Whatever you choose to do today, please take a minute (and no more than that, since Monty would no doubt disapprove of all the time wasted on him) to think of Monty, to remember him or his work, and carry on with your productive self.

      (Snuck in some more Monty wisdom for y'all, didn't think I could come up with all of that myself did ya?)

      R.I.P Monty, we still miss you

    • 2016!

      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      Thank you but goddamnit @ghostsol for tagging me in this, I came here to relax but instead have to actually put some thought into this post...

      Highlights of 2015:
      1. The Ottawa RT group really took off and I made a TON of awesome friends as a result
      2. The Ontario RT group REALLY took off, I made EVEN MORE FRIENDS.
      3. I went to RTX and got to meet people I'd only talked to on the site, as well as these people who had been making me laugh for years.
      4. I saw Lazer Team

      Goals for 2016:
      1. See Lazer Team again

      2. Go back to RTX
      3. Try to promote more activity within RT_ON. Get people off their butts!
      4. Finish my undergrad?

      That's about it, I'm braindead atm but that's what came to mind immediately. I'll go ahead and tag @Suesalex to you can suffer as I have <3 (When it comes down to it I'm really just lazy)

    • 3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin
    • 3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin
    • Extra Life HYPE!

      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      These are all channels that may go active during the stream tomorrow! We'll do our best to keep you guys in the know on which is live and with what! Hope to see some of you drop by and donate #ForTheKids You can do so here: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=don...

    • Extra Life!

      3 years ago

      Dudemoo RT_ON & RT_OTT admin

      Hello friends!

      So along with 10-11 other members of RTOTT, I'll be streaming for 24 hours this Saturday, benefiting Extra Life! Schedule and link will follow, either Friday Night or Saturday morning! Anybody else streaming? Let me know!

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      Greenday style "hello"

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      My mommy always told me that I was special, but I think that she meant it in a different way...

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