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      For quite some time the beings of the rwby series known as the faunus have inspired some ideas in my head. 1 of my fan ideas is based on what came before & what superior things they had that the current does not. Don't get it? Well pm me & I'll share these ideas, some1 or some of you might be able to make something from the work I've made based on the series. Characters, groups, events, cities, dust variants, semblances, faunus variants & so forth.

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    • WoTDM Settings & Plot

      4 years ago


      The settings are simple. An uncharted island unknown to nearly every1 on Remnant & if it comes to my head in full form, perhaps a city in a state of chaos. I need to work on a few more characters, the plot & of course the size of this fanfic. Once that's out of the way I'll need to find or create a team of 4 characters for the role of goods guys sent by 1 of the schools. Atlus, White Fang & Bestiga have their parts...........otherwise I am behind schedule. Next journal entry will be in October, hopefully I'll have the rest of the things I need to create this story that's been stuck in my head & get it out into the eyes of the world.

    • short term title "Wrath of The Dust Man"

      4 years ago


      3 years into the newly commanded White Fang & 2 years before RWBY season 1, peace, violence & so on fill the world of Remnant.........but that might change with the fall of the shadowy company Bestiga which since the start of the Faunus Wars has made themselves hidden from society along with most of their activities. Their fall has become known to few within Remnant. The dangers the group's legacy hold are as much of a threat to Remnant as the Grimm & even their rumor clients like the White Fang currently are starting to show. Time runs short as news for those aware of the group's existence comes with word to most that something is forming in the shadows........on an uncharted island known as Braktisur among the few & it's something big & soon many will seek it out before it becomes bad news for Remnant? Well more to come in my next journal entry. Hopefully I'll have a better detail entry on the story by then.

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